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Online business / ecommerce - Take your business online for free


Published on is an online technology platform which help business owners to go online and does free sales and marketing.

You can take your business online just in 5 minutes.

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Online business / ecommerce - Take your business online for free

  2. 2. Internet is the only medium way(Computer, Mobile, etc) which reaches billions of people through easiest Billions of people are using internet to find information for various purpose and some of them try to find the product which they wish to buy and where it is available and who is giving in best deal. E-Commerce business is the part of internet technology which take your business or products to Internet and display to millions of Internet users who is looking for your product. But it is not possible for you to advertise through media or other way to reach millions of audience. Web site Number of users per month Facebook 900,000,000 Twitter 310,000,000 LinkedIn 250,000,000 Google Plus 120,000,000
  3. 3.  First you have to analyses what is your business and how you can go online.  Then you have to hire technology team and allocate funds for them.  You have to evaluate which is the best technology match for your business.  You have to rent Server and register domain name.  Development will take more than 6 months.  You have to test the website development thoroughly.  Manage online payment system.  Then you have to do Online and digital marketing to reach million of customer. On understanding all the above pain point, we have developed a unique product A M O G A M.COM which provides all the above service plus sales and marketing for each and ever business owners at FREE of cost. All you have to do is setup visit and setup you store just in few clicks and your business will be online in 5 minutes. Go through the further slide and increase your profit.
  4. 4. Once you setup your store in network you business will be driven by FOUR sales force 1. You get a dedicated domain name for your store with all you product uploaded and available for online purchase. 2. All you product available in which is centralized marketing place and through this we accelerate your business. 3. We provide you an unlimited virtual sales executive from our network to business at free of cost and this will easily triple your profit. Imaging 10,000 internet users selling your product across India. As a stand along business you can’t hire 10,000 sales person and provide salary for them but through technology channel we are providing at free of cost. 4. You regular business without much changes or extra investment.
  5. 5. Let’s start now Going online is so easy in our technology platform. Just in few clicks you will land in online market place in 5 minutes Step 1: Open any of your favorite browser. Type in the address bar. Click on Register or directly select user type as “I am business owners” from the first list box below the slider. Select your country business/Industry type dropdown. Click on Start now button. and from your the
  6. 6. Setting up your store details In the form fill all the details and select the plan which you like to start with. We have customized the plan based on various industry business model. Our objective is to provide as much as free service to grow your business, so the entire system is for free and only after the sales you are going to pay our service commission which you can find under various plans. Review your details carefully and click on Save and Continue button.
  7. 7. Web address/Domain setup Here is the last stage and your store is ready to go live. Select the option to create a web address for your store. If you want free domain then select Create subdomain option and use for free or you can use your existing domain name or you can buy new domain name whichever you like and click save and continue. Domain name : domain name is the unique identifier/address for your store in online market. It will look like
  8. 8. Store setup completion page Congratulations you have created your store successfully. The system will give you two links one is store URL and another is control panel. Click on the control panel to login in to your store administration.
  9. 9. Configuring your store Login to your control panel using your login credential and click or move your mouse over SETTING menu. Setup your country, State and City where your is business located. Then setup what are the tax applicable for your product and service and according to your state/country. Order status : Leave it as default or you can setup your own status message and this will be used when your customer make some order in your online store.
  10. 10. Designing your store Setting up your logo is the best thing to start with. Login to your control panel -> Move the mouse to the Design menu -> Click on Design settings. Select your logo by clicking “Choose File” button. For a better look, try to have logo size as mentioned. Below this you can configure number of product to display per page and row wise.
  11. 11. Designing Banners and slide show 1. Have a attractive page with slide show is always attract your customer. To setup banner/slide show your have to add images first. Click on the “Images” and upload your images which you like to display in your home page. 2. Click on the Create button menu inside Banners and select the images you wish to include in the banner and click Create.
  12. 12. Setting up product Brands Brand Creation: To create “Brand name” click on Inventory  Brands. In the next screen click on the “Create Brand” Button on the right side corner. Enter the Brand name and the description and hit the Create button.
  13. 13. Setting up category for your store Before starting to add the Products, first we need to create the “Category” and “Brands”. To create category go to Inventory  Category. In the next screen click on the “Create category” button in the right side corner. Enter all the required fields. To create Parent category  select the Parent Category field as “Parent”. To create a Sub Category, select some other “Parent name” for the parent category field. For example “Electronics” Parent category “Laptops”  Sub category “ Mobiles”  Sub category
  14. 14. Setting up Parent and sub category Parent Category creation: Enter the category name as “Electronics” and the Parent category as “Parent”. Enter key words about your category in the Meta Description. It will help the online buyers to find Your product easily in the online market. Enter all the fields and click on the create button. Sub Category creation: Example to create a “Laptop” as Sub category to “Electronics”. Click on the create category button. Enter category name as “Laptop” and select “Electronics” as Parent Category. Enter all the required fields and click on the Create button.
  15. 15. Adding product’s to your store Add Products: Go to Inventory  Product Add Product. If you want your products to be displayed in our and on our agents site then leave the boxes checked. It will help to increase your marketing and Sales. Enter all the details about the product. Give detailed description about your Product. In the Description you can change the font types and the colour to make your description more attractive and highlight the important features. Select the Tax class for your product which you have already created or if your product is non Taxable then select that option. Click on “Browse” and add images of your product. Likewise, select the category and the Brand name, enter the total stock available and the select the shipping type. Enter all the fields with appropriate information about the product and click on the save button. Your product is now successfully added and the same will be displayed in your store. Click on the view my store button to view your store and the products you have uploaded.
  16. 16. Editing the added product View Products: To View the list of products you have added. Go to Inventory  Products  View Products. You can “View”, “Edit” or “Delete” the products using the icons in the right side of each product.
  17. 17. Adding options What is options If you have product with lot of varient this functionality will help you to achieve that in online store. For example if you are selling a polo shirt with lots of colors and size. Click on Option which is inside Inventory menu click on Create option in right hands side. Once you enter the options then click on Save button. See the next page to add this options to the product.
  18. 18. Adding options to product Once you create the option and it will be available to associate with the products . If you are adding new product Click “Add product” in the Inventory menu and you will see the Options panel in the screen click “Add…” and select the option name which you have created and enter the other product information and create the products. If you wish to add the option to an existing product, simple go to Inventory> view product and edit the product and perform the same Option adding process. You are done.
  19. 19. Creating category Filter Helping your store visitor to reach their desired product through various channel is always increase your sales. For example if you are selling Laptop then obviously you may have various brand and various configuration. To achieve this follow the below simple steps. Go to Inventory and click on Category filters and click on “Create Specification” Enter the filterable name or parameter and click “Add items” to add more filters. Click “Create” to complete the process. In Inventory  Set Filters . Select category from the list box the corresponding filter will be displayed and you can select your desired filters and click set filters. You are done. Now try to add products Inventory Add product and select the category which you have set the filters. Automatically the system will ask you the setup the parameters which ever you configured. Enter the values correctly. Check the if the filters applied correctly by navigating to the particular category in your online store not in admin panel.
  20. 20. Thank you For more details, Please Reach us through below means E-mail : Phone : 080 – 64444003 Skype : kids2adults Facebook : Please refer our service to your friends and known business friend and help us to provide you better service for longer.