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CastMinder Presentation

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. CastMinder - Embedded Smart Sensors and Companion Software to Detect the Onset of Conditions Associated with Cast and Splint Complications and to Promote Patient Healing in Orthopedic Casts and Splints By: Alexander Wulff
  2. 2. Introduction Common orthopedic casts and splints, such as waterproof casts and the conventional plaster or fiberglass variety, have been widely adopted for use in the healing of bone fractures. While these casts and splints are proven to be quite effective in immobilizing and protecting the injured area, they are prone to complications such as compartment syndrome, infections, pressure sores, or the decay of flesh inside of the cast. A “smart” cast or splint with the ability to detect and notify the wearer, as well as physician, of the onset of such issues would mitigate many of the complications that arise from wearing orthopedic casts and splints. Moreover, conventional casts and splints have no active ability to repair broken or fractured bone or lessen patient pain; thus, the integration of bone-growth stimulating and pain-lessoning devices inside of the cast or splint would be highly beneficial to the wearer. Prior research done elsewhere incorporated pressure sensors into orthopedic casts. However, none have combined such sensors with “active” bone growth stimulation abilities, and a larger spectrum of sensing capabilities, such as temperature and moisture. Furthermore, no previous work has integrated companion mobile software, algorithms to predict the onset of complications, or visual and haptic feedback to alert clinicians or the wearer to pending complications.
  3. 3. Research Question Can I design and fabricate a reasonably-priced orthopedic cast and splint monitoring system that can reduce the risk of complications and promote active bone healing and pain management, with the ability to alert patients and physicians to changes in the status of the cast in real time?
  4. 4. Further Technical Information Further information about CastMinder is detailed on my poster: Please visit this link to view testing data, photos, project evolution, and more.