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Published on, Bill Stankiewicz Vice President Sales & Operations

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Clg Overview

  2. 2. THE SOLUTION ABOUT US CULTURE OF OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE  Industry’s Best People Industry’s  Customer-Service Driven Best People  Continual Process Improvement  Customer Specific SOP Robust  KPIs Technologies  Innovative IT SolutionsCustomer Quality Centric Assurance SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION COMPANY GROWTH & HISTORY 1000% CLG GROWTH 800% 600% Sales 400% Whse Sq Ft 200% Employees 0% 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 20102004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 1ST QTR 3rd QTR 2nd QTR 2nd QTR Open Open 2nd QTR 2nd QTR 4th QTR CLG Opens 3rd QTR New 4th QTR 4th QTR additional Facility in Facility in Opens 2nd Constructs additional 1st QTR CLG Projects 2 CLG Starts Haz-Mat 72,000 sq ft 2 Memphis Norfolk Pack/Crate 144,000 sq ft 120,00 sq ft 2 72,000 sq ft 2 July ‘11Incorporates Division Warehouse 3PL Certification Warehouse Feb ‘11 Facility Facility Warehouse 3rd QTR CLG 4th QTR CLG 4th QTR Web 4RD QTR CLG 3rd QTR 2nd QTR 4th QTR 320,000 1ST QTR Opens Implements Enabled WMS Begins On-Site cTECS Awarded sq ft 2 Corporate Purchase of Pack/Crate WMS System System Packing Development & Customs Headquarters w/ Autodesk Division Operations Implementation Bond Rail Service Inventor & Algor SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  4. 4. THE SOLUTION FACILITIES 50 405 5715 6701 GARDEN CITY, GA POOLER, GA MEMPHIS, TN SUFFOLK, VA Building 320,000 sq. ft. 120,000 sq. ft. 150,000 sq. ft. 120,000 sq. ft. Container Spots 100 20 20 40 Dock Doors 42 12 30 20 (Standard 10’) Dock Plates Yes Yes Yes Yes Drive-in Ramp 2 1 2 1 (18’x18’) Fenced Yes Yes Yes Yes Sprinkler Yes Yes Yes Yes System/Fire Alarm Restricted Yes Yes Yes Yes Access Theft Alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes Ventilation Yes Yes Yes Yes System Rail Access Yes No Yes No Access to Major 3 miles 1 mile 3 miles 1 mile Interstates Crate Yes No Yes Yes Manufacturing Project Cargo Yes No No Yes Port Space Yes Yes No No AccessSAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  5. 5. THE SOLUTION SERVICESManufacturing Distribution Specialized Packing & Support Support Port Services Crating Services Services Services SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  6. 6. THE SOLUTION MANUFACTURING SUPPORT SERVICES Subassembly & Light Manufacturing Inbound Material Sequencing Production Kitting Line-Side/ Work-Cell Delivery In-Plant Liaison & Process Coordination Automated Kanban Replenishment Systems Material Inspection & Quality Control SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  7. 7. THE SOLUTION DISTRIBUTION SUPPORT SERVICES Dedicated & Shared Warehousing Rail Served Facilities Packing, Labeling, Recouping Services Material Inspection & Quality Control CKD & SKD Services Advanced Data Integration Capabilities Cross Dock Services Haz Mat & Customs Bond Warehouse SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  8. 8. THE SOLUTION SPECIALIZED PORT SERVICES Project Cargo OOG Drayage OOG Loading & Securing Emergency Action Notification  On Port Capabilities  OOG Rail to Container Services SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  9. 9. THE SOLUTION PACKING & CRATING SERVICES Export & Domestic Packaging On-Site Packing & Crating Haz Mat Packing & Crating MVP, Shrinkwrap, VCI, MIL SPEC Packaging Vibration Dampening / Shock Mounting Knock Down (KD) Crates 3D Parametric Packaging Design, Stress Analysis and Tip Test Software ISPM 15 Compliant SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  10. 10. THE SOLUTION EMPLOYEES Employee Retention Experience CLG University Moral Character Building Internal Promotion Safety/Quality ProgramSAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION SOLUTIONS DEVELOPMENT Documented SOPs and Work Instructions Comprehensive Internal Training Programs Internal/External KPI’s Process Engineering/Work Flow Analysis • Solutions Development Process Visual Management Programs SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  12. 12. THE SOLUTION QUALITY CONTROL/QUALITY ASSURANCEGoalsMinimize Operational Level Errors Level of Authority Department Level Regulators - Staff and Level of AuthorityMinimize Properly Trained Staff Technical Process •Clearly Defined RoleIneffiency •Written Standard •Clearly Defined Operating Procedures Responsibility Procedures for •Planning •Foster Open Lines of Procurement •Staff is continually trained Communication on processesMinimize Audit Continual Process •Failure modes and effects Improvement analysis (FMEA) Waste •Inspections & Audit SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  13. 13. THE SOLUTION E-ENABLING TOOLS Developed a technology platform that fits our uniquely diverse array of service WMS offerings and facilitates our goal of bringing big 3PL sophistication, small Costing 3PL agility, and a customer focused Accounting culture to our market. Tools  EDI/Flat File Exchange CLG IT Custom  RF-Based Receiving & Guided Platform Load PickingPlanning CRM Tool  Automated Receipt & Shipment Notification  Customized Reporting Crate Design Data  Container Load Planning & Stress Tool Mapping Testing Tool SAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN
  14. 14. THE SOLUTION CONTACT US Savannah Physical Locations Phone: (912) 964-0707 50 Sonny Perdue Drive Garden City, GA 31408 405 Expansion Boulevard Port Wentworth, GA 31407 Memphis Physical Location Norfolk Physical Location Phone: (901) 969-0606 Phone: (866) 455-4633 5715 Distribution Drive 6701 College Drive Memphis, TN 38141 Suffolk, VA 23435 E-mail: Mailing Address: Toll Free:: Fax::Sales: P. O. Box 7707 (866)455-4633 (912) 964-0808General: Savannah, GA 31418HR: hr@clg-inc.comSAVANNAH, GA · NORFOLK, VA · MEMPHIS, TN