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How to build your personal brand and become a recognised industry authority


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#BeTheBrand - Why is personal branding important? How do you build a personal brand? Is is possible to build a personal brand whilst working for an existing company? These are the questions that Ben M Roberts answers in his latest keynote presentation!

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How to build your personal brand and become a recognised industry authority

  1. 1. How to build YOUR brand and become a recognised authority @Roberts_ben_m
  2. 2. 2 The Marketing Buzzword Podcast Speak at conferences across the UK and Europe Head of Marketing at Talkative Millennial Hockey player @Roberts_ben_m
  3. 3. It is possible to have a personal brand within an existing brand! @Roberts_ben_m
  4. 4. You are the brand, and the brand is the sum of its parts. @Roberts_ben_m
  5. 5. Why is having a personal brand important? It’s the way in which your peers, the job market, and your competitors view you. @Roberts_ben_m
  6. 6. Think Digital First @Roberts_ben_m
  7. 7. Saying Nothing, Says A Lot.Saying Nothing, Says A Lot.
  8. 8. Be Specific to Yourself. What is your heading? @Roberts_ben_m
  9. 9. How do you build a personal brand and build authority? @Roberts_ben_m
  10. 10. Share Knowledge, Add Value @Roberts_ben_m
  11. 11. WIIGTDFT Definition What is it going to do for them? @Roberts_ben_m
  12. 12. Add Some Personality
  13. 13. @Roberts_ben_m
  14. 14. Align yourself with something you can stand for (or hang your hat on) Become synonymous.
  15. 15. I want you to on your given topic. DRILL DEEPER Only you can offer your own insight. @Roberts_ben_m
  16. 16. Think long-term. Think Chess. What steps can you take to get to your end goal?
  17. 17. What is your medium? Where is your space and place?
  18. 18. Be consistent and be true to your medium. Blogging Videos Graphics and Pictures Live Streaming Podcasting @Roberts_ben_m
  19. 19. Be consistent and be true to your space and place. Blogs Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Instagram Podcast Apps @Roberts_ben_m
  20. 20. It is ok to pivot! As long as you are not chopping & changing.
  21. 21. Consistency is CORE . . . not king!
  22. 22. Authenticity Authority
  23. 23. Build a fan base, or a community with engagement. Otherwise you are just co-habiting and not building authority. @Roberts_ben_m
  24. 24. Personality + Transparency = Authenticity Authenticity + Consistency = Authority @Roberts_ben_m
  25. 25. It’s not about fickle follower numbers. You can buy followers, but you cannot buy influence & authority. @Roberts_ben_m
  26. 26. 1 person can change your world. Better 1 true fan than 10,000 who don’t actually know you from Adam.
  27. 27. Building personal authority, builds brand authority. but . . . Your goals have to be aligned.
  29. 29. Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority – The Book Crowdfunding! August 1-31st
  30. 30. Thank you! Twitter: @Roberts_ben_m LinkedIn: Ben M Roberts