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Comenius Flash Meeting

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Comenius Flash Meeting

  1. 1. Meeting MinutesComenius Project - St Pauls Bay Primary12-04-11 at 10:30:00 GMT +0100AttendeesAlexia, CARMEN, nadine, malta, Marysia, ANCA, IwonaMinutesNo Annotations.Chat Log01:04 Alexia: Hi:)01:37 nadine: hi everyone01:41 nadine: This is Ms Nadine from malta01:44 nadine: whos there?01:50 Alexia: Hello , Mrs Micaleff02:03 Alexia: We are from Romania02:04 CARMEN: we are from Romania02:21 nadine: two students are going to talk to you02:37 Alexia: Ok02:44 nadine: hello our names are jessica and marija03:01 Alexia: Our names are Alexia and Oana .03:17 CARMEN: our names are Carmen ,Alexandra and Ioana03:34 nadine: how is the weather there?03:53 Alexia: It`s warm04:02 nadine: ours is very sunny04:54 CARMEN: On Friday will have our holiday05:46 Alexia: How are you ? :)05:52 nadine: the weekend holidays?06:02 CARMEN: Will you be in Poland?06:02 nadine: we are fine thanks06:19 nadine: how are you?06:32 Alexia: We are fine , thank you :)07:21 CARMEN: How old are you?07:22 nadine: i am sorry but we arent going to poland07:23 Alexia: How you look?07:49 nadine: we are 9 and 10 years old08:10 Alexia: We have 13 and 14 years old08:25 malta: hello we are two boys. our names are jordan and ryan08:30 nadine: marija have brown eyes and i have hazel eyes09:31 CARMEN: you have email adress?09:35 nadine: are you on one computer09:36 Alexia: Our names is Alexia and Oana09:37 CARMEN: or facebook?09:52 Alexia: We have brown eyes09:53 nadine: hi carmen...from where are you?10:08 CARMEN: we are three10:23 CARMEN: from Romania10:43 CARMEN: Alexandra Carmen and Ioana10:43 Alexia: How years old you have ?Created 12 Apr 2011 Page 1
  2. 2. 10:45 malta: we are from malta11:16 nadine: who is your teacher11:19 nadine: ?11:40 Alexia: Ms Tudor Ana12:06 malta: what is the name of your school?12:09 nadine: what are your favorite hobbies12:09 nadine: ?12:16 nadine: bye12:35 CARMEN: the name of our school is Liviu Rebreanu12:43 nadine: other 2 children will talk to you12:44 Alexia: Our email address are andscumpik_onutza2000@yahoo.com12:45 CARMEN: from Mioveni town12:55 malta: our scool name is maria regina college13:24 nadine: hello13:27 Alexia: Hi13:29 CARMEN: give us your email adresses13:50 CARMEN: please14:23 malta: jordan: Alexia: popescu.alexia@yahoo.com15:12 Alexia: scumpik_onutza2000@yahoo.com15:16 Alexia: thanks15:31 malta: i am ryan and my email address is ryanfarr@maltanet.net15:41 Alexia: Thanks15:52 nadine: sorry we do not have an email16:14 Alexia: It`s ok16:46 CARMEN: our addresses email are:Alexandra:; Ioana: sweetonytzza@yahoo.com17:13 Alexia: How years old you have?17:43 nadine: our names are michela and claire17:58 malta: my name is jordan i am nine years old and ryan is 10 years old18:17 CARMEN: hi18:36 CARMEN: we are Alexandra, Ioana and Carmen18:39 Alexia: Our names are Alexia and Oana18:47 nadine: we are 919:03 CARMEN: we have 14 and 13 years old19:10 malta: bye we are going . if you want you may email us any time you want19:16 Alexia: Do you like sport?19:21 CARMEN: ok19:24 malta: two other children are coming on instead19:25 CARMEN: bye19:26 Alexia: ok19:28 Alexia: bye20:12 CARMEN: we are leaving20:23 CARMEN: others students will come20:24 Alexia: Goodbye ...two other children are coming on instead20:27 CARMEN: byw20:32 CARMEN: bye21:32 nadine: yes our favorite sport is swimming22:13 CARMEN: hello!22:28 Alexia: Hi! We are Bianca and AlexandraCreated 12 Apr 2011 Page 2
