The Wonderful World of Childhood


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The Wonderful World of Childhood

  1. 1. PARTNER SCHOOLSSzkola Podstawowa nr 2 im. MariiKonopnickiej w Kielcach – POLONIAScoala cu clasele I-VIII “Liviu Rebreanu”Mioveni, Arges – ROMANIASCUOLA MEDIA STATALE CON Poems by children from ROMANIA & MALTALINGUA D’INSEGNAMENTO SLOVENA“SS. CIRILLO E METODIO”, Trieste – With the support of the Lifelong Learning ProgrammeITALIA EUSirvintu meno mokykla, Širvintos, Vilniaus– LITUANIAMaria Regina College St Paul’s BayPrimary School - MALTA
  2. 2. The main objectives of the project “If you want to see the beauty of the world, first you have to find it in yourself” are:  to enhance the quality and European dimension of pupil communication,  to encourage the learning of English language, Cover and editing:  to turn public opinion to some social problems like elderly Ms Mariana Rădulescu - Romania’s team people, sick, orphan and in need children, homeless animals, lonely mothers, Ms Isabelle Debono – Malta’s Team  to employ art and creativity for the benefit of those with social problems, ISSN:  to give to our pupils the opportunity to show to other people the beauty of their personality,Printed at: S.C. UNIVERSAL COLOR S.A.  to improve their skills,  to make new friends of their age,  to share with their European friends the manners in which they can do interesting things in order to bring happiness on the faces of the sad people around us. These objectives are being aimed to be achieved through of a lot of activities. One of which included creating a brochure with short poems composed by our children having the title “The Wonderful World of Childhood”. The participating countries in this activity were Romania and Malta. The pupils from both schools (“Liviu Rebreanu” School, Mioveni Town, Arges County and Maria Regina College, St. Pauls Bay Primary) were delighted to cooperate in order to prove that they can be gifted in creating poems in Englis. Together, our pupils have composed forty poems. The coordinators teachers, Ms Ana Tudor (Romania) and Ms Isabelle Debono (Malta) Preface
  3. 3. Contents 21. The Wonders of Art by Bianca Stan 1. Toys Instead of Guns by Anca Ionescu 22. My Childhood by Kyle Azzopardi 2. Over the World by Daniel Gybaylo 23. Childhood by Leona Frances Gerada 3. My Childhood by Kaylie Sammut 24. If God Is With Us by Andrei Bratu 4. Friends Must Be More by Sonia Niţulescu 25. My Childhood Pet by Nicole Vella 5. My Childhood by Julijana Ilic 26. My Doll by Heline Borg 6. My Favourite Childhood Toy by Shakira Grace Camilleri 27. Childrens Calendar by Ana Creţu 7. Don’t Lose the Belief in God by Cătălin Zamfir 28. Childhood by Elenia Spiteri 8. My Brother’s Toy by Kimberly Grech 29. Childhood by Denilson Brincat 9. My Childhood by Oliver Brooks 30. A Child like You I Am by Oana Necula10. The Green Gold by Carmen Vlăsceanu 31. Childhood by Kyle Micallef11. I Like to Play by Shanaia Vella 32. Childhood by Paul Scerri12. My Cat by Kaia Vella 33. A House in Each Drawing by Daniel Berechet13. Joyful Seasons by Iulia Uţă 34. Childhood by Gianluca Bonanno14. When I was a Little Girl by Julia Bonarska 35. For a Good Deed by Alexandra Dicu15. My Wish by Adam Galea Naudi 36. Childhood by Shannon Alicia Mc Evoy16. Our Magic Instruments by Sara Militaru 37. Its Fun to Be a Child by Damien Attard17. My Childhood by Kyle Sciberras 38. What Kind of Friend Are You? by Elena18. When I Was Little by Nicole Fenech Alexandra Pandele19. Trees without Forest by Alexia Popescu 39. Childhood by Martina Azzopardi20. My Childhood by Kirsty Fiott 40. Childhood by Jordan Damien Sammut TOYS INSTEAD OF GUNS
  4. 4. How to cure the world’s huge pain OVER THE WORLDWhen children cry under stars and rain?How to clean the earth’s big tear All over the worldWhen kids’ hearts are ruled by fear? Us children need parents who love us and our parents too need our love and hugs.Please, don’t kidnap the children’s game When my parents go abroad on business,And keep in mind: all are the same; I miss them so very muchInstead of guns, toys let’s buy; but I know they’ll keep in touch.Tell them the truth and cease to lie. Millions of parents are hoping that their children have a happy childhoodChildren’s faces are like the sun – by giving them love and whatever they could!Bright of joy when goodness is done,By means