Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels


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With both the Rail and the Road authorities imposing increased tunnel safety standards, those working in the industry must invest to meet mandatory requirements or risk being excluded. The upside comes from the still very lucrative gain that is available in the industry and the high potential return for forward looking companies that can excel in this area.

With guidance needed on how to accomplish compliance by means of maximum efficiency and minimal expenditure, the first annual Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels conference is being held in Paris, 17-18 Nov 09 to help you meet industry safety standards, optimise your risk management and achieve safety excellence.

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Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels

  1. 1. vIbevents 1st Annual Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels Tuesday 17th november – Wednesday 18th november 2009 • Disneyland Paris, France new initiatives in implementation, design and technology to meet road & rail tunnel regulation KEyNOTE SPEAKERS: HIGHLIGHTS: Ian Prosser, HM Chief Walter Steiner, Tunnel • benefit from 12 leading countries showcasing Inspector of Railways Manager, GOTTHARD- back-to-back case studies on overcoming all & Director, Railway STRASSENTUNNEL fire protection and safety challenges to meet Safety, OFFICE OF RAIL (SWITzERLAND) regulation standards and establish tunnel security REGULATION (UK) Chris Bowley, Tunnel Safety • Join 9 operators, 4 academic experts, 3 Hans-Peter Vetsch, Engineer, LE CROSSING CO. manufacturers, 3 institutions and associations, Head of Rail Operations, LTD. (UK) 3 industry specialists, 2 regulators and a ALPTRANSIT AG governmental body to share their experiences on (SWITzERLAND) Peter Hedley, Tyne Tunnels solving ventilation issues, optimising risk analysis Manager, TT2 (UK) strategies and achieving best-practice evacuation Arnaud Marchais, Head of Dr. Fathi Tarada, Co- techniques to certify passenger safety and Fire Safety, RATP (FRANCE) Chairman Working upgrade tunnel performance Ahmet Ulas Aygün, Field Group Air Quality, Fire & • Choose from 25 presentations, select your Engineer, AvRASyA Ventilation, PIARC (UK) round table discussions and participate in 2 SUbWAy GROUP (TURKEy) panel discussions uncovering new initiatives in overcoming all essential fire protection and safety challenges in both road and rail tunnels to meet responsibilities cost-effectively and remain at the high end of business REPRESENTED COMPANIES INCLUDE: • Take advantage of the unique format of this RAIL ROAD event - from plenary sessions, interactive • Office of Rail Regulation • Gotthard-Strassentunnel panel debates, round table discussions and • Metro Madrid • TT2 separate road and rail streams, this can’t- • Alptransit AG • CETU miss conference will arm you with the tools to • RATP • Le Crossing Company implement the right safety measures to maximise • Avrasya Subway Group • PIARC fire protection and guarantee tunnel security Silver Sponsors: Register now: Online: Email: Tel: +44 (0)207 7753 4268 Fax: +44 (0)20 7915 9773
  2. 2. Programme Day One Tuesday 17 November 08.30 Registration and coffee Stream A: Rail 09.00 Welcoming remarks 14.30 Employing innovation to maximise safety measures 09.10 Overcoming safety issues in a challenging in new tunnels - experiences of Kadikoy-Kartal tunnel environment subway project Hear from an industry expert on how to rise to the challenges of ● Reviewing the Kadikoy-Kartal subway project, overcoming successfully refitting a tunnel: its initial challenges and gaining insight to its excavation ● Assessing safety equipment realistically and what makes sense in techniques terms of infrastructure flexibility ● Factoring in all possible contributors including geological issues ● Overcoming the ventilation issue - taking alternative measures to and technical developments in order to have solutions in place certify that both smoke and fire do not fan out and safety on track ● Increasing both safety and rescue measurements to impede fire ● Optimising all levels of tunnel security to certify worker safety hazards and optimise evacuation reaction times during tunnel construction Peter-Johann Sturm, Professor of Environmental Engineering, GRAz ● Illustrations, findings and current developments for this UNIvERSITy OF TECHNOLOGy ongoing project AHMET UlAS AyGün, FIElD EnGInEER, 09.50 Framework for the comprehensive evaluation of rail AvRASyA SUbWAy GROUP tunnel fire scenarios International testing