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Best Food Cities in America


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Alex Atkind highlights the best culinary options in America's most popular cities. As a country that has been described best as a melting pot, there are a number of options and diverse cultures infused into the food nationwide. Join Alex Atkind on this journey from New York to New Orleans, where he shares what to try and where to try it, just in time for your next vacation.

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Best Food Cities in America

  1. 1. FOODCities in America best ALEX ATKIND
  2. 2. New York Specialties: Restaurants: Bagels, New York Style Pizza, Cheesecake, Hot Dogs Russ & Daughters - Bagels Di Farra - Pizza Magnolia Bakery - Cheesecake Nathan's - Hot Dogs
  3. 3. Philadelphia Specialties: Restaurants: Cheesesteak, Pretzels, Water Ice, Gelato Ishkabibbles - Cheesesteak Philly Pretzel Factory - Pretzels Fred's - Water Ice Capogiro - Gelato Photo: Phil Denton
  4. 4. Chicago Specialties: Restaurants: Italian Beef, Chicago Style Pizza, Chicago Dogs, Popcorn Al's- Italian Beef Giordano's - Pizza Franks N' Dawgs - Hot Dogs Garrett - Popcorn Photo: Arnold Inuyaki
  5. 5. New Orleans Specialties: Restaurants: Gumbo, Beignets, Po-Boys, Red Beans & Rice Dooky Chase - Gumbo Cafe Du Monde - Beignets Johnny's - Po - Boys Red Beans & Rice - Mother's Photo: jons2/Flickr
  6. 6. St. Louis Specialties: Restaurants: Ribs, Gooey Butter Cake, Toasted Ravioli , St. Paul Sandwich Andre's - Ribs Missouri Bakery Company - Gooey Butter Cake Kemoll's - Toasted Ravioli Delmar Chop Suey - St. Paul Sandwich Photo: Kimberly Vardeman
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