of human facts of all, Daniel GybayloAdded through what friendship we call. Year 3 TulipsLiving for money, adults bet – MaltaSmiling for friends, kids choose a pet;Let’s fight for this amazing world,Hating wars as books are gold. MY CHILDHOODLearning to help people a bit, My childhood is filledWe give the children the hope’s hit; with bicycles and tricycles.They listen to a magic song My childhood is filledFar from on this planet it’s wrong. with classwork and homework. But most of all my childhood is filledAnca Ionescu with family and friends; -7E- with parents who love me,Romania and lovely brothers and sisters. This is my precious childhood which I’ll never forget! Kaylie Sammut Malta
  5. 5. FRIENDS MUST BE MORE MY CHILDHOODThe trees in blossom try to love, When I was youngerThe orphan kids, the flight of dove; I was cute, sillyThe old in loneness start to aid – And a bit of a fighter.For being human world is made. I always loved animals In fact I had a puppyWhy in only special cases Its name was Lucky.Someone looks in their faces, I also had three kittensTelling them a simple “sorry”, And a dog so lovelyFollowed by a warm “don’t worry!”?! They were all so cuddly! Now time passed andFor whom are really these words? I wish to stay young foreverAre for in need or those in boards? This is my biggest prayer!Careless in an armchairIt’s hard to know who can bear. By Julijana Ilic Year 3 TulipsA gentle smile the mountains move, MaltaA sincere word kindness can prove;Beauty we can discover nowBut it’s an art to know it how. MY FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD TOY The streets are full of kids in need, I have a soft toy On fields the plants lose their seed, His name is Roy A lot of care earth looks for His fur is brown But for all that friends must be more. He wears a crown I love my toy Sonia Niţulescu Whose name is Roy! -7C- Romania Shakira Grace Camilleri Year 3 Sunflowers
  6. 6. MaltaDON’T LOOSE THE BELIF IN GOD MY BROTHER’S TOYA hard breathe the planet has got, I have a motherSurrounded now by hate a lot, My mother has a boyAnd only kids’ smile can destroy He is my brotherHate’s arrows when they get a toy. My brother has a toyNow “crisis” seems to be the word – His toy is a carIt tries to plug a harmful sword; He drives it very farBut I think it’s not a reason – The car runs around the houseDon’t kill the charm of each season. It’s like a little mouseLet’s say no violence in schools, The car is smallObeying strictly all the rules; And not very tallBy means of projects let’s have fun The car is redIt’s time to dance, to sing, to run. James takes it to bedWe have to be good, even if Kimberly GrechSome people have lost the belief Year 3 SunflowersIn God, life principles or love – Malta‘Cause a grey sky is seen above.And unfortunately there are MY CHILDHOODSad, lonely souls which, by far,In vain wait for a sunny day When I was small,And wish a house, a bright ray. I liked to play with my ball I ran so fast, I would fall Cătălin Zamfir It would be my mum, I would call. -5C- Romania Oliver Brooks Year 3 Roses
  7. 7. MaltaTHE GREEN GOLD I LIKE TO PLAYFriends, let’s protect the green gold I like to play with clayLoving nature as God told; that is grey.The happiest becomes each heart I like to make shapesWhen plants are green, people are smart. that are straight with my silver grey clay.An immense tear earth will dropIf after work there is no crop; I have a cat and I play with her all the timeAdopt a tree or a flower I have a hat, which is redAnd build from smiles a nice tower. And the cat likes to sleep in my hat.The wind sings a concert for leaves, Shanaia VellaFor birds a poet sonnet gives; Year 3 RosesHappy kids their nests care MaltaGlad a colt smiles to a mare.Yellow tulips dance a folk reel,On a path runs a little veal;Nice flowerbeds like soldiers stayAnd greet the people every day. My cat The green gold our health is I have a cat with a hat. Like for a sailor the sea’s breeze; This is my pet So, dear friends, let’s protect it and her name is Pat And we’ll be happy when we meet. She likes to sit on her mat Playing with the bat Carmen Vlăsceanu And looking at the net. -6C- Romania Kaia Vella Year 3 Roses
