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What about the Macs?


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For many companies, employees requesting Macs is new. It's scary, we get it!

For a long time Apple devices were not considered acceptable technologies for enterprise use, but advancements in Apple platforms and enterprise programs, such as the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), the Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), and FileVault 2—coupled with demand from Employee Choice programs— have driven Apple technologies into acceptance.

Learn in our short presentation about some ways the Casper Suite can help your team overseeing the Macs save time and money, while increasing your end user's satisfaction by allowing them to help themselves with tier zero support items.

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What about the Macs?

  1. 1. What about the Macs? What started as a rounding error is now supported by IT. Now what do we do?
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  4. 4. 1 2 3 4 Some of the biggest challenges we find IT teams have with supporting Macs in their organization include: No way to collect software or hardware inventory on the Macs on and off network No way to deploy or report on security: the status of encryption, passcode enforcement, external drives No way to integrate their Macs with AD, network, or other corporately leveraged tools No way to deploy or update third party software, patches, settings, or OS updates
  5. 5. The Casper Suite offers best-of-breed Mac management
  6. 6. Casper Suite helps organizations with Macs save money by Automating initial setup, integration with AD Centrally deploying software, settings and printers Giving IT remote control Centrally deploying security: encryption and passcode Centrally deploying patches and OS updates on day zero Lowering IT tickets through Self Service for end users
  7. 7. Self Service offers tier zero support for IT and end users
  8. 8. Casper Suite integrates within your Windows environment Hosted via Cloud, Windows, Linux or OS X Server O365 project? We can help with that. Deploy and manage certs Enterprise network identity services SCCM Plug-In for central inventory All while leveraging Apple programs like DEP and VPP
  9. 9. Would you like to learn more? While JAMF Software has a wealth of resources available online, our team is always happy to: • setup a call to talk through your environment • deliver a customized demo for your organization • discuss setting up a trial of the software If you haven’t already, check out our website at or our user community with over 28,000 users at . Ann Marie Chrudimsky & Chris Luger JAMF Software