TTW FTW: Plone as the new wordpress


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Plone through-the-web development is now powerful and allows complex sites to be created by learning a few simple rules. This could make Plone the most popular CMS on the planet.

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  • Plone is easy to use but not to develop Plone is needs integrator companies
  • Didn't like it at first
  • TTW FTW: Plone as the new wordpress

    1. 1. TTW FTW!as the new WordPressDylan Jay (@djay75)
    2. 2. Making Plone popular
    3. 3. Why Listen to me?2000 Built internal ecom site at Lucent/Avaya2004 Startup: Zope + collaborative filtering2004 PretaWeb – Plone consultancy2009 PretaWeb – focus on GovernmentI build sitesI train people to build sitesIm not a core developer
    4. 4. Plone marketshare remains static
    5. 5. While CMS takes over web (esp WP)
    6. 6. Plone grows via company sales which is slow
    7. 7. Cockroach principle of open source1)You Want a blog2)Someone recommends WP3)You build it and like it4)At work they ask you “How shall we build our intranet?”5)You say WP6)You stick to it and hope WP becomes better7)WP gets better (it now has content types!)
    8. 8. We need a Plone “starter Drug”Developers are Lazy tooPHP is addictively easy to deploy
    9. 9. “But we dont want lots of newbies!”Popular Plone = more developers + more word of mouth = profit“Big Funnel” principle1 in 500 is a Rok or Martin
    10. 10. My Plan 4 years agoEasy deployment – collective.hostout – no big green button yetClear choices via docs – collective.developerdocs – Thanks Mikko!Quick site conversions – collective.funnelweb – helps companies These werent the answer
    11. 11. Who will save Plone then?
    12. 12. DiazoIs Plone CrackThank you Paul Everitt, Lawrence Rowe, Martin AspeliAnd ploud.coms (← note plural!!)
    13. 13. Backend Developer (plugins) Skills - ZPT - jbot - BrowserViews - ZCML - setuptools/buildout - python...
    14. 14. Frontend Developer (Themer) Skills - HTML/CSS/jQuery - ZPT - jbot - BrowserViews - ZCML - setuptools/buildout - python...
    15. 15. Integrator - ZPT - jbot - BrowserViews - ZCML - setuptools/buildout - python...
    16. 16. Content Editor Plone
    17. 17. Separation of concerns (Diazo) T-200ms T-1dayT-5min T-6months (generic plugins + core)
    18. 18. Frontend Developer (Themer) Skills - HTML/CSS/jQuery - DiazoIntegrator.... gone!
    19. 19. Can we really build complex pages without adding more skills?
    20. 20. 30/10/12
    21. 21. Did they have fun?“When I understood the inherent Plone templating I had a sense that we would be able to create a site design that met our needs. When I came to understand the capabilities that Diazo added however, I was over the moon. VICSES had low maturity in the web space, but a strong desire to make up for lost time. This guaranteed that the design we eventually implemented would be complex and subject to quirky requirements, but more than that it meant that the design would have to accommodate changing needs even after production deployment. How to meet those needs without a team of developers and sophisticated dev/prod cycle? Diazo, thats how. ... Theres no real limitation to what we can achieve with Diazo, except for our own imaginations. … This combination of power, responsiveness and flexibility is something that Ive not had in my previous fifteen years of enterprise web development.”Adam Dennis – SES Team lead
    22. 22. Background images
    23. 23. Themer gave (limited) control back to editor
    24. 24. collective.portlets.sitemap
    25. 25. Html-as-apiGet all content on one page- contentwellportlets- portletpage- collective.listingviews- collective.portlet.sitemap- hexagonit.portletstyle- PloneFormGenDiazo it
    26. 26. Arent your rules complex?YesBut I can teach enough to recreate them in one day100% deployment freeNo packages, no python, no confusing choices
    27. 27. Can you think what else to move TTW?Whats in your overrides?
    28. 28. What do we still need?Change wording – TTW locales?Search forms – eea.facetednavigation?Content editor controlled layout – Deco?Change existing fields required/description TTW?Less need for XSLT in diazo – diazo loops?TTW Tile creator?Git for TTW Theme?Snapshot registry in theme zip?Json/AJAX?
    29. 29. The FutureYouve never heard of PloneA friend says Plone is the fastest way to make a blogYou create site on any ploud/SaaS Plone (theres lots)Learn TTW diazoBecome an addictJoin 2000 others @ PloneConf 2014In Sydney! (ok I joke but the rest Im serious about)
    30. 30. Thank you to Sine my wife, who became Australian @djay75 Dylan Jay