  8. 8. Malta WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRLJOYFUL SEASONS When I was a little girl,Oh, look, how joyful seasons are! I used to playThey liked the story told by star; With dough and clay.They will always be together, I used to wear a hatTo far away they say “never”. And play with the cat On my pink mat.Proud I the old year‘Cause his daughters are still near; Julia BonarskaEarth feels their separation Year 3 RosesIt cannot fight for duration. MaltaThe spring plays the first in the show,Announced by snowdrops, you know;The summer festival is made MY WISHBy tulips and by rain it’s paid. When I was a little boy,A brown carpet autumn shows, I wanted a brother or a sister.So sad are the leaves of a rose; Now my dream came true.The white of snow brings children’s joy My mum and dad are having a babyAnd sledge is their favorite toy. And we are so happy. I wish it will be a baby boy,But two of seasons seem to be And I will look after the new baby for sure.Accepted by mountain and seaBecause menaced by heat earth is, Adam Galea NaudiIt cannot all mankind to please. Year 3 Roses MaltaIulia Uţă -7E-Romania
  9. 9. OUR MAGIC IONSTRUMENTS MY CHILDHOODA violin begins to play My childhood was tough, fun and excitingA gorgeous ballad every day; My childhood was one where there wasn’t much fightingIts lyrics depict a great past – I can remember all the happiness,Along the ages they will last. This is my childhood That I will never forget.A magic flute remembers usCulture remains when ages pass; Kyle SciberrasAnd a guitar the taste wakes up Year 3 RosesEach generation stops a gap. MaltaA mandolin in a school bandIs like a queen of a nice land; WHEN I WAS LITTLETwo crickets try to learn the songAnd ants’ hunger won’t be too long. When I was little I was a silly girlWell, an amazing concert starts – I was so happyFor music tremble all the hearts; About myself.Music knows to make us betterMore often we’ll write a letter. I loved to play With my toysWhen we are sad, when we are ill, And I loved to eatThe instruments have then a deal: Beans and toast.First they promise to make us strong, I had an animalTo stop what in this world is wrong. His name was Hinkey A funny rabbitSara Militaru Furry and cuddly. -5D-Romania Nicole Fenech Year 3 Roses.
  10. 10. MaltaTREES WITHOUT A FOREST MY CHILDHOODThe files of life are wrong sometimes, When I was six I was building with sticks and bricksCruel they are to tell in rhymes; Now I am seven, not sixWithout kids, life is so dull, I play with rocks and blocks.Without mums, fate is a tool. I like to play with dolls and balls.Sad is to live in a shelter, I like to eat pizza for my dish and not fish.Waiting in vain to be better; My favourite pets are cats not rats.Like trees without forest are I like to read and grow a seed.The lonely kids whose parents far. I like rules and tools. And every woman, just a nurse, I like apples, oranges, When she takes out from her purse Strawberries and meat to eat A little money or a sweet, I like doing a little bit of For them sun starts to shine a bit. Swimming and fishing. A broken leg or a hurt knee Kirsty Fiott Cared by mum they cannot be; Year 3 Roses And for each tear on the cheek Malta A handkerchief dad doesn’t seek. MY DOLLLater, when they grow up, hardlyChildren will remember sadly I have a Dolly,Of the first ball, just the first bike Her name is Molly.And other toys they most like. When I go shopping, I put her in the trolley With her best friend Polly.Alexia Popescu-6C- Heline BorgRomania Year 3 Sunflowers
  11. 11. MaltaTHE WONDERS OF ART MY CHILDHOODA dreaming landscape we can draw When I was little, I had a catWhere king is the lovely rainbow; I went to a shop with mum and bought a hat.So, we shall talk to the flowers – After, I thought to have a snack.They will choose for us the colours. I laid down on the mat, and then went out to play with my bat.The green leaf smiles to the raindrop, I sat down and did my mathThe mountain is bright to the top, Besides my math, I had to feed the cat.A lemon and an orange talk After feeding my cat, I went to have a bathAnd they prepare a short walk. After my bath, I went to bed.To draw means to feel life through art, Kyle AzzopardiTo show the beauty in the heart, Year 3 RosesOften with open eyes to dream, MaltaFrom colours we achieve a cream. CHILDHOODWe can cure the hurts with it,The injuries which soul hit; I was born on the 14th April, 2002That’s why more beautiful life is The time was 5:30 in the afternoon.When art succeeds wonders like this. My parents were very happy I became sister to Peter and Kelsey.More human lives rescued can be – I was a very good baby.It’s wonderful for you and me; I started growing upSo, let’s create together art I began to say words.Let’s learn poems and songs by heart. Now I am seven years old A pretty girl with grey eyesBianca Stan And light brown hair.-7C-Romania Leona Frances Gerada Year 3 Roses
