Academic Affairs Newsletter- July 2012


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The July Academic Affairs Newsletter highlights the 2012 graduation ceremony, different module community service events, student testimonials and study skills.

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Academic Affairs Newsletter- July 2012

  1. 1. 1 The Academic AdvisorIf we always do what weve July Institutional Edition 2012 always done, we will get what weve always got. Students Learning for 2012 Graduation --Adam Urbanski a Cause: Commencement services this year were sensational—they were broadcast on the Module 1: Breakfast for MS web and we had a full house of over  4000 seats. Congratulations to all of the Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing In This Issue Assistant, and Medical Billing and Coding graduates!Students Learning for aCause (pg. 1)2012 Graduation (pg. 1)First Live, CampusConnecting Activity (pg. 2)Students on the Spot (pg. 2)Online Student Success Story Module 2: Obesity and(pg. 3) Healthy LivingArizona’s First Module (pg.4)Faculty-of-the-Year (pg. 4)  Teacher TipsAlways keep a positiveattitude and surround Module 3: Child Abuseyourself with positive people. Awareness Students put together a video and skit ---Adelaide Chambers montage showing why and how to avoid  child abuse.  Module 4: Autism Awareness Students put together a scavanger hunt which led students around the campus toTips: learn about autism. Dont procrastinate Form study groups Module 5: Breast Cancerand support groups Awareness Always keep a to-do Students sold strawberries and putlist and stick with it. together a scavenger hunt. Congratulations and job well done!  
  2. 2. 2 The Academic AdvisorTests are not just forStudents:Instructors at Brooklyn renew their OSHAknowledgeCertified Nursing StudentsTest their Skills:Students master 22 separate skills in assisting patientswith daily activities of living. Students on the Spot Question: Fetal pig dissection. What are your thoughts? “I recommend this kind of learning experience because you can further your knowledge by making it real and to see it right before your eyes” -Devin Gibbs Students on the SpotFirst Live, Campus Question: What keeps you inConnecting Broadcast— school and focused onAnatomy Workshop completing the program?Ms. Deborah Bingham, Dr. Cheslik, Jessica Ortiz,Devin Gibbs, Carmen Fields, and Sheena Ash Some thoughts from:presented the first ever web-broadcast fetal pig  Makeda Georgedissection on June 20th. The concepts of  Kevin Coopertelemedicine, anatomy, pathology, and office-basedsurgery were all discussed. The Brooklyn, Jamaica,and Phoenix campuses were able to attend via web-  “To make a better life for my kids”broadcast.
  3. 3. 3 The Academic Advisor “It’s exhilarating to learn how the body not comfortable asking in the presence of youroperates—there is always something new to classmates, you can always email the instructor orlearn” request a phone call. “My fellow students who help me Adding your own perspectives or personalanswer the challenge” experiences to classroom discussions would be very helpful to your classmates. This brings the technical “It’s great to be able to read my own information being taught back to the ‘real life’ levelmedical chart and understand it” of understanding. It also brings to attention how common some of these topics are and therefore will “I feel more enabled to help people in probably be experienced by you on the job.medical need” Participation also includes working as a team with your classmates. Consider this practice for your future job. Any position will require you working with others: members of the health care community and patients. Some students have set up a FaceBook page where they help each other with homework, find jobs, or just chat. Your classmates are in a very similar life situation as you. Perhaps your family and friends cannot relate to your current lifestyle as a student at Allen School, but your classmates can. Remember, the more you put into your course, the more you will get out of it! Look for the next edition to our Study Skills series. Our next topic will be STUDY TOOLS. By Dr. Gotto Deciding to go to school later in age was not an easy In each edition of the newsletter, we will focus on decision; I chose a totally different career path. I haveone type of study skill that will increase your ability been in education for over 19 years and I still cant to succeed in class. Today’s topic is especially believe that this is what I would like to do when I important in the online classroom. grow up. Seriously, new students need to focus on their goal and stick to it. I have had to make adjustments with my schedule and try to stick with a plan to get class work done. I purchased a dry erase . board and every Sunday when new Units are posted, I write down all discussions, assignments and quizzesThe more you are involved, the more you will benefit that are due and when they are due. As the week goesfrom the day’s class. Participation involves along, I check off the work that I have completedanswering questions when the instructor asks for a and/or submitted. It helps to see exactly what deadlines need to be met first, whats crucial, andresponse and asking your own questions if you need what can be put off until a later day.clarification. Even if you are not sure of the rightanswer, please give a response. That way the I am a single mom with two adult daughters and fourinstructor knows you are paying attention and giving grandsons, but they still believe mom must put usan effort. If you ever have a question that you are first. To their surprise, they too had to understand it