  3. 3. 22:29 malta: hello,my name is roberto22:32 Alexia: How are you ?23:01 malta: Im ok how are you?23:03 Alexia: Hi Roberto!23:08 Alexia: How are you ?23:20 malta: im ok23:27 Alexia: Im fine.23:41 CARMEN: we are Sonia, Anita and Cris23:53 malta: soon my friend is coming to chat with you23:58 CARMEN: How are you?24:12 malta: ok24:34 nadine: do you like drawing25:01 malta: how old are you?25:10 Alexia: We will go to a contest name "Made for Europe"25:18 CARMEN: Anita:1325:22 Alexia: We are 15 years old25:25 CARMEN: Sonia:1525:31 CARMEN: and Cris:1425:51 CARMEN: and you?26:00 malta: Im 9 years old26:45 Alexia: Please enter on site on 14th and 15th as visitors in order to impress the jury and to winthe contest with the site.27:06 malta: Hello My name is Rosie I am 9 Roberto is my Friend27:17 Alexia: Hi Rosie!27:18 CARMEN: What are your favourites activities?27:20 malta: How are you27:26 nadine: do you like school27:28 Alexia: Im fine you ?27:35 malta: Sometimes27:41 CARMEN: Yes, we like school27:52 malta: Do you like singing we do27:53 Alexia: We love school :D28:04 Alexia: yes we like to sing28:07 Alexia: do you like28:08 Alexia: ?28:12 malta: We sometimes love school28:40 malta: :):(:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(29:01 nadine: we like school29:47 malta: What are you like Alexia?30:17 Alexia: Which are your favorite sports?30:59 Alexia: I like singing and dancing.What do you like ?31:01 nadine: bye see you31:05 CARMEN: why the other countries are not on chat, Nadine?31:14 Alexia: Bye! See you soon!31:16 CARMEN: its me. Ana31:20 malta: We both like Skateboarding and Football31:29 malta: and i am a girl31:52 malta: hi Ana.....i dont know how come Italy and poland are not here31:56 malta: I sent the email to everyone32:05 malta: i sent them another one just now32:09 Alexia: Rosie here is Bianca,Alexandra ,Beatrice and Anca.Created 12 Apr 2011 Page 3
  4. 4. 32:14 nadine: hi we are other childrwn32:22 malta: probably they got the wrong time32:25 Alexia: Hi!32:32 Alexia: How are you?32:37 nadine: sorry33:24 nadine: our are names are neil and anthea33:44 Alexia: Who was is Lithuania ?33:56 Alexia: Who was in Lithuania?34:10 nadine: were are good and you34:26 Alexia: We are ok.34:42 Marysia: Hello34:45 CARMEN: hi34:46 Marysia: We are from Poland34:49 Alexia: Hi?34:52 Marysia: :)34:52 nadine: no we havent been to lithuania34:53 Alexia: Hi!34:59 malta: What kind Of lessons do you learn at school we learn Religon,Social Studies,Maltese,English, Maths, Science and On a Wedensday we learn italian35:01 Marysia: Hi;)35:02 CARMEN: We are from Romania35:04 nadine: hello poland35:10 Alexia: How is Samuel?35:13 Marysia: Iwona is next to me :)35:20 malta: What lessons do you learn?35:23 Marysia: Hello hello35:32 Marysia: We?35:42 Alexia: Hello Poland! How are you ?35:43 malta: Who is Iwona35:47 malta: Hi Anthea and Neil36:09 CARMEN: WE learn math, romanian language, biology, English, French36:14 ANCA: hi everyone!36:16 Iwona: hellow36:17 Marysia: iwona has been in Romania36:30 Alexia: Hi Iwona!36:37 Marysia: Hi Hi36:38 Marysia: Hi Hi36:40 Marysia: Hi36:40 Marysia: Hi36:43 ANCA: now we are Beatrice and Anca36:47 ANCA: how are you?36:50 Marysia: Good36:53 Iwona: I have been in Romania37:00 Alexia: How are you Iwona?37:01 Marysia: im find37:03 malta: Hi This is now Roise and Harrison37:11 Alexia: We are from Romania.:D37:15 malta: anyone of you has been to Malta?37:15 CARMEN: Iwona, your parteners were at the chat an hour ago...37:15 nadine: what do you learn37:26 Marysia: there is someone from italy?Created 12 Apr 2011 Page 4