  12. 12. MaltaIF GOD IS WITH US MY CHILDHOOD PETA great flute singer told once I have a puppy,“Don’t worry, if God is with us, He’s so cute and fluffy.Nobody against us will be”; By my father he was found,Let’s keep in mind, both you and me. Cold and lonely on the ground. We decided to take him home,To help many people in need So he’ll never be alone.There are a lot of groups indeed;But our project team will solve Now Nico is his name,The problems in which we’re involve. And he really loves to play. The ball I throw for him to catch,The magic word will be friendship, But he’s too young to fetch.In schools and churches we’ll worship;When faith in our souls there is I love Nico with all my heart,Then birds are angels in the trees. And I pray we never part. Nico is my lovely pet,To orphan houses we shall go Thank you God for the day we met.Then our steps God will follow;We’ll give kids toys, even books Nicole VellaAnd sweets made by us – little cooks. Year 3 Sunflowers MaltaA lot of photos we shall takePresenting actions children make;Friends, charity is very fine,It is from God a special sign.Andrei Bratu –5D-Romania
  13. 13. CHILDREN’S CALENDAR CHILDHOOD In the first month of the year I am so happy! The snowflakes are for kids dear; On a sunny day January can slope prepare like Saturday. And February soon comes there. I can play all day By the sea on the bay. Spring I announced by a bell; I can read a book and.The gentle snowdrop starts to tell And around I have a good lookThe legend hidden under bricks And sometimes I will cook.And April enjoys us with tricks. I can run around and. Oh well !By means of drawings children show That is just me!The gorgeous, colorful months’ bow;Twin sisters are June and July Elenia SpiteriWhile the hot sun reins in the sky. Year 6.3 MaltaAt last is August, by all means,It brings all the kids’ vitamins. CHILDHOODSeptember is considered coolDue to it gives the start of school. How great is to be a child! I love to hide and go inside,October with crops the barn fills, I love play around the bayNovember gets brown the hills; and swim around on Saturday.December brings us a nice show I can play in the ground,Where carols we swing through the so much love I have foundsnow. Maybe someday I will prove to you that children live fairytales.Ana Creţu-7C- Denilson BrincatRomania Year 6.3
  14. 14. MaltaI AM A CHILD LIKE YOU CHILDHOODMy friend, a child like you I am It’s great to be young;And daily I go by life’s tram; I can play all dayDespite my cheeks are always wet By the sea, on the bay.Of rude tears, on hope I bet. I can read a book, Some times I canTeach me a song, read me tales Jump around,I’ll paint a path full of snails; And have so much fun,Send me a card, teach me a game, Oh yes indeed, it’s great to be young.Make our childhood be the same. Kyle MicallefLet’s cross our hands for success, Year 6.3We play football, handball or chess; MaltaTogether we’ll learn to competeTo be fair with friends we meet. ChildhoodI’ll share an apple with youAnd I’m sure the same you’d do; Children are lucky to be young ,I’ll tell you my dreams dear friend, Having lots of fun all day,We learn to borrow and to lend. I am happy to be young and play by the bay. Laughing all day with friends to play,Pen friends we shall be for ever, Dreams all night with a cuddly bear,Our friendship will die never; Happiness everywhere I see and hear.To understand my heart you try, Oh of course there are many beings,In the same time with me you cry. Older people in this world who, Don’t have time for these things.Oana Necula-6C-Romania Paul Scerri Year 6.3
  15. 15. MaltaA HOUSE IN EACH DRAWING CHILDHOODThe same our parents don’t earn Its fun to be a childBut it’s not a reason to turn You can be freeInto an unaccomplished dream and run wildOur friendship and work in team. You clean up your roomI hadn’t yet a Barbie doll or your parents hit you hard.And never came into a mall; You make new friendsAged five, your first Walkman you got, and play in the schools yardComputer games you had a lot. Every morning you go to schoolFate brought together our ways and meet up with your friends.And sunny are all the spent days; Clean up your pencil caseIf somebody looks for a while or youll be a total mess.At our drawings, he can smile. Sometimes you will be happyIn most drawings there’s a house, sometimes you will be sad.A cat runs after a mouse, Enjoy your childhood own childhoodNext to a kennel a dog barks, its the best time in the world.Maybe it wants to walk in parks. Gianluca BonannoWell, “house” means for every kid Year 6.2A family we always need; MaltaIt is our heaven corner,For the strangers it’s a border. Daniel Berechet -7C- Romania
  16. 16. FOR A GOOD DEED CHILDHOODWith great efforts you made your name – Children love playing and singing.Fantastic is your way to fame; Having birthdays with cakes and parties.But use your name for a good deed I wonder if there are other childrenAnd nicer world will be indeed. laughing and enjoying their life. Doing crafts and making stuff.If you were a famous player Happiness and love is what its all about.Or you are a present mayor Over half of the world are suffering with no food.And if a singer once you were Obeying is hard for children like me.Try to help people anywhere. Drawing a heart for love and joy.The old fans know what you’ve done, Shannon Alicia Mc EvoyThat you remain your country’s son Year 6.2Wherever your steps will lead you, MaltaThe young your advices listen to.When gold medals you have got IT’S FUN TO BE A CHILDOr you have run when sun was hot,The flag was up, the hymn was heard, Its fun to be a child because you can play games.Peace message was sent by a bird. Its fun to be a child because you can hang out with family and friends.Now you are helping orphan kids, Its fun to be a child because you can have fun and laughter.You’re trying to find their needs, Its fun to be a child because you can have fun riding your bike.Gifts you are offering today, Its fun to be a child because you can have lots and lots of fun.Playgrounds you build every day. Its fun to be a child because you can have free time. Its fun to be a child because you can be happy all the time.Alexandra Dicu-6C- Damien AttardRomania Year 6.2 Malta
  17. 17. WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU? CHILDHOODA real friend is hard to find Theres a toy shop on a hillAnd more sayings come in my mind; that makes mum and dad angry when comes the bill.You want your friends more things to do, When children go in the shop they are full of joyTell me what kind of friend are you? When they come out they are full of sadness.Are you ready, when it’s the midnight Martina AzzopardiTo answer to a call “all right”, Year 6.2To stay near the bed and feel MaltaYour best friend’s pain when he is ill?Or can you try, for friendship’s sake, CHILDHOODThe blame upon others to take,Still to give up to your success My parents took me to the park when I was 3 years old.When your best friend’s life is a mess? There were lots of children playing games. They were playing catch.Friendship teaches us to share, In the park, the children were screaming and laughing with joy.To be grateful, polite, fair; Some children in the park were riding their bikes.It can show us we are the best They were doing races with their bikes.It gives us forces for life’s test. One of them had a bike and the colour was bright like sunflowers! The other one had a BMX and he was doing some tricks.Life is nice with friends around – Some children were playing hide and seek and the children wereGorgeous is this feeling’s sound; hiding in different places.So, mankind happier will be Many children had fun, they were happy and they were beingWhen everywhere more together all day!friends we’ll see. Jordan Damien SammutElena Alexandra Pandele Year 6.2-5D- MaltaRomania
  18. 18. TEACHERS CO-ORINATING THE LITTLE POETS TEACHERS CO-ORINATING THE LITTLE POETS ROMANIA MALTA Ms. Ana Tudor Ms. Catherine Farrugia Mr. Daniel Bartolo Ms. Claudia Voiculescu Mr. Donald Gauci Ms. Daniela Berechet Ms. Flavia Borg Ms. Daniela Bezdedeanu Ms. Isabelle Debono Mr. Iulian Rizoaica Ms. Lynette Micallef Ms. Jeana Tiţa Ms. Mary Rose Mercieca Ms. Lidia Costache Ms. Nadine Micallef Ms. Mariana Bădica Ms. Romina Spagnol Ms. Mariana Rădulescu Ms. Victoria Vella Ms. Monica Gabriela Gruia Ms. Vincienne Sciberras Ms. Sabina Fîlfănescu