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Operation & Maintenance Strategies for


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Arena Internationals’ Operations & Maintenance Strategies for Coal & Gas Power Stations being held on 18th and 19th March in London, UK, aims to establish solutions to key issues such as:

The impact of future government legislation on your O&M strategies
Executing the best O&M strategies to ensure your plant’s life is extended
The impact of carbon capture on your power station - case study on a CCS pilot plant
How to make your plant more flexible by understanding how to implement successful optimisation techniques

Through case study driven presentations from leading energy operators and a series of informative panel debates, this event will provide you with best practice solutions to help you comply with existing and upcoming challenges in the market.

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Operation & Maintenance Strategies for

  1. 1. Operation & Maintenance Strategies for Existing Coal & Gas Power Stations Thursday 18th and Friday 19th March 2010 London, United Kingdom Cutting edge strategies to ensure your O&M strategy is cost effective, station life is extended & you remain compliant 3 GREAT REASONS YOU SHOULD ATTEND HEAR FROM LEADING INDUSTRY • Network with leading figures from the top 10 EXPERTS INCLUDING: European operators and many more Marianne Wenning, Marc Rudd, Engineering • Discover the most e ective strategies to Head of Industrial Manager, SCOTTISH AND improve your O&M procedures by hearing from Emissions Unit, EUROPEAN SOUTHERN ENERGY policy makers and Carbon Capture & Storage COMMISSION, DG pioneers on future initiatives ENVIRONMENT, INDUSTRIAL Alan Kemp, Engineering EMISSIONS UNIT & Maintenance Manager, • Equip yourself with unparalleled knowledge SCOTTISH POWER of how to extend the life of your asset by Jack Turner, Station investing in the best technology and adopting Manager – Fiddler’s Ferry Dave Carlton, a top O&M strategy Power Station, SCOTTISH Project Manager, Aberthaw AND SOUTHERN ENERGY Carbon Capture Project, RWE NPOWER FIND OUT HOW TO… Kevin Nix, Director, Power Station Operations, John Armstrong, • Extend the life of your assets by adopting an Engineering Manager, RWE NPOWER optimum operations and maintenance strategy Enfield Power Station, • Gauge the impact of carbon capture on Martin Schoenrok, Head of E.ON UK GENERATION your power station and the best way to the Asset Management, E.ON Tony Wilkes, overcome integration challenges James Varley, Managing Portfolio Maintenance • Taylor your O&M strategy to a ect regulatory Editor, MODERN POWER Co-ordinator, compliance and its impact on your portfolio SYSTEMS MAGAZINE RWE AG NPOWER Media partners: Organised by: Energy BUSINESS Review REGISTER NOW: www.arena-international.com/omse Tel: +44 (0)207 7753 4268 • Email: book@arena-international.com • Fax: +44 (0)20 7915 9773
  2. 2. Programme Day One Thursday 18 March 2010 08.30 Registration desk opens 11.00 A case study of the carbon dioxide capture plant at Aberthaw power station 08.55 Chairman’s opening remarks ● Gain an overview of the RWE CO2 stratagem and it’s impact James Varley, Managing Editor, MODERN POWER SYSTEMS on CO2 capture MAGAZINE ● Examine the process involved ● What is the best way to overcome integration challenges? 09.00 Keynote presentation: Towards an improved policy ● Analysing environmental considerations and applying it to on industrial emissions – Implications for large your Power Station combustion plants ● How to best address construction issues ● Evaluate how pollutant emissions (other than greenhouse ● Analysing the impact of carbon capture on your power station gases) from thermal power plants are regulated at EU level Dave Carlton, Project Manager, Aberthaw Carbon Capture by the IPPC (integrated pollution prevention and control) Project, RWE NPOWER Directive and the LCP (large combustion plant) Directive ● Understand how the IPPC Directive requires installations 11.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Evaluate how Combined Cycle to be operated according to integrated permits containing Gas Turbine Plants’ technological advances can alter conditions based on the Best Available Techniques (BAT) your O&M strategy for the better ● Gain an overview on the exchange of information involving ● Two shifting on a daily basis while maintaining plant Member States and industry in which, the Commission has reliability – best practice in cycle and operation and what adopted 32 BAT Reference Documents (BREFs) describing BAT maintenance strategy you need to employ for IPPC activities across the EU ● Deciding on the best operation strategies to extend the life ● Look at how the LCP Directive sets EU-wide "minimum" of your ageing CCGT emission limit values and monitoring requirements for SO2, NOx and dust ● Examine the niche technology being developed for gas turbine engines and how this can benefit the longevity of your turbine ● Following the