  5. 5. 37:33 ANCA: Iwona, where are you from?37:33 CARMEN: no37:39 malta: We live in Malta37:52 Alexia: we are using now 3 computers, said Ana38:19 malta: We are using 1 computer said Harrison38:28 Iwona: im from Poland38:39 CARMEN: Do you have a favourite movie?38:44 malta: Now we are using 2 computers38:45 nadine: Is Ms Magda next to you Iwona?38:47 ANCA: did you like here,in Romania?38:49 Marysia: malta what the weather like?38:53 Alexia: Did you like in Romania Iwona ?38:56 Marysia: in your country39:03 Iwona: NO she isnt39:05 nadine: sunny39:26 Marysia: romania what about you?39:31 Iwona: Yes I like Alexia39:47 malta: Is it sunny where you are it is sunny almost everyday here39:56 CARMEN: Its cloudy and warm in Romania40:01 Iwona: I like Romania40:08 Alexia: This isnt Alexia , we are Boanca and Alexandra. :D40:11 malta: I likeEngland40:12 Alexia: Bianca40:15 nadine: we said it is malta40:23 ANCA: But in free time what you like doing?40:25 Iwona: OK40:34 nadine: har and ro40:41 Marysia: that is not good beceuse in our counry itts sunny but cold40:45 CARMEN: Do you have a favourite film?40:51 malta: Going on the computer and singing40:52 Marysia: ;; xXXX40:57 malta: :)40:58 Alexia: :x41:15 Marysia: :ASD41:33 nadine: what do you like? :-)41:39 Alexia: Would you like to meet again?41:40 Marysia: What are you doing now? :D?42:07 Iwona: Yes I like to meeting again42:10 malta: hello my name is riana42:13 Alexia: Who like Justin Bieber :D42:14 Alexia: ?42:16 Marysia: what o you think about our country?42:25 Marysia: omg!42:28 nadine: yes i like to meet agine42:38 Alexia: Me too :x42:40 nadine: hello malta42:44 CARMEN: We like Toy Story 3 and Titanic. You?42:46 malta: it is small and it is very hot at the moment42:50 Marysia: I hate j.b!42:58 nadine: riana42:59 Iwona: I donmt like Justin Bieber I hate himCreated 12 Apr 2011 Page 5
  6. 6. 43:01 Marysia: he is ugly43:03 ANCA: What do you do on Easter?43:17 Marysia: we so much eat43:30 CARMEN: Do you have a favourite singer?43:32 Iwona: I visit my grandma43:32 Alexia: Me too.43:44 malta: we get easter holidays very soon43:54 CARMEN: us too43:56 Marysia: for example eggs a lot of cake white sausagges44:01 nadine: who likes summer?44:02 Marysia: And Bigos :O44:03 ANCA: My favourite singer is Shakira,said Beatrice44:05 Alexia: Mindly we eat lamb.44:15 CARMEN: me44:22 Marysia: what about you?44:25 malta: good44:27 Marysia: about food44:27 Alexia: We paint red eggs.44:34 Iwona: me too44:38 malta: oh44:53 nadine: maltaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do you like summer45:05 Marysia: in malta is always summer45:08 malta: yes45:08 Marysia: :)45:11 Alexia: Who is your favorite movie ?45:33 ANCA: but on Easter do you have holiday?45:53 Marysia: i like chicago, kings speech45:59 Alexia: Malta were is Samuel?46:05 Marysia: and a lot of movie46:12 CARMEN: What about your nice little boy, said Ana.46:14 malta: do you like to play in the break46:21 Iwona: yes we have a weeks holiday46:34 CARMEN: we like kings speech, too46:44 malta: hi ana...hes ok...he turned one last week46:45 Marysia: i love this moovie46:52 ANCA: yes, of course, the break is my favourite hour46:57 ANCA: :))47:01 Marysia: :)47:10 Iwona: xD47:30 malta: so do we like the break47:31 Marysia: what do you know about poland?47:43 ANCA: what do you want to become?48:13 Alexia: What is your favorite song ,Iwona?48:23 nadine: i am anthea and ilke to be diseigner48:30 ANCA: nice48:33 Marysia: i want to be polish Justin BieberxD48:48 Marysia: ;)48:59 Alexia: I want to be from Romania JB Marysia :D49:09 malta: riana a pop star my mum says my name is riana so im a pop star . i like to sing anddance49:32 ANCA: what is your favourite place where you want go in holiday?Created 12 Apr 2011 Page 6
  7. 7. 49:33 Marysia: i hope that we be very famous alexia!49:35 Marysia: xD49:53 malta: lol50:12 Alexia: Marysia did you watch JBs movie ?50:20 nadine: i am neil and WANT to be an artist50:21 malta: no50:34 CARMEN: In your oppinion, what is the most important holiday?50:42 nadine: lol50:43 malta: rian yes50:46 Marysia: no but I will go to watch this movie at this saturday50:48 ANCA: i want to become a stewardese ,Beatrice aid50:53 ANCA: said*51:08 Alexia: I want to go , too .51:09 Marysia: what about you alexia?51:16 malta: thats nice51:19 Marysia: tahts googd!51:22 nadine: no i didn t watch jb movie51:27 Marysia: thats*51:27 ANCA: i am Anca and i want bo a policewoman like my father or an actor51:31 Iwona: who is going to go to Poland51:41 Alexia: Pleasant watch , Marysia!51:57 Marysia: of course!:)52:02 CARMEN: What jobs have your parents?52:19 Alexia: Marysia which are your favorite cartoons ?52:32 malta: thats good i would choose to be actor52:40 nadine: no we are not going poland52:48 Marysia: Teletubis. Smerfy,52:52 Iwona: who in romania52:53 Marysia: xD52:59 Iwona: ????????????