regimes and fundamental fire properties of rolling ● 15.10 Examining the running capability of railway stock materials and how this can optimise tunnel safety ● A risk based analysis of fire scenarios and consideration of extreme events vehicles in tunnel operation ● The benefits of closer integration of tunnel infrastructure design and ● Reviewing the general objectives and required capability for rolling stock fire performance as a railway system passenger trains Paul Williams, Senior Fire Engineer, ARUP FIRE ● Assessing the principles of running capability on railway vehicles 10.30 Exploring safety equipment for fire protection – an ● Evaluating the classification of fire Uncovering the appropriate decisions for corresponding update on water mists systems and related regulations ● requirements ● Uncovering the latest upgrade in water mist systems to ensure Heinz Reimann, Senior Engineer, bOMbARDIER optimal safety for fires and to optimize the vehicle concepts related to TRANSPORTATION approval, design and weight aspects ● Determining current safety specifications in tunnels to overcome any technical challenges 15.50 Coffee and networking ● Simulating fire and testing of systems to certify that all systems are in place for the correct course of action in fire protection and 16.10 Optimising safety measures in long tunnels – a extermination Roger Dirksmeier, Managing Director, FOGTEC FIRE PROTECTION review on the way to a safe Gotthard base tunnel ● Assessing all aspects of fire prevention and mitigation in long 11.10 Coffee and networking tunnels to implement the appropriate safety and self-rescue measures 11.45 Surpassing fire detection measures – enabling fire ● Uncovering the correct operation procedures for passenger trains during a fire monitoring through fiber optic linear heat detection ● Why risk analysis for rail tunnel design is fundamental for ● Comparing the difference in technology – reviewing AP Sensing’s certifying optimal safety DTS technology and how this detects many different types of fire with ● Case-in-point for the Gotthard Base Tunnel speed and reliability Hans-Peter Vetsch, Head of Rail Operations, ALPTRANSIT AG ● Assessing the results – a demonstration of the DTS-system sensor cable system’s durability and survivability factors during a fire ● Optimising fire protection in tunnels through the DTS technology – 16.55 Panel discussion: uncovering its capability to monitor fire development and provide vital ● Managing heat release rates on trains to suit your train design information until the fire is extinguished and extend the life force of your train to complement tunnel ● Expanding on the qualities of DTS – how this information can be used safety to trigger accurate and precise counter measures and what this can do ● Evaluating the different means of fire detection and suppression to optimise tunnel safety to formulate the correct variable approach Dr. Henrik Hoff, Sales Director, AP SENSING GMbH ● Factoring in cost benefit analysis to certify the right framework for your design 12.25 Panel Discussion ● Employing the suitable heat release calculations to increase Applying the main principles of evacuation to comply with safety safety management and ensure fire protection requirements and ensure passenger protection ● Implementing the appropriate system modifications to ensure ● Calculating reaction times and travel distances with a range of walking fire protection and decrease hazardous risks speeds and passenger behaviours to evaluate overall evacuation times ● Different approaches and strategies from today’s leading ● Why a risk analysis for tunnel design, capacity and vehicle evacuation industry experts is important in evaluating passenger safety David Tooley, lead Engineer, Materials, bOMbARDIER ● Why emergency exercises and their subsequent evaluation are a TRANSPORTATION crucial component to tunnel safety ● Setting up a controlled environment with assigned responsibilities Willy Witbecker, UNIvERSITy OF WUPPERTAL across the chain of command to provide an optimum response Zoltan Werner laszlo, Project Manager for Electrical Supply & ● Achieving best-practice evacuation techniques by optimising tunnel Fire Safety, METRO 4* ventilation, fire suppression, incident detection and alarms, vehicle evacuation and handling of injuries Dr. Fathi Tarada, Co-Chairman Working Group Air Quality, Fire & 17.30 Chairman’s summary Ventilation, PIARC (UK), Paul Williams, Senior Fire Engineer, Arup Fire, To be joined by a selection of speakers 17.40 Close of conference 13.10 Networking lunch