revision of the IPPC Directive, revealing a lack of implementation of BAT across the EU, hear how the ● Selecting the best O&M strategy for your CCGT by investing in the most appropriate technology and by looking at cutting Commission has proposed to recast the IPPC, LCP and five edge technological developments other Directives into a new Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). ● Recent commercially driven design changes and their ● The proposed IED is currently being discussed in the EU consequence on the user sector – have they influenced your institutions with a view of adoption in the course of 2010. O&M strategy as a direct result? Marianne Wenning, Head of Industrial Emissions Unit, ● Overcoming supply shortages in terms of essential EUROPEAN COMMISSION, DG ENVIRONMENT, INDUSTRIAL technology needed for your CCGT and how this can help you EMISSIONS UNIT cope with a breakdown more efficiently Moderated by: James Varley, Managing Editor, 09.30 Keynote presentation: How to extend the life of MODERN POWER SYSTEMS MAGAZINE mid life to older assets by adopting the most appropriate O&M strategy Plus a selection of speakers from the day ● Assess the condition need of a plant to meet commercial operational requirements 12.30 Getting the best from your plant by implementing ● Understand the overall level of investment necessary to extend successful plant optimisation techniques plant life in a competitive market ● How to focus on the root cause of performance issues ● Learn how to make the investment case ● Output optimisation for gas plants – how performance ● Prioritise specific investments by taking account of factors systems and performance techniques strategy can help you such as process safety and environmental performance ● CCGT maintenance optimisation – maintain the asset ● Key factors in deciding on best technical solutions sufficiently while running the station for an optimum amount ● The benefits of different O&M strategies, major re-investment of time versus ongoing maintenance ● Opportunities for developing plants to respond to increasing Kevin Nix, Director, Power Station Operations, RWE NPOWER demands for load flexibility ● Achieve plant optimisation by delivering maximum output during times of peak demand 10.00 Keynote presentation: Achieving Emission John Armstrong, Engineering Manager, Enfield Power Station, Compliance in a cost-effective and innovative manner E.ON UK GENERATION ● RWE npower’s approach to emissions compliance within LCPD ● The assessment of technology against individual plant 13.00 Networking Lunch configurations ● Balancing emissions compliance against capital and running costs of plants 14.30 Advanced coating systems for gas turbines ● Managing annualised emission limits ● Existing coating systems available on the market and their advantages and disadvantages ● Maintaining fuel flexibility options ● New coating concepts for corrosion protection in aggressive ● Cross-company approach in the assessment of emission environments compliance schemes ● Modelling corrosion processes to permit predictable Edward Jamieson, Group Head of Combustion Technology component lives Development, Boilers & Combustion Team, RWE NPOWER ● An overview of the latest thermal barrier coating systems ● A comparison study of the life prediction of thermal barrier 10.30 Morning networking refreshment break coatings ● Examining the benefits of smart thermal barrier coating systems Professor John R. Nicholls, Professor of Coating Technology, CRANFIELD UNIVERSITY
  3. 3. Day One Thursday 18 March 2010 Programme Day Two 15.00 Afternoon refreshment and networking 08:30 Registration and refreshments 15.30 How to best optimise efficiency at your coal fired 08.55 Chairman’s opening remarks station by examining the best O&M strategy for coal plants in the next 2-3 years 09.00 Minimising the down time of your asset during Deciding on the best strategy for planning a shut down ● an outage by applying best management practice ● How to select the most appropriate equipment with the objective of making your asset more flexible and efficient – ● How adopting best O&M strategy will help you plan for an overcoming the biggest challenge for O&M effective outage ● Examine the best O&M strategy for coal plants in the next ● Deciding which essential maintenance is needed for your 2-3 years individual station and focusing on addressing these as a priority ● Effective portfolio management – assessing productivity vs. ● Implementing effective budget and costs planning for an outage maintenance investment needed to help you decide to opt an Tony Wilkes, Portfolio Maintenance Co-ordinator, asset in or out RWE AG NPOWER ● How to best comply with the Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD) while maintaining and increasing the overall value of 09.30 Securing and sustaining Operation and Maintenance your portfolio skills, productivity and performance ● Striking the perfect balance – continuing the life of existing ● Meeting the rising demand for station operating