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Save 15 Minutes or More on WordPress


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WordPress powers an incredible amount of websites and we are constantly creating more and more every day. But is there a way to install, administrate and even delete WordPress faster? There is: the command line and WP-CLI. Presentation by Alex A. Centeno.

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Save 15 Minutes or More on WordPress

  1. 1. – A L B E R T E I N S T E I N “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”
  2. 2. H O W I S T H I S I M P O R TA N T ? • Become Faster. You can do everything faster. • Become More Valuable. You will become more valuable to your employer. • Become Fearless. You don’t have to be fearful any longer because you’ll know how it works.
  3. 3. T O D AY • If I could share with you something in a few minutes that can save you hours, would that be valuable to you?
  4. 4. A L E X C E N T E N O • Husband, father and son • Director of Digital @ AndiSites. • 15+ years of experience building websites. • Pollen Allergies in the Spring
  5. 5. O U R A G E N D A • Get familiar with the command line • Introduction to WP-CLI • Examples
  6. 6. W H AT I S B A S H ? • According to Wikipedia: • “Bash is a Unix shell and command language written by Brian Fox…” • “Bash is a command processor that typically runs in a text window, where the user types commands that cause actions“.
  7. 7. C O M M A N D L I N E W I T H B A S H • It is the default login shell for most Linux distributions and Mac OS X. • Windows 10 users can install Bash directly now • iTerm2
  8. 8. $ ls -F wp-content/themes Name of the command flags arguments
  9. 9. S O M E O F T H E M O S T C O M M O N C O M M A N D S : • Ls • Cd • Cp • Clear • Pwd • Touch • Tar • Zip • Rm • Chmod • Mv • Chown • SSH • Open • Subl • MySql • Curl • Top
  10. 10. D E M O T I M E - B I L L # 1
  11. 11. $ wp plugin install <slug> —version Prefix for WP-CLI Name of the command arguments Subcommand options
  12. 12. W P C L I - M O S T C O M M O N TA S K S • Install WordPress • Install and Activate Plugins • Create Users / Administrate roles • Reset password for a particular user • Export and Import a Database • Search and Replace on a Database • Create forms with GF-CLI • Export form entries • Create posts / pages
  13. 13. I N S TA L L W O R D P R E S S • $ wp core download • $ wp core config • $ wp core install —prompt Back
  14. 14. I N S TA L L A N D A C T I VAT E P L U G I N S • wp plugin uninstall akistmet hello • wp plugin install /Users/alexcenteno/Desktop/pr/ • wp plugin install /Users/alexcenteno/Desktop/pr/ • wp plugin install advanced-custom-fields wordpress-seo google-analytics-for-wordpress • wp plugin activate —all Back
  15. 15. E X P O R T A N D I M P O R T A D ATA B A S E • wp db export <name> • wp db drop (don’t use this unless you are ready) • wp db import <name> Back
  16. 16. S E A R C H A N D R E P L A C E D B • wp search-replace "http://testx1.alx" "https:// testx1.alx" —dry-run Back
  17. 17. U S E R C R E AT I O N • wp user generate —count=2 • wp user create —prompt • wp user list • wp user set-role <user-id> administrator Back
  18. 18. U S E R U P D AT I N G - PA S S W O R D • wp user update <user_id> —user_pass=“difficult” Back
  19. 19. I N S TA L L G R AV I T Y F O R M S • wp plugin install ~/Desktop/pr/ Back
  20. 20. W P C L I - O T H E R U S E S • Create forms with Gravity Forms • Export form entries • Search the database • Add capabilities to a particular role • List capabilities of a particular role • Generate dummy posts to work with
  21. 21. Q U E S T I O N S ? alex_centeno