  3. 3. Day One Tuesday 17 November Programme Day Two 08.30 Registration and coffee Stream B: Road 09.00 Welcoming remarks 14.30 Setting standards for the safe operation of road tunnels worldwide – the World Road Association 09.10 Examining fire suppression in road and rail tunnels (PIARC) Technical Committee C4 Arup Fire PIARC has set worldwide standards for road tunnels since 1957. It continues to be the premier global organisation for the delivery of technical guidance in the areas related to the 09.50 An update on meeting current safety regulations and use of road tunnels such as geometry, equipment and its an outlook for future developments maintenance, operation, safety and environment. It does not Reviewing the impact that the regulations have had on road tunnels deal with civil engineering of tunnels, except with regards to its to date effects on operation and maintenance of the works. ● Assessing the long-term benefits of a safer, more sustainable tunnel ● Management and improvement of road tunnel safety environment for the government (eliminate stakeholders)and road ● Improvement of tunnel operation and safety users ● Optimisation of tunnel ventilation and mitigating fires ● Setting a clear policy framework to increase fire safety and establish ● Evaluation, organisation and communication of knowledge on tunnel security tunnel operation and safety ● Best-practice strategies for refitting existing tunnels to meet Dr. Fathi Tarada, Co-Chairman Working Group Air Quality, standard requirements and facilitate safety inspection and approval Fire & Ventilation, PIARC ● Exploring today’s common challenges for regulation compliance to enable implementation of viable solutions 15.10 Overcoming the challenges of meeting road Walter Steiner, Tunnel Manager, GOTTHARD-STRASSENTUNNEL tunnelling safety regulations to receive approval 10.30 Coffee and networking and ensure success ● Examining the current safety regulations to establish a realistic strategy for complying with newly modified limits ● Taking stock of existing safety measures and in-place Stream A: Rail Stream B: Road procedures to identify any potential gaps and fill them ● Establishing both the tunnel infrastructure’s assets and 11.20 Fulfilling industry 11.20 The effect of fire on constraints to choose suitable safety measures standards for optimal safety, concrete and the measures to ● Eliminating quick-fix solutions to avoid long-term safety certification and approval take for protection measures and communications breakdown ● Examining top strategies ● Examining concrete deterioration ● Best-in-class, cost-effective methods to meet safety for upgrading current safety and the spalling mechanism requirements and pass inspection with flying colours standards effectively whilst caused by fire Chris Bowley, Tunnel Safety Engineer, LE CROSSING CO. LTD. keeping the costs down ● Reviewing why and when we need ● Improving safety requirements to protect the tunnel infrastructure 15.50 Coffee and networking and meeting responsibilities by ● Uncovering protection and optimising current assets concrete based on risk 16.10 Changing tunnel fire safety measures with fixed ● Reviewing individual tunnel assessment fire fighting systems (FFFS) – Experiences from full limitations to determine ● Gaining insight on both active and scale fire tests to various installations where the gaps lie and how to passive fire protection ● Challenges of full scale fire testing with HGV fires resolve them ● Illustrations and practical ● Reviewing the outcome of ongoing research projects ● Monitoring the progress of safety examples from an industry expert ● Tools for making tunnel fire risk analysis with FFFS and enhancement to meet regulation Frank Clement, Fire Protection assessment of full scale fire test results to real installation requirements and guarantee Manager, bASF CONSTRUCTION ● Practical challenges of FFFS integration to tunnels including success CHEMICALS EUROPE AG design, installation, control system and coordination with other ● Integrating flexible safety safety measurements measures to exceed expectations 12.00 Examining safety Stefan Kratzmeir, Senior Research Engineer, and ensure both certification and FOGTEC FIRE PROTECTION approval measures in canopies for Ian Prosser, HM Chief Inspector of air quality 16.50 Upgrading safety standards beyond the Railways & Director, Railway Safety, ● Gaining insight on the Canopies requirements to achieve safety excellence Office of Rail Regulation on Air Treatment project, how ● Understanding the overall project and what the main safety this came about and what is the objectives are 12.00 Complying to industry ultimate goal for tunnels ● Reviewing the ins and outs of ● Implementing