and technology by employing the best O&M strategy that will contractor personnel by focusing on both keeping the current help you to do so fleet operating safely and efficiently and getting ready for new Martin Schoenrok, Head of Asset Management, E.ON gas, coal, wind or nuclear stations ● Overcoming the skills gap of trained staff – if statistics show 16.00 Examining the advantages from an O&M perspective that 50% of the workforce will retire before 50% of the new on using biomass to reduce environmental impact stations are built ● Assessing the O&M demand placed on a station firing both ● Examining the structured training currently available and how coal and bio fuels – is it greater or the same? it needs to be expanded to create a new generation of personnel with common frameworks for operators and ● Is the reduction of environmental damage significantly contractors to maximise competence and transferability reduced by incorporating bio fuels? across station types and within the supply chain ● Assess how much cleaner your coal station can become by ● Analysing the link between more efficient career paths and using non renewable sources and bio sources together increased flow of talent to the industry - how this can aid ● Future strategy – increase the ratio of bio fuels vs. coal competence and safety performance to optimising output while reducing environmental David Edwards, Chief Executive, ENGINEERING damage further CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY TRAINING BOARD Alan Kemp, Engineering & Maintenance Manager, SCOTTISH POWER 10.00 Managing power stations statutory inspections under Pressure System Safety Regulations (PSSR) 16.30 Adopt an O&M strategy to help you ensure your gas turbine rota does not fail ● How does a power station ensure compliance with PSSR? ● What is the process and the time lines for implementation ● Avoid the risk of failure by examining the main types of motors and their cost impact ● Evaluating examples of the process for an existing coal fired and a new gas fired power stations ● Assess the impact of lead time on a new motor in order to avoid a breakdown ● Analysing the benefits for the stations ● What are the best life assessment options available on ● What are the benefits for the insurers the market? Alan Fitzpatrick, Contracts Engineer, ROYAL & SUN ● What are the most effective staff health and safety ALLIANCE ENGINEERING precautions taken in case a rota fails? Are they sufficient? ● Examples of rota failures and how they have been dealt with – 10.30 Morning refreshment and networking break learning from experience Dr Mike Wood, Gas Turbine Consultant 11.00 CASE STUDY: Enhance your plants effectiveness by assessing the best engine types 17.00 Chairman’s closing remarks and end of day one ● Examining the issues related to a particular engine type ● Selecting the most appropriate engine for your station ● How to minimize costs being passed to customers by selecting the right technology ● Analyze and compare the benefits of the four top engines in the market Sponsor led session REGISTER ONLINE NOW! wwww.arena-international.com/omse
  4. 4. Day Two Friday 19 March 2010 11.30 ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Operation & maintenance 15.00 Afternoon refreshments and networking threats and opportunities for fossil fuel power plants Delegates will have the opportunity to break into groups 15.30 Operation & maintenance policy from a service and discuss specific details surrounding operation & provider’s point of view maintenance issues across both coal and gas power ● Strategic policy on O&M and what activities are being stations. The session will be supported by specialists in the undertaken in this area? field and delegates will have the opportunity to participate ● Analyse O&M policy for gas power stations and the new in a real benefit led interactive discussion. The following advances in this field topics will be addressed and delegates are welcome to take ● Coal power stations – what are the O&M solutions and part in as many discussions as they wish: equipment developments for the near future ● What new kits of equipment are available to help you achieve ● Assessment of the three major components for gas plants: new plants standards? compressor, turbine & rota - how to maintain these and extend ● Analyse the best O&M technologies which will help you the lifetime of equipment as well as the plant maintain plant availability ● Control instrumentation: spending the station budget wisely ● Looking to the future - will the next 10-15 years provide the and obtaining maximum return on investment advances needed in terms of technology so that existing ● Combustion: managing the plant while adhering to plants can carry on operating? environmental regulatory limits ● Discover the most appropriate technology asset owners ● Transition to low carbon fuels: the answer to achieving and should purchase to avoid any new investments being outdated fulfilling the Industrial Emissions Directive in terms of NOx and by government legislation Sulphur reduction while remaining profitable? Sponsor led session ● Gas plants: plant equipment and staff safety, examining best practice and insurance policy ● Opted in plants: making wise investments in terms of O&M 16.00 PANEL DISCUSSION: How does regulatory compliance in the challenge to meet environmental criteria with affect O&M strategy for both the utility operators as particular focus on retro-fitting well as the technology and maintenance providers? Moderated by your chairman: James Varley, Managing Editor, ● Is regulatory compliance perceived as a real challenge from an MODERN POWER SYSTEMS MAGAZINE O&M perspective? ● How much of a competitive advantage is regulatory 12.30 Networking lunch compliance bestowing upon the O&M sector? ● Is the development of carbon capture and storage technology 14.00 Defining the best commercial strategy for coal and the main focus for O&M providers? gas stations ● Has regulatory compliance caused a long or just a short term change of strategy for the utility sector? ● Examining the investments operators are currently making ● How important is it in determining future strategy for them? ● How investors see portfolios changing and what will be their strategy for the next ten years? ● Examining the impact on a large utility provider’s portfolio of meeting legislation and how much need there is to look for ● Assessing if a plant should be opted in or out and how opting new channels to expand it? out a plant impacts the portfolio as a whole Moderated by: James Varley, Managing Editor, ● Declining technology options for coal plants – is in-house MODERN POWER SYSTEMS MAGAZINE O&M the future? ● Assessing the issues with steam turbines and what operators Panellists: Marc Rudd, Engineering Manager, are doing to overcome them SCOTTISH AND SOUTHERN ENERGY ● Ageing of vital instruments such as valves and circulation Alan Fitzpatrick, Contracts Engineer, ROYAL & SUN ALLIANCE pumps and how best to deal with such problems before they Tony Wilkes, Portfolio Maintenance Co-ordinator, become a maintenance burden RWE AG NPOWER ● Defining the strategy for fossil fuel plants in the next two years Jack Turner, Station Manager – Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station, 17.00 Chairman’s closing remarks and end of conference SCOTTISH AND SOUTHERN ENERGY 14.30 Keeping the lights on – does it have to cost the earth? ● Analysing the costs of producing electricity from different technologies ● How renewable generation contributes to the supply mix ● Mitigate additional costs of carbon capture on a thermal plant ● Contribution of capital, O&M and fuel costs to the electricity cost for the different technologies ● Overcome challenges to the electricity industry from the carbon reduction targets in the climate change legislation ● What will be the impact of future policies and legislation on costs and security of supply Ian Burdon, Technical Director, ENERGY STRATEGIC CONSULTING
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BOOKING FORM Operation & Maintenance Strategies for Existing Coal & Gas Power Stations, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th March 2010 London, UK Prices & Payment Information (please tick option) Four Easy Ways To Book: Yes, I would like to register for the event: Book before Book before Book after ■ Register online at 22.01.2010 19.02.2010 19.02.2010 www.arena-international.com/omse Government and Regulatory bodies, Utilities and Academics: ■ Email us at I would like the VIP Attendee Package to include the 2 day book@arena-international.com £1548 † £1648 † £1748 † conference and the interactive CD-ROM (saving £50) £1099 £1199 £1299 ■ Tel +44 (0)20 7753 4268 I would like to attend the two day conference only (+VAT @ 17.5% (+VAT @ 17.5% (+VAT @ 17.5% = £1291.33) = £1408.83) = £1526.33 ■ Fax +44 (0)20 7915 9773 Fees for all other attendees Venue Details I would like the VIP Attendee Package to include the 2 day The two day conference will take place on Thursday £2048 † £2148 † £2248 † conference and the interactive CD-ROM (saving £50) 18th and Friday 19th March 2010 in London, UK. For further information contact our Operations £1599 £1699 £1799 department on +44 (o) 207 753 4201. I would like to attend the two day conference only (+VAT @ 17.5% (+VAT @ 17.5% (+VAT @ 17.5% = £1878.83) = £1996.33) = £2113.83) Are you registered? Non-attendees You will always receive an acknowledgement of your booking. If you do not receive anything, I cannot attend the conference but would like to receive the please call us on +44 (0) 20 7753 4268 to make £499 † £499 † £499 † interactive CD-ROM sure we have received your booking. † + VAT where applicable Total Discount code if applicable ________________________________ are at the discretion of Arena International and are not cumulative All total fees are subject to a 2.5% service charge Arena International Conference Delegate terms and conditions prior to the event if this is sooner. 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