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Task 4iii minutes - creative media digital video production meeting


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Task 4iii minutes - creative media digital video production meeting

  1. 1. MinutesCreative Media Digital Video Production Meeting6/11/201313:45pm – 14:55pmMeeting called by: ICT Suite Department, Roger Sears (Head of ICT)Attendees: BT, SD and RSS1. Review of work completed for the Digital Video projectRoger Sears: We are starting this meeting, to assess what has been completed and whatneeds to happen for this project to continue. So what have you completed as of last timewe met?2. Pre-Production PlanningBen Turner: We have managed to complete all of the pre-production planning, as well asall the proposal, shot log and assets table. Roger Sears: So you are ahead of schedule?Shaun Daniels: That is right, as we had done some of the work outside of class we hadmore time in class to get on with other pieces of work.
  2. 2. Minutes3 Monitoring progress on the projectRoger Sears: How has the project gone on so far? No Problems? Ben Turner: So far it hasbeen really good where we managed to get nearly everything completed on time but westill need to finish an odd few tasks.4. What is needed to complete the project?Shaun Daniels: We need to complete the short report that is needed after this meetingand we also need to add a few more assets to the table in the future if changes occur onthe project.5. Teamwork/Time Management/Improvements to working effectively to deadlinesDuring my teams talk with the client, we had come to an agreement that everything wasgoing as well as it could be, and the client said that we were okay to move onto the nextpart of the project. The only major flaw in our work that the client had picked onto andasked us to improve on was time management, as I had been off for some time down toillness. The client had asked us both if this was to continue how would we be able tocontinue on with the project and keep up to date, I gave the idea of me being able tocontinue work at home while I’m ill as I have all the required software needed to continue,the client was very happy with this decision under the condition that I kept direct contactwith my teammate throughout the time I am ill. I accepted this condition and weconcluded the meeting.6. AOB
  3. 3. MinutesA. Software – most of these are being resolved by IT support and were due to the migration towindows 7. Issues always expected with such changes and staff have coped well.B. Still some problems with opening and saving Visio and Project documents – KMY and all staff toinform IT support when required. Movie maker will only work with C not H drive but students haveno access to C drive. IT support have been informedC. CEN suggested staff ensure students right click in a folder and create new document.D. 3 Camcorders to be ordered. JIA to investigate and produce purchase order request. CENsuggested a digital safe to ensure that expensive memory cards are kept safer.E. Director – only 20 licenses. CPN to inform KMY if rooms need changing on timetable.F. Printing – all staff to ensure students use snap shot tool not print screen to reduce file sizes asprinters cannot cope with size of files being sent. If printing large files students should PDF beforesending to printer.