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Casa Jasmina project - Group Yarat


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Concept of one of the projects designed for Casa Jasmina in the course: Design by Components (2017-2018) of the master in Systemic Design of the Politecnico di Torino.

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Casa Jasmina project - Group Yarat

  1. 1. YARAT - Be creative DESIGN BY COMPONENTS SYSTEMIC DESIGN Master of Science - Politecnico di Torino Students: Ylenia Franco Marco Manfra Chiara Manieri Irem Karden Oztop Danilo Sabatino
  2. 2. 37 54 70 18 27 8 5 10 8 5 Casa Jasmina _ Current Situation LITERS PER DAY CLEANING GARDENING Kitchen Bedroom Garden Entrance Bathroom Work space BedroomLivingroom 5
  3. 3. Casa Jasmina _ Project LITERS PER DAY 37liters 8liters 5 liters WATER FILTERING GUESTS STAKEHOLDERS CLEANER GUESTS GREY WATER 65% of water sink CLEANING BATHROOM SINK GARDENING CLEAN WATER 35% of water sink 24 liters unfiltered 13 liters filtered
  4. 4. Project idea FUNCTIONS AND REQUIREMENTS SIPHON JUNCTION - adaptable to standard junctions - allows exceeding dirty water to go to the drain - junction between sink and dirty water box VALVE - one direction flow, in order to avoid waste of clean water returning into dirty water box TAP - close water flow when clean water box is taken DIRTY WATER “BOX” - adaptable to siphon junction - sized in order to collect the right quantity of water (15l) - pay attention to smells - no water stagnation FILTER - purify water from solid and chemical residue - easily cleanable and changeable CLEAN WATER “BOX” - water should be easy to take - sized in order to collect the right quantity of water (15l) - make users aware about the water consumption 1 2 3 4 5 6