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Regional spotlight west midlands

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Regional spotlight west midlands

  1. 1. West Midlands Stress check Regional Spotlight With 1 in 5 people in the West Midlands spending more than 9 hours a day sitting down, they are less sedentary than the national average (23%). However, with only 22% getting the weekly amount of exercise recommended by the NHS, there is still room for employers to improve fitness across the region. 41% Exercise overview Top types of exercise Running 20% Walking/hiking 64% Gym session 24% Motivations To look good 10% Mental health 24% Wellbeing Index get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week, against an average of 22% 26% say pressure and stress at work has often reached unmanageable levels in the past 3 months Only 45% say they're happy or very happy in their current job - the same as the national average know the NHS guidelines on exercise, compared to 44% on average 22% 20% of people in the West Midlands spend 9+ hours sat down per day 66% exercise every day, the national average is 17% 19% In the West Midlands, the most popular time to exercise is the morning. Employer support have access to on-site facilities compared to the national average of 53% believe employers have a responsibility to support staff with their physical wellbeing 50% use these facilities at least once a week 61% To stay physically healthy 45% Barriers Lack of time 31% Low energy 33% Low mood 23%