Top chef contest 2012 (v2)


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2012 3rd Top Chef Contest & Art De Table Show at Jeddah Center for Forums & Events – Jeddah - KSA

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Top chef contest 2012 (v2)

  1. 1. Presented By
  2. 2. 2010 & 2011 Esteemed Sponsors
  3. 3. Event Top Chef Contest & Art De Table Show 2012Project by Saudi Arabian Chef AssociationPeriod May 20th – 23rd of May 2012Parallel Event For Food & Hotel Hospitality Expo 2012Main Target Females, Traders, FMCG Professionals, End ConsumersVenue Jeddah Center for Forums & Events – Jeddah – KSAEvent Duration 4 daