nigeria agriculture farmers adoption soil remittance income determinants production performance education agricultural extension livelihood erosion vegetation depth training needs job performance extension agents constraints youth migration subsidy organic fertilizers liberalization global tender chemical fertilizers knowledge level improved agricultural production technology effectiveness disseminated finisher broiler cashew pulp meal degree of mechanization cost-benefit analysis agricultural machinery household expenditure? adoption varieties conflicts cattle herdsmen cassava farmers approach sustainable agriculture smallholder agriculture national bank for agricultural and rural developme farmer producer organization economies of scale collective bargaining agricultural marketing utilization standard of living output manual screw press price trend irrigated vegetable food security smallholder farmers production recommendations improved maize technology labor food crop empty disposal container management collection agrochemicals chemical communication information richness diversity fish pandemic novel coronavirus e-resources covid-19 structure rock montmorillonite mineral illite (hydroslude) chlorite caolinite microorganisms and enzymes legumes and vegetables húmus gray-brown soil easily hydrolysable nitrogen dry weight compost absheron carbon dioxide silver-black-brown earth mountain mountain chernozem meadow forest assessment of the degree of erosion environmentall anti-erosion measures depletion soil conservation practices index knowledge gap sustainable practices ohaukwu local government area agricultural rural farmers packages technology extension : adoption wood processing activities sustainable development goals surface water sediment extracts polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons lagos lagoon environmental risks perception african sharptooth catfish embryos value chain signals price transmission cowpea markets across zones sublingual immunotherapy dog cutaneous inflammation atopic dermatitis allergens west african dwarf goats and urea serum biochemistry hematological sociodemographic household diet diversity agricultural production diversity urban women farmers urban agriculture control over challenges access to price import consumption broiler meat post-harvest problems major cereals cultivation practice vaferhumidity tool moisture moisture test graduation ecology drill cow arable aerospace methods sprinkling systems self-oscillatory action avtokolebatelnogo spectral analysis and curves soil separation by salinity image processing methods classification roasting condition infant and children diets essential amino acids breadfruits sustainable soil management technologies experience leader farmers decentralization block grant agriculture forest and environment committee sustainable development environment biomass resources biogas application chengam medicinal plant growers constraints in adoption cobb-500 broilers nigella sativa broiler and feed efficiency population fungi bacteria urease physical land use types enzyme biological activity women processing communities coastal pastoralists livestock conflict animal mekong delta value chain linkage shrimp-rice system organic rice phytochemical screening blood glucose plants panar 888 mabrook abu sabein abu sabein kambal technological mitigation strategies drought acceptance awareness carcass quality clarias gariepinus nutrient soil textural property soil chemical composition hematology oreochromis niloticus earthen ponds abia and akwa ibom states wet zone paddy farming labor solution technology : child : abia and akwa ibom states labor solution child small-scale motorized juice yield juice extractor design construction bitter leaf sociocultural scholarship perception indígenes ecotourism continuity rivers state fish marketing cooperative aquaculture serum point of lay hematology wetland mangrove ecosystem ciconiiformes species salinity physiological functions heifers drinking water body gain transplanting age green pepper crop production zea mays vigna subterranea (l .) verde triticum flour semolina soup thickener phytochemical functional flour detarium microcarpum seed cocoyam artocarpus heterophyllus seed stemborers push–pull technology non-push–pull technology fall armyworms terminalia tomentosa terminalia arjuna shorea robusta concentration manganese antheraea mylitta d sensory evaluation proximate composition jam cola parchycarpa ovaprim induced hormone clarias gariepinus breeding swot social media marketing case study water management conservation avian species armyworms infestation yield white yam glomus sp. gliricidia sepium soil indicators parent material land use akwa ibom state soils optimization itaconic acid estuarine aspergillus terreus cheaper substrates technical efficiency small scale growth enhancement scheme strategy frontier soil conservation influencers decision-making attitude reproductive performance oxidative stress oxidative stress biomarkers antioxidants mitigation climate change pond pisciculture organization indigenous
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