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Spread the Joy and Love of Christmas for All to Enjoy!


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It's about how to make this Christmas shine for you, your friends and family and for those in need.

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Spread the Joy and Love of Christmas for All to Enjoy!

  1. 1. In our home, Christmas is the most precious time of the year to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, A Wonderful Saviour to all mankind!
  2. 2. Christmas is also a special time of the year for sharing and giving. Yet it can be frustrating time of the year financially. Children and adults are both bombarded with advertisements for the latest toys, gadgets, gear, and jewelry, and many of these items can make a big dent into a family’s budget.
  3. 3. Fortunately, there are ways to make Christmas special while keeping a sane budget.
  4. 4. For friends and family, homemade gifts are great ways to make Christmas special on a budget. Making personalized calendars, cookies, pies, or other foods, or any variety of crafts can not only save you money, but they send a message to the recipient that you cared enough about them… to not just throw some money at a product, but to invest some of your time, energy, love, and thought into the gift. Often, it is these homemade gifts that will be remembered for years to come.
  5. 5. It is important to remember what it is that makes Christmas special for you and your family!
  6. 6. How about you?
  7. 7. My D.I.Y. Novelties Corn from Pine Tree Maple leaf cut-out
  8. 8. Christmas Tree Stand made from carton box wrapped with flyers My D.I.Y. Novelties
  9. 9. My D.I.Y. Art-n-craft Tulips painting for a sister
  10. 10. My D.I.Y. Art-n-craft Cross painting for a dear friend
  11. 11. Your homemade gifts… … will fondly be remembered … for years to come!
  12. 12. And the true meaning of Christmas is love, joy and peace… … so do remember to spread your love and give to those in need!
  13. 13. Have yourself A Merry Christmas!