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Content Marketing - Infographic & Pinterest Trends -- Insight #1 - Infographics in the age of Content Marketing: In the past two years, infographic search volume has increased more than 800%. Allrecipes’ foray into this form of content has uncovered some useful insights -- Insight #2 - The Power of Pinterest: With 80% of Allrecipes’ social engagement and social traffic coming from Pinterest, the virtual pinboard was Allrecipes’ #2 fastest growing upstream traffic source behind Google. Check out the report to learn more.

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  1. 1. Measuring CupContent Marketing Trends:Infographics and PinterestApril 2013Insight #1: Infographics in the ageof Content MarketingIn the past two years, infographic search volumehas increased more than 800%. Allrecipes’ forayinto this form of content has uncovered someuseful insights:1. Form and function have to have equalweight for an infographic to reach itshighest share potential. Allrecipes saw20x more shares by creating usefulinfographics that help home cooks withtheir daily cooking needs, rather thancute infographics that didn’t includepractical information.2. Create it once and share it multipletimes. Infographics work on Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google +,your website, your blog, in emailcommunications, on printed materials,and more. Don’t waste a good thing;leverage every opportunity to market thisuseful and visual content.3. One size does not fit all. Make yourinfographic appropriately sized for theinformation being shared. Also, if you’vecreated a useful guide, make sure it’slegible when printed on standard sizepaper, and print in colors that are easy toread.4. Infographics perform best on Pinterest.The image-centric social channel lendsitself to viewing, saving and sharing visualknowledge and data more than othersocial sites.5. Focus on quality, not quantity. Likes,shares, and repins are more valuable thanviews, so creating sharable contentshould be a top priority for all brands.1
  2. 2. Measuring Cup 2Insight #2: The Power of PinterestWith 80% of Allrecipes’ social engagement and social traffic comingfrom Pinterest, the virtual pinboard was Allrecipes’ #2 fastestgrowing upstream traffic source behind Google (February 2013).More than 70,000 followers pin roughly 110,000 recipes per weekfrom Allrecipes’ Pinterest boards.Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform, experiencingan astounding 2,700% growth, and surpassing 10 million uniquevisitors since May 2011.*Here are a couple of key learnings Allrecipes picked up from itsactivity on Pinterest:1. Pinners are most active on Saturday and Sunday. Busyfamilies are planning their meals for the week, and head toPinterest for inspiration and to collect recipes from theirboards.2. Pinners are more likely to repin images that include therecipe title in the image and the copy.3. Pinners prefer recipes that are seasonally relevant andfamily-friendly. Pinterest is where busy women seekinspiration for daily meals and ideas on making their livesricher.4. Encourage pinning of your content by making it easy forpinners. Add the Pin It button to your site, blog, andnewsletters.*Source: SocialWerks Communication (March 23, 2013)
  3. 3. Measuring CupTo view, save or share the infographics featured in this report, pleasevisit: Allrecipes.comAllrecipes, the world’s largest digital food brand, receives more than 1billion visits annually from family focused women who connect andinspire one another through photos, reviews, videos and blog posts. Sinceits launch in 1997, the Seattle-based social site has served as a dynamic,indispensable resource for cooks of all skill levels seeking trusted recipes,entertaining ideas, everyday and holiday meal solutions and practicalcooking tips. Allrecipes is a global, multiplatform brand with 18 web andmobile sites, 11 mobile apps, and 14 eBooks serving 23 countries in 12languages. Allrecipes is part of Meredith Corporation, the leading mediaand marketing company serving American women. For additionalinformation regarding Meredith, please visit Foradditional information regarding Allrecipes, please visit Meredith CorporationMeredith Corporation (NYSE:MDP; is the leadingmedia and marketing company serving American women. Meredithfeatures multiple well-known national brands—including Better Homesand Gardens, Parents, Family Circle,, Fitness, AmericanBaby and EveryDay with Rachael Ray—along with local television brandsin fast-growing markets. Meredith is the industry leader in creatingcontent in key consumer interest areas such as home, family, food,health and wellness and self-development. Meredith uses multipledistribution platforms—including print, television, digital, mobile, tablets,and video—to give consumers content they desire and to deliver themessages of its advertising and marketing partners.Please Contact:Stephanie RobinettDirector, Communications206.708.9271 (m)stephanier@allrecipes.com3