/53:04 CARMEN: the girls from Romania that will go in Poland , are not here53:07 Marysia: mickey53:18 Marysia: i like phineas and ferb53:21 Iwona: ok53:23 CARMEN: me too53:25 Marysia: Scooby Doo53:25 Alexia: I like me too53:28 Alexia: :D53:29 malta: my mom is a waitress and my father is a cook53:30 ANCA: please, everybody from each country say us "hello" in your language53:53 malta: aw54:00 nadine: bongu54:05 Alexia: In Romania say "BUNA!"54:08 nadine: thats good morning in maltese54:13 Marysia: Alexia ill you visit Poland? ; X54:17 Iwona: Dzien dobry or czesc54:26 Marysia: Bunga Bunga !!54:30 malta: il leijl it tajjeb54:34 Marysia: Witam :)54:38 nadine: only 4 minutes left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!54:43 Marysia: EloCreated 12 Apr 2011 Page 7
  8. 8. 54:48 Iwona: ONLY54:56 CARMEN: How do you say pupil in ?Maltese54:57 Marysia: Polish spam...55:03 Alexia: No Marysia, we are Bianca and Alexandra and we went to Lithuania :(55:16 Marysia: no55:24 Marysia: thats not fair55:28 nadine: tifel or tifla55:34 nadine: that means boy or girl55:35 Marysia: you shouold go to poland55:35 ANCA: we wish you a happy easter and holiday55:49 Marysia: should55:52 Marysia: sorry56:00 nadine: happy easter to all56:01 malta: harrizon is gon know know jurgen is nier56:09 Alexia: We are very happy that we talk and I hope that we will talk again .:D:):X56:19 Iwona: in return happy easter56:20 Marysia: I write so slowly56:23 Marysia: ;)56:25 CARMEN: IN Romania is "elev " and "eleva"56:29 ANCA: i wish like in one day to meet everybody from all country56:31 Iwona: I know I too56:46 malta: so do i56:58 ANCA: only 2 minutes56:59 Marysia: Do you have gg skype or facebook57:01 Marysia: ???57:03 ANCA: yess57:05 Marysia: oh no!57:07 nadine: haw do you selebret easter57:08 ANCA: i have facebook57:09 CARMEN: yes57:14 malta: by Ana......hope to see you from Nadine57:15 ANCA: Beatrice Tita is my name57:16 Iwona: only 1 :4057:18 ANCA: and yours?57:36 Iwona: Iwona Kozlowska57:38 ANCA: i am anca and my skype is ionescu.anca9757:53 Alexia: Our mails are and alexandra.ioana14@yahoo.com57:57 nadine: DO YOU HAVE FACBOOK I HAVE58:05 Marysia: my is marysiak2530@wp.pl58:10 CARMEN: Magureanu Cristiana is my FACEBOOK address58:16 ANCA: bye byee58:17 malta: we are in the sunny wether58:21 Iwona: ja.iwona.ja@gmail.com58:21 ANCA: see you soon58:23 ANCA: kiss all58:24 Marysia: see you soon!58:24 Alexia: I hope that we will talk again , I will miss you!!!!!!58:24 ANCA: !!58:26 CARMEN: bye!58:27 ANCA: hugs58:28 CARMEN: hugsCreated 12 Apr 2011 Page 8
  9. 9. 58:31 Alexia: Kisss ! Huggs!58:33 ANCA: kisssssssss58:34 Marysia: nice to meet you:*58:36 Iwona: see youuu58:36 Alexia: Byee!58:37 malta: bye hope to see you next time58:38 CARMEN: me too58:39 nadine: MY NAME IS DUWAYN58:39 Marysia: :PP58:40 Alexia: See you soon!58:41 ANCA: we love youuuuu58:43 nadine: BYE BYE58:44 CARMEN: we love you58:45 Alexia: We love you !58:47 malta: from riana58:48 Marysia: bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!58:50 Iwona: ok58:53 ANCA: from romanuia58:53 CARMEN: :(58:54 Alexia: From Romaniaaa58:55 Marysia: poland Love You58:57 Marysia: !!!Vote LogNo voting occurred in the meetingURL LogNo URLs were sent in the meetingCreated 12 Apr 2011 Page 9
  10. 10. VisualisationComenius Project - St Pauls Bay Primary12-04-11 at 10:30:00 GMT +0100Created 12 Apr 2011 Page 10