  4. 4. 4 The Academic Advisorwas time for mom. I had to show them what I waspreaching over the years about continued Faculty-of-the-Year –education. I have my office and I close my door so Brooklyn CampusIm not disturbed and they had to see what it was liketo take a course online. My family has sat with meand heard my instructor’s voice; they could notbelieve the technology of actually having aninstructor present in my home. So now that everyonehas seen the importance of me focusing on educationthey respect it and more importantly respect me.Evelyn HidalgoCurrent Online MIBC 103 A&P student Arizona – MA ProgramThe Phoenix – MA program successfully finished itsfirst module with great success! The students, Rod Armandinstructors, and staff have formed a community that Mr. Armand was selected as Faculty of the year at theis centered on support, hard work, and enthusiasm for 2012 commencement services. Whether in theacademic achievement. Highlights for the month classroom or at an extracurricularinclude: activity (like the AIDS walk), his students will all tell you that he makesPig Dissection – the MA program was fortunate to it his business for them to the pig dissection from the Brooklyncampus. Not only did the class learn anatomy and “Perseverance is the key to yourskill-sets, but they witnessed how The Allen School success – NEVER GIVE UP” --Rodis able and willing to use its resources and knowledge Armandto bring the student bodies from each campustogether.Friday Feast – the MA students have begun aFriday Feast in which the students, staff, and Faculty-of-the-Year –Jamaicainstructors bring food and lively conversation to Campusshare and cultivate relationships. Josephine TeBlood drive – The Phoenix campus is excited to be a Ms. Josephine Te has been with Allen School forpart of the blood drive on July 19th. This selfless act more than 13 years and has been teaching for morewill allow our students and staff to help the than 20 years, so it was just fitting that she wascommunity in an unforgettable way. selected as Faculty of the year at the graduation ceremony of 2012.The word community keeps popping up whendiscussing this outstanding campus. Every member of Ms. Te chose teaching because it is a challenging andthe staff is working diligently towards each student’s rewarding learning experience. She strongly believessuccess. Our most recent Anatomy and Physiology that she can make a difference inlab was filled with the support staff having their students’ lives by imparting theblood pressures, respirations, and pulses checked (I knowledge and wisdom that willwonder if drawing blood will be as easy? ) make them a better person and become successful.Stay tuned…the Medical Assistant program at theArizona campus is headed for greatness! Her ultimate goal as an educator is to help students understand that learning is an ongoing process.
  5. 5. 5 The Academic Advisor“My advice for our current and future students is to working together with the instructors and Allenstay focused, be always willing to learn, and don’t School Team and also getting to be a part of theever quit. Attitude is EVERYTHING. To the educational journey with the students, helping themgraduates, employers would rather hire a C student to find their success. It is an honor and my privilegewith an A attitude than an A student with a Cattitude.” --Josephine Te to get to be a teacher with Allen and I appreciate the Instructor of the Year award.Faculty-of-the-Year –ArizonaCampusSharon AntonI have been with Allen School for a couple of yearsand have thoroughly enjoyed the growth in the onlineprogram and getting to be a part of it all. I was bornand raised in Wisconsin and made the big move to the Sunshine State five years ago and love it. I worked for 6 ½ years doing billing and processing for the Medical Assistance Program and then made the decision to go to college to become a teacher. I taught in the classroom for 14 years and then made the move to becoming a full-time online instructor. I have taughtMIBC 104 Coding 1, MIBC 105 Coding 2, MIBC107 Medical Insurance & Billing 1, MIBC 109Medical Insurance & Billing 1, and MIBC 112Certification Exam Preparation. I have myBachelor’s and Master’s in Business Education fromUW-Whitewater and I am in the final stages ofcompleting my PhD, editing my dissertation with agoal of achieving my Doctorate within the next year.I enjoy almost everything outside, a big motivator formoving to the Sunshine State. I have 3 kids and 2grandkids and enjoy them a lot. I really enjoy
  6. 6. 6 The Academic Advisor Upcoming Events Upcoming Stories Bodies Exhibit – Jamaica Campus So you like healthcare… So you like helping people… So you’re an MA, MIBC, or NA student… Students Learning for a Our news letter is looking for a few good Cause—Brooklyn authors. Campus Have an idea for a story? Want to discuss a current issue? Send your story to one of the contacts below: Module 1: Lymphoma Ms. Bingham (Brooklyn) Module 2: Breast Cancer Module 3: Autism Mr. Callman (Jamaica) Module 4: Child Abuse Dr. Gotto (Online) Module 5: Obesity and Healthy Living Dr. Libby Hunt (Arizona) Next Campus Connecting Activity— Physical Diagnosis Workshop! Allen School Institutional EDUCATE Online Student FYI Core Values Center Goes Live— E ducation, Quality, & Integrity July 30, 2012! D edication U nderstanding of Others C ommunication & Consistency A dvisement & Achievement T eamwork & Technology E xcellence T eamwork & Technology E xcellence