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Competitive analysis NutriTea

  1. 1. NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES AY 2009/2010, SEMESTER 1 NM3215: Advertising Strategies Competitive Analysis: NutriTea Done by: Azmi Suhaimi © 2010 by Azmi Suhaimi Page 1
  2. 2. Competitors' advertising efforts: Direct Competitors NutriTea has a number of direct competitors competing for the same tea market share. A study of the parent companies and their various brands‟ advertising efforts is outlined below. Parent Company: Yeo Hiap Seng (Yeo’s) Founded in 1900, it has a few brands under its stable which compete directly with NutriTea. For Annual Year 2008, it reported a 4.3% year-on-year annual growth for its Singapore food & beverage division, mainly contributed by the Yeo‟s Asian Drinks and its H-Two-O brand. (Yeo Hiap Seng, 2008) Its company website, (Yeo Hiap Seng, 2009) provides an avenue for advertising. Four brands under Yeo‟s present direct competition towards NutriTea‟s market share: o Yeo's Asian Drinks The brand offers up to 9 types of Asian drink flavours, namely Sugarcane, Longan Red Date, Grass Jelly, Lemon Barley, Lychee, Winter Melon Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Bandung & Soyabean, with the latter two not being part of direct competitor analysis. The brand is managed by ad agency Euro RSCG Malaysia. (Davis, 2008) For the particular brand, it conducted a “Good Times with Yeo‟s” promotion which ended on 30 November 2008, and gave away prizes such as 10 Samsung music i450 phones, 10 Swatch watches and 50 $100 shopping vouchers. (Yeo Hiap Seng, 2008) o Yeo’s Ready to Drink Tea This brand also provides direct competition as it offers a range of tea flavours such as Japanese Green Tea, Oolong, Peach, Lemon Tea & Green Tea. Its promotions include a recent “Great Singapore Feast 2009” which ended on 31 October 2009. Yeo‟s offered Ice Green Tea at $5.50 per jug with every Great Singapore Feast - Yeo‟s Promotion Vouchers presented at participating restaurants. (Yeo Hiap Seng, 2009) © 2010 by Azmi Suhaimi Page 2
  3. 3. Advertisements launched: Under both brands, two print ads were done namely “Yeo‟s up your life” & “Yeo‟s in every moment”. In addition, a Mural Wall poster entitled “Yeo‟s: The vibrant taste for every walk of life”, was also launched. (Ad Wow, 2009) o Allswell (Parent Company: Yeo Hiap Seng) The Allswell brand also provides direct competition as it positions itself as a tea drink that is “brewed using wholesome traditional recipes” and which mentions the health benefits in its company website. Its company website, (Allswell, 2009) contains detailed information about products, (Premium, Healthier Choice & Classic). Also included is a description of the benefits of their products and ingredients (for example, the nutritional value of water chestnut, longan etc). Allswell organized numerous competitions for its customers, most recently in late 2009, where it had a „Because We Love You‟ contest, weekly from 12/10/09 to 16/11/09. The top prize was $3888 in cash. Allswell also organized a „Because We Care‟ contest in conjunction with the Assisi Hospice Charity Fun Day on 2 May 2009. (Allswell, 2009) On Oct 2008, it organized a‟ Bring A Friend To Bali Lucky Draw‟ contest in conjunction with Amore Women‟s Day Out 2008. (Allswell, 2009) The contests and promotions are all publicized in a blog created by Allswell. (Ibid.) Allswell utilized television commercials: two in the year 2008, which were named “Because I Love You” & its sequel. It was directed by Mr Jay Soo on an $80,000 budget. It received a lot of flak for its cheesiness, but still managed to draw considerable attention to the brand. Allswell reported an up to 10% gain in sales since the advertisement started airing. (Allswell, 2008) Allswell managed to garner some level of publicity in the media after airing the advertisements. A content analysis of local media indicates some level favourable/neutral coverage due to it increasing sales despite the controversial ad, and are listed as such: 14 August 2008, 8 Days (favourable), 21 September 2008, Sunday Times, “Singlish Ad gets laughs” (balanced), 27 September 2008, The Straits Times, “Criticize it, but it works” (favourable). (Allswell, 2009) © 2010 by Azmi Suhaimi Page 3
  4. 4. o Pokka Singapore Pokka is also regarded as a direct competitor as it has a number of health-oriented drinks, including teas. Pokka Green Tea is touted as #1 selling Green Tea brand in Singapore (Nielsen Market Track Jan 09). Pokka health-oriented flavours include Lemon-1000, Collagen Water, Chrysanthemum White tea, Honeysuckle White Tea, Oolong Tea & Elderflower Tea. Pokka‟s website (Pokka, 2009) can also provide as an advertising platform. Pokka has a considerable presence in Facebook when compared to the rest. It utilizes promotion through the Pokka Green Tea Facebook Group which has around 1,000 fans. (Facebook, 2009) For Pokka Green Tea & Chrysanthemum White Tea flavours, the brand utilized print ads featuring Mediacorp celebrity Vivian Lai (June 2009 on Singapore Bus Service (SBS) buses for the former and a series of ads with the theme “White is my choice”. (Bp2, 2009) for the latter. Pokka also utilized outdoor channels, utilizing ClearChannel Bus-Shelter Ads. (IAS, 2007) Indirect Competitor: o Marigold Peel Fresh An indirect competitor is identified as Marigold Peel Fresh, whose parent company is Malaysia Dairy Industries. It is a fruit juice brand with 14 flavours ranging from Orange to Pink Guava. Even though it does not represent a direct competition due to its ingredient content, it still provides cause for concern due to the healthy nature of its drinks. Marigold Peel Fresh utilized television commercials, using Fiona Xie as a celebrity endorser for its overall brand. (Peelfresh, 2009)The brand also created a commercial for its new PowerBerries flavour (Youtube, 2009) and its Mangosteen Juice (Youtube, 2009) Marigold also utilized print advertising for its PowerBerries Juice under 10AM communications. (Wong, 2009) © 2010 by Azmi Suhaimi Page 4
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