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Google Search Engine Optimization Article by Aykut Aslantaş

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Search Engine Optimization - Aykut Aslantaş

  1. 1. What is SEO?* It is the transactions implemented on your sites or pages in order to ensure that your sites or pageswill be found and indexed by “Search Engines” (That the contents of your site will be seen by Googlebots and all content pages will be shown) and be on the higher positions in terms of word and pagein Search Engine Results Pages(SERP).* In 1994, one of the Web search engines, World Wide Web Worm could index the 110 thousandsWeb pages and documents.SEO = Marketing + “Strategy”Search engine optimization actually brings marketing with strategy. In terms of the content, apartfrom that the data is original and all compatible arrangements are made, performance has no valuewithout a good marketing and before that having a good strategy. There is nothing to do but to waitorganically (that the site’s being on a higher position by itself).“To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.” Chinese ProverbSearch EnginesSearch engine means the web sites in which nearly all web sites are listed, which is categorized, andwhich make us access the information through the shortest and fast way.There are hundreds of, even thousands of search engines on the internet. Some of them list the websites of their own area and some of them serve in local areas. Some of them list any web sites in theworld. In order to minimize the search criteria, when we write any word in command-line in searchengines (the boxes which have buttons such as Search, Find It, Get It nearby), this search engine listsevery document which includes this word. But, in these documents many documents which we donot need are listed so we start to have difficulties in finding the one which we need. For instance, ifwe write web in one of these search engines, there open hundred thousand pages. On the otherhand, when we write “web page” to search, there open millions of pages this time because it lists thedocuments existing both web and page. In fact, for this , as it is everywhere on the internet, thereare search parameters which provide convenience. Through these parameters we can access thedocuments we are searching for.Search engines consists of 3 main parts1) Spider : First of them is the programs named “spider, bot, ant” etc.. These programs search theinternet, determine the pages and save them in their own databases.2) Database : The copy of every page visited by spider is hidden here. The changes which you madein your page do not exist in search engines until spider visits again. When a search is made, your pageis evaluated and lined up according to the last form in the database. Therefore users may encounterthe dead links or very different contents. You can see the form of page saved as “read from cache”order in in the database of Google.
  2. 2. 3) Sequence mechanism : The third part is the sequence mechanism. It tries to sequence the pagesin the most appropriate way according to the search which the user made. These parts operatedifferently in every search engine. In some of them, it can be a problem if you use frame and imagemap in your page. And some of them do not save the sub tags in the database.Search Engines Market ShareThe Most Visited Websites * Facebook * Google Turkey * Google * YouTube * Windows Live * Mynet * Milliyet * Sahibinden * Hurriyet * Msn * Blogger * Ekolay * R10.netBy looking at the list above, we can see that the users of Turkey prefer mostly sharing on socialnetworks. The 6th web site is, one of the information sources and having a radical structure, Mynet.The result we deduce is that if it changes its algorithm structure, it is not difficult at all to make thesearch on as the way we want. Because the further the information whichshould be accessed, the sooner the legal search give results.Which features should the web sites have?* Searched information should be accessible to the visitors* A clear hierarchy and a site consisting text links should be established* There should be a site map including links showing important parts of your site for your visitors* You should think about the words written by visitors to find your pages and be sure that your siteincludes these words.* You should try to use text instead of images to show important names, content or links. BecauseGoogle scanner does not recognise the texts existing in images.* If you need images to show the text content, you should think about to use <sub= “”> tag to addsome explanatory words.Google = WM + Ability + ?* There is a key word in Google for every site of yours. The key word of Google is hidden in “?”
  3. 3. *?= “Search Engine Optimization”1. Page Rank2. Indexing3. Meta Tag4. Backlink5. Alexa6. Article and Comment7. Current Content8. Domain Features..There are other 34 titles which we could not mention. The most important ones are the 8 articlesabove. While these situations are reviewed if there is a system appropriate for the algorithms, thismakes you gain + points. And if the data entry is made on this system systematically and in terms ofthe content, the system bots will recognise you because this infrastructure is well-supported.So what are these algorithms which we mention? Shortly, let us mention the names of them.Google Algorithm 1. Trustrank 2. Mozrank 3. Hilltop 4. Orion 5. Caffeine 6. Farmer 7. Panda Optimization Terms* Pagerank = Rank values assigned to 1-10 pages* Index = The sites in which the sites are listed according to the content.(* Meta Tag = It presents information about the site and the content of it to the search engines.* Backlink = The links which the other sites give to you.* Alexa = The site which gives information about the web traffic (visitors).
  4. 4. 1. Microformats2. Orion Algorithm3. Trustrank Algorithm4. Adsense Bot5. FreshBot6. DeepCrawl7. Google Dance8. Google Bomb9. Canonical10. White-hat11. BlackhatGoogle Webmaster ToolsWe became a Web Master, we have the ability and we solved what “?” means, so how will we startto operate in this sector?* FTP server software to make you get in touch with your website (Filezilla, CuteFtp, SmartFtp,FlashFxp etc.)* SEO Analyse Programs* Google WM Tools (Adsense, Adwords, Analytics, Apps)SEO Analyse Programs* Backlink Controller* URL Directing Controller* Pagerank Controller (Pagerank 1-10)* Google Ban Controller* Index Controller* Collective Indexing Measurer* Indexing Controller* Key Word Intensity Measurer* Key Word Adviser
  5. 5. * Link Popularity (Search Criteria)* Spider Image* Search Engine Position (Competition)* Search Results Preview* Cloaking Controller (Individual visitor)One of the important articles in this analyse is the Backlink. Shortly, let us mention about this.BACKLINKThe One Above > The One BelowTest WordOn the condition that all the other circumstances are equal, when the results are evaluated, it is seenthat;The highest sequence is in AThe next one is in BAnd the last sequence is in CBecause of this reason, the link on the highest is always is the most valuable one.External Link > Internal LinkLink going to BMore valuableLink going to ALess valuableSearch engines, generally, cares about what the other people say about you more than what you sayabout yourself.Within this principle when external links and internal links are compared, the external links becomemore valuable than the internal ones.How much contradictious it may seem to the PageRank system, it is the system valid today.New LinkAlready Existing Link(First Link from to Domain Diversity = Success
  6. 6. The search engines attach importance to the link diversity coming from the external sites. As youmay see in the schema above, because the link has been given from to beforehand,the links which will be given will not be as valuable as the one directing from to So,you should prefer alternative sites which you will have new links instead of the sites from which youhave links beforehand.Bilkent University Personal Website Here You Are SEO Technics Backlink PacksAuthorized Site After a Link After 2 Links After 3 Links After 4 LinksSites close to authorized sites > Independent other sitesPatent applications demonstrate that websites receiving links from authorized sites or related onesare rewarded within the algorithm named Trustrank. We recommend you to receive links from notonly the authorized sites but also the other close sites.Top of the pageLeft Side BarOriginal Page ContentsRight Side BarFooterLinks in the Content > Links out of the ContentSearch engines have been dealing with segmental analysis of the sites and eye movements on thepage of the users for years. Nowadays, the detection technology for the content of search engines isquite common. In this example the most valuable link is 1 and it is most important than the areasknown as footer and sidebar.Update and qualified links spread quicklyTechnically it can be on a higher position than its competitor.Qualified links received in a short time are affectiveContrary to general belief, receiving a lot of links from the qualified sites contributes significantly.This situation demonstrates that related site is trend on search engines. This is not valid for all of thesites, links received from authorized sites in the field contribute significantly. Advertorial services andPR Agencies serve in this field.