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Library Budget Artifact

  1. 1. 2011/2012 Library Budget (No budget restrictions)<br />AccountDescriptionCodeTOTALAB165-199-12-6325-01-165-99-000-CF199 Books632520,300AB165-199-12-6329-01-165-99-000-CF199 Periodical subscriptions6329 900AB165-199-12-6329-01-165-99-000-CF199Professional materials6329 580AB165-199-12-6219-01-165-99-000-CF199 Book binding 6219 0AB165-199-12-6219-01-165-99-000-CF199AV materials 6399 4,150AB165-199-12-6329-01-165-99-000-CF199General Supplies6399 500AB165-199-12-6639-01-165-99-000-CF199Capital Outlay6639 9,225 Total Budget 2011-201235,655<br />2011/2012 Library Budget (Proposed budget using approved Boerne ISD library expenditures)<br />AccountDescriptionCodeTOTALAB165-199-12-6325-01-165-99-000-CF199 Books6325470AB165-199-12-6329-01-165-99-000-CF199 Periodical subscriptions6329900AB165-199-12-6329-01-165-99-000-CF199Professional materials6329580AB165-199-12-6219-01-165-99-000-CF199 Book binding 6219 0AB165-199-12-6219-01-165-99-000-CF199AV materials 6399 450AB165-199-12-6329-01-165-99-000-CF199General Supplies6399 750AB165-199-12-6639-01-165-99-000-CF199Capital Outlay6639 0 Total Budget 2011-20123150<br />Footnotes:<br /><ul><li>Books- ( No Restrictions) 1,048 titles are needed to attain 12,000 books, at $19.31 per title. Cost source SLJ. Retrieved 2010, November 10. Cost is approximately $20,300. Request is based on the desire to transition from a recognized status to an exemplary status for Standard III, Principle 1A in the School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas. The request is based on needs and lost books in the library: Non-fiction: 555 books divided into the following categories: 200 reference books, 200 autobiographies, 100 sports themed books, 55 histories. Fiction: 493 books divided into the following categories: 100 graphic novels, 100 books on poetry, 100 mysteries, 100 sports stories, 50 fantasies, and 43 horror.
  2. 2. Books – (Restrictions) Proposed to purchase only approximately 20 books for the next school year.
  3. 3. Reasoning: The collection is currently at a recognized status for books in the collection. I also believe that more books can be bought from the proceeds of the spring bookfair.
  4. 4. Periodicals: (No Restrictions) 4 periodicals are needed to attain 20 periodicals. 20 periodicals is the acceptable standard in Standard III, Principle 1E in the School Library Program: Standards and Guidelines for Texas. Cost is $95 per periodical for periodicals published in EBSCO Publishing Magazine Article. Cost is $571 per periodical for titles published in Academic Search Premier. Cost source SLJ. Request Smithsonian, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated for Periodical Magazines. Request Phi Delta Kappan as an Academic Periodical to support teacher professional development. Approximate cost is $900.
  5. 5. Periodicals (Restrictions): Proposed full expenditures to attain 20 periodicals.
  6. 6. Reasoning: 4 more periodicals are needed in the collection to achieve an acceptable rating
  7. 7. Professional materials: (No restrictions) The following library science books/titles are requested to benefit the middle school: Cost is approximately $580. Reference and Information Services: An Introduction ($50), Introduction to Technical Services ($60), Basic Research Methods for Librarians ($65), The Organization of Information ($65), Young Adult Literature in Action: A Librarian’s Guide ($50), The School Library Media Manager ($55), Children’s Literature in Action: A librarian’s Guide ($65), Introduction to Cataloging and Classification ($65), Metadata and Its Impact on Libraries ($45), The Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management ($60)
  8. 8. Professional Materials (Restrictions) Proposed to purchase the full complement of professional materials the library
  9. 9. Reasoning: These materials are important reference materials for the professional librarian. The current level of materials is unacceptable. These purchases tend to be put off. Purchase now, and no more materials need to be bought for 3-5 years.
  10. 10. Book Binding: (No restrictions) All books are bound properly and no money is requested for this item.
  11. 11. Book Binding: (Restrictions) All books are bound properly, and no money is requested for this item.
  12. 12. Audiovisual materials: ( No Restrictions) Cost is approximately $4,150. Bose AE2 headphones: 27 are needed (one for each computer) at a cost of $149.95 each. Halogen projector bulbs for overhead projector: cost is $96 per dozen.
  13. 13. Audiovisual materials: (Restrictions) Buy 4 headphones for $600
  14. 14. Reasoning: Although 27 total are needed, buying 4 each year until all 27 are purchased is a viable plan
  15. 15. General Supplies: (No Restrictions) Cost is approximately $500. Basic office supplies to include pens, paper, printer cartridges, paper clips, etc.
  16. 16. General Supplies: (Restrictions) This cost is set by the principal. Many of the general office supplies will be shared by other teachers.
  17. 17. Capital Outlays: ( No Restrictions) Purchasing of library furniture; including a couch, overstuffed chairs, and beanbags will greatly benefit the school, staff, and students and provide a warm, welcoming environment in support of Standard IV, Principle 2A. New cost of furniture is $9,000. Purchase of Accelerated Reader computer program will enhance student achievement. Cost of AR is .43 per student per year resulting in a cost of approximately $225.
  18. 18. Capital Outlays : (Restrictions) Propose to spend no money on upgrading tye library facility.
  19. 19. Reasoning: The facility furniture is currently acceptable.
  20. 20. Total Cost: (No restrictions)Cost is approximately $30,000 to accomplish the 4 specific objectives to support School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas
  21. 21. Total Cost (Restrictions) $3,150 has been spent to improve the library to support the Standards and Guidelines for Texas.