cutting edge technology into tunnel design to standards for certification construction for improvement of accelerate fire suppression, decrease smoke and fire build-up and approval of rolling stock and certify passenger safety air quality and why this is significant for ● Comparing safety measures ● Upgrading ventilation systems to keep tunnel restoration to a minimum tunnel safety between tunnels and canopies ● Uncovering the point-by-point’s ● Examples and findings for this ● Incorporating even more safety precautions to seal tunnel security of the new safety legislation to project and what this means for ● Employing cost benefit analysis to weigh initial investment with determine which gaps you need the safety of tunnels reduced costs of traffic delay and tunnel shutdown to bridge: Theo Cornelissen, Senior Adviser, ● Current progress and development on maintaining a road tunnel ● Taking the first steps to fulfil safety IPL – Dutch Innovation Programme and surpassing standard requirements standard requirements to meet on Air Quality Peter Hedley, Tyne Tunnels Manager, TT2 responsibilities and remain at the high end of business 17.30 Chairman’s summary ● Implementing the correct plan to 12.40 Networking lunch improve your current standards in the most efficient manner 17.40 Close of conference ● Preparing for safety alterations by having the technology in place
  4. 4. Wednesday 18 November 2009 Stream A: Rail Stream B: Road ● Monitoring best-practice methods 14.00 Factoring in of meeting train safety regulations the human element to from the perspective of an operator and what this means for implement optimal safety tunnel security measures ● Applying these fundamental ● Improving human behaviour in strategies to achieve certification the context of tunnel operation and approval with relative ease ● Defining the main lessons learned Gabriel Santos, Head of Security regarding users' behaviour in and Safety, Metro Madrid tunnels ● Introducing emerging 12.40 Networking lunch technologies factoring in feedback from experience 14.00 Optimising fire and ● Optimising the combination of safety in rail tunnels – from visual and auditory means ● Providing recommendation to the perspective of an operator owners to implement these road ● Reviewing the challenges tunnel safety devices depending of meeting safety standard on the context of the tunnel regulations and how these can be Marc Tesson, Head of Safety overcome Department, CETU ● Examining the operational aspects of safety – capitalising 14.40 Optimising fire on tunnel advantages and minimising the limits protection and safety in road ● The importance of learning tunnels by readjusting risk lessons from past incidents - analysis strategy what measures are being taken ● Uncovering a whole new approach to maximise fire protection and to risk analysis to achieve a safety in rail tunnels today better understanding of safety Arnaud Marchais, Head of Fire management and increase safety Safety, RATP effectiveness in less time ● Examining risk assessment 14.40 Adopting a new methodologies to gain knowledge approach to safety of what can and cannot be in railway tunnels by achieved in individual tunnels ● Achieving harmonisation of risk enhancing risk analysis and assessments for fires to augment the design process the flexibility of tunnel protection Implementing a simple list of ● Employing risk analysis to all prescriptions and measures for components linked to the tunnel optimising tunnel function was the to develop a fit for purpose approach adopted for the safety strategy design of railway tunnels for several Prof. Pasquale Colonna, Full years. The main characteristics of Professor, Department of Highways the new approach, already adopted and Transportation, Polytechnic in Italy from 2005 are: University of bari ● Evaluating risk-based analysis of the system to assign an expected 15.20 Coffee and frequency and consequences to networking each expected accident ● Examining various techniques 15.50 Optimising risk including CFD to predict hazard factors and forecast fire behaviour management by enlisting ● Evaluating the effectiveness of road users as allies to help safety measures for optimal combat tunnel hazards tunnel security ● Identifying the lay person's Antonio Ventura, Head of Safety and perception and logic for risk in Security, Italferr S.p.A road tunnels ● Uncovering all aspects of risk 15.20 Coffee and networking perception in tunnels by gaining a deeper understanding of safety 15.50 Tunnel fire operations science from the perspective of a fire ● Examining different methods of department - Frankfurt am safety behaviour in road tunnels without simulating a fire Main's approach Marc Gandit, Senior lecturer, Jens Stiegel, Assistant Chief, Université Pierre-Mendès-France Frankfurt am Main Fire Department 16.30 Closing remarks 16.30 Closing remarks 16.40 Close of conference 16.40 Close of conference
  5. 5. Silver sponsors Arup Fire is an international team of fire safety design specialists, dedicated to delivering innovative fire safety solutions. We have extensive experience in the rail industry, ranging from the development of fire strategies for stations and tunnels, to assessing the fire performance of rolling stock by testing and computer simulation. AP Sensing is your global solution provider in the special hazard fire detection market. AP Sensing inherits more than 20 years of OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometry) expertise from Agilent Technologies (former Hewlett Packard). AP Sensing’s unique “Linear Heat Series” – a fiber optic linear heat detection system - perfectly suits today’s safety demands and safes money whenever it comes to large –sized applications in hazardous environments like road & rail tunnels, conveyor belts, cable trays, production facilities etc. FOGTEC is the leading provider of fire protection solutions for rolling stock and tunnel applications. FOGTEC’s special trained engineers provide services from consultancy to turn key solution supply for almost any rail vehicle or type of tunnel. FOGTEC`s high reputation in both markets is not only reflected by the well known names of its partners and customers but also by the involvement in major research projects. MEYCO Global Underground Construction, part of BASF Construction Chemicals, is a leading supplier offering world-wide customized solutions through its unique blend of innovative product technology, specialized equipment and engineering knowledge. Our international tunneling specialists are working closely with contractors and design engineers to permit the seamless transfer of our latest MEYCO® Fireshield technology: proven in many projects to be safely, cost and time effectively. fireprotection/Pages/default.aspx Exhibitors Media partners EURAILmag - is a B2B publication – we report on developments in the rail sector, e.g. new regulation, standards, technology, services and products. We also cover major rail projects in Europe. Contributors include executives, technicians, engineers and rail experts. Content is presented in the form of reports, articles, interviews and advertorials. Established in 1997, Railway Technology is a global procurement and reference resource providing a one- stop-shop for professionals and decision makers within the railway and rail transport industries. Do you wish to exhibit your products and services at this exclusive event? If you want to be part of this leading industry event, please contact Nick McCudden in our sponsorship team. Email: or call: +44 (0) 020 7753 4259
  6. 6. bOOKING FORM 1st Annual Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 November 2009, Disneyland Paris, France Four Easy Ways To book: venue Details ■ Register online at ■ Email us at The two day conference will take place on Tuesday 17 ■ Tel +44 (0)20 7753 4268 ■ Fax +44 (0)20 7915 9773 and Wednesday 18 November 2009. The venue for all two days will be a centrally located five star hotel a Disneyland Prices & Payment Information (please tick option) hotel in Paris, France. For further information contact our Operations department on +44 (o) 207 753 4201. Yes, i would like to register for the event: BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE AFTER 25.8.2009 22.9.2009 20.10.2009 20.10.2009 Are you registered? Operators, End users and Train Manufacturers You will always receive an acknowledgement of your I would like the VIP Attendee Package to include €1,216 €1,356 €1,496 €1,706 booking. If you do not receive anything, please call us the 2 day conference and the interactive CD-ROM (+VAT where (+VAT where (+VAT where (+VAT where on +44 (0) 20 7753 4268 to make sure we have received (saving €70) applicable) applicable) applicable) applicable) your booking. I would like to attend the two day conference only €936 €1,076 €1,216 €1,426 (+VAT@19.6% (+VAT@ 19.6% (+VAT@19.6% (+VAT@19.6% Data Protection = €1119.68) = €1287.12) = €1454.56) = €1705.72) The personal information shown on this form, and/or provided by you, will be held on a database and may be Suppliers shared with other subsidiaries of the SPG Media Group Ltd. I would like the VIP Attendee Package to include €1,920 €2,060 €2,200 €2,410 in the UK and Internationally. 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