Career Connection January-February 2013


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Our January-February Career Connection highlights graduates, Allen School testimonials, community service, and student of the month.

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Career Connection January-February 2013

  1. 1. Allen School Career Connection Education that Works January/ February 2014 Allen School Career Services On January 25th, the Allen School congratulated a whole new class of medical professionals who completed the Medical Insurance Billing and Coding program, and are embarking on their new careers! These students have formed wonderful bonds and friendships within their classrooms and with their instructors, but are very excited for their personal achieve- ments and accomplishments! We are very excited for each of them! A few of our graduates had some words of wisdom to share for the incoming Allen School Students! The Allen school has been a great experience. Personally, I have learned so IN THIS ISSUE much information to make me the best Coder and Biller that I could be. Professionally I have not had any answers yet from jobs I applied to but I know good things come to those who wait. I would not put it pass me that I will receive an an- swer back soon. My experience in the online classroom was very different but exciting. I tookCongrats graduates! 1 online classes before in college but it was mostly for assignments with no teacher that was teach- ing. This was a great experience for me. I have met so many new people from many diverse back- grounds and that includes students and instructors. I am glad to have met some of them. The stu- Student of the dents in my class I was with from day one and we helped each other through our struggles. All I 1 Module can say is do not think your coming into something easy. Its pretty tough but with concentration, practice and time management you will be fine. It’s an awesome experience and you learn all you can for the whole time your here. All of the professors were helpful and they are available inside Wear Red Day 2 and outside of the classroom. Good luck new comers you can do it!Allen School means When I first started the Allen School I was nervous at what to expect, but I 2 do not regret anything as it is a wonderful school. I have met so many good to me... people here and now I know what to look forward to as a professional. My classmates are my fami- ly. I have the most wonderful professors and classmates a girl could ever ask for. The compassionStudent of 1st Mod! 2 and knowledge we have to help one another and to build our confidence up when we our down al- ways was helpful. We have had our sad paths along the way like losing family members, and our happy moments like getting an A on a quiz or just getting a phone call from our classmates and talking until 1am in the morning. I share this with anyone who is starting The Allen school.You will not regret anything related to what knowledge you come out with or the friendships you obtain during your time here. I am blessed to know now that while I was in school I made an impact on someone’s life. Now, I have experiences and memories to remind me of how I got to where I am now and where I am going in my future! Thank you Allen School. Happy President’s Day Catherine was nominated by her instructor, Karen Staley. Karen’s nomination: “Catherine is an exceptional student. Her participation, combined with her harmless humor is contagious! She brings to the table a strong sense of awareness of the subject matter; displaying her ability to retain information which will assist her in applying this gained knowledge in the work place. Catherines overall character makes her enjoyable to have as a student, easy to get along with, and proves that she is definitely a team player. The qualities that Catherine exudes make me proud to have taken part in her journey to success! She is the epitome of an exceptional student Congratulations and one that Allen School should be proud to represent in her future employment endeavors!” to Catherine Prince! What did Catherine have to say about this accomplishment? I want to thank you so very much for such a nice recognition as winning Student of the Mod. I am so pleased. The challenges that Allen School has provided to me through their classes since beginning this course of Medical Coding and Billing has been, in a word, exciting. I try to meet the trials that each course subject brings with as much enthusi- asm and optimism as possible, and I can only say that my achievements would never have been possible without the wonderful, thorough and professional instructors that I have been privileged to learn from. Each and every one has contributed something of great value to my experience and I can only hope to take those lessons with me into what I hope will be an exciting career in my near future. Thank you and thanks so much to Professor Staley who recom- mended this nomination for me.
  2. 2. 1 out 3 women die of heart disease. Heart disease kills more people each year than all other causes of death com- bined. Heart disease is the single most preventa- Jamaica Campus stu- ble form of death. dents supporting Just 3-5 hours of aero- “National Wear Red bic activity each week Day” for heart disease! will significantly de- crease your chances of getting heart disease. What d oes the Allen ScThe Allen School means to me… to some who sta of our M rted sch hool me IBC stud ents an ool in awesome new start for me and my family! - Jill Chenoweth nuary?...a great school that Im grateful to be a student at. Its exciting and unique, and Im happy to be learning from Medical Professionals! - Malikah Word...a wonderful established organization I am happy to be affiliated with, who also has a very accommo- dating staff that is focused on my success at the Allen School.—Tricia Danie…a chance at a future. It means I finally have control over how I want to live my life. I will get a great educa- tion and be able to work my dream job. - Lisa Florentino "I have enjoyed my learning experience here Congrats to at the Allen school. I have thoroughly enjoyed Alexander my anatomy class more then I thought I would because of my teacher. I am very excit- Montalvo!! ed to further my education and continue learning from the teachers here at Allen school."