Moral Stories For Kids


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Moral Stories For Kids

  1. 1. Moral Stories for Kids Moral science stories are those that are read at childhood, when the soul is pure and clear, and remembered for the rest of our lives. They are also passed on to generations. It is difficult to find out origin of different moral stories, as they are found in different countries. But most of the stories are said to originate from Aesop, hence they are also known as Aesop’s tales.
  2. 2. The Oak Tree & The Reeds The Oak tree always thought that he was far stronger then the reeds. He said to himself "I stand upright in a storm. I don't bend my head in fear every time the wind blows. But these reeds are really so weak." That very night blew a storm and the mighty oak tree was uprooted. "Good God!" sighed the reeds, "our way is better. We bend but we don't break."
  3. 3. MORAL : Pride hath a fall
  4. 4. An Ant & A Grasshopper A lazy grasshopper laughed at a little ant as she was always busy gathering food. "why are you working so hard?" he asked, "come into the sunshine and listen to my merry notes." "But the ant went on her work. She said" I am lying in a store for the winter. Sunny days won't last for ever." "Winter is so far away yet, "laughed the grasshopper back. And when the winter came, the ant settled down in her snug house. She had plenty of food to last the whole winter. The grasshopper had nothing to eat so, he went to the ant and begged her for a little corn. "No", replied the ant, "you laughed at me when I worked. You yourself sang through the summer. So you had better dance the winter away."
  5. 5. MORAL : Idleness is a curse.
  6. 6. The Fox Without Tail A fox was once caught in a trap. It was only after a tough struggle that she could get free. But, to her sorrow, her beautiful tail had been cut off and left in the trap. "How ugly I shall look!" moaned the fox, " won't the other foxes laugh at me ?" Thinking hard, the fox hit upon a plan to save herself from being laughed at. She called a meeting of his friends and said, "Brothers! have you ever wondered why after all, we carry these long tails?" Let us cut them off and be free from their nuisance." But the other foxes had noticed her cut-off tail. They laughed aloud and replied, "You used to say that tails looked very fine when your own was all right. Now that you have lost yours, you want us to lose ours too."
  7. 7. MORAL : Dirty tricks seldom work.
  8. 8. The Wolf And The Goat Once a wolf saw a goat atop a hill and said, "Come down here, Miss Goat! The grass here is greener and longer.“ "Thank You," answered the goat, "the grass down there may be much better. But, if I come down you will get a good meal. So, I prefer to stay here - where you can't reach. At least I am quite safe."
  9. 9. MORAL : Let not others exploit your gentleness.
  10. 10. The Miser There was once a miser. He melted all his money into a block of gold and buried it in a pit. Every day he would dig it up and smile to see it. One night the gold-block was stolen. So, the miser was in tears. A friend of his saw him weeping and said, " You should bury a stone in the pit and look at it every day. You never spent money when you had it Was it better then a stone anyway?"
  11. 11. MORAL : It is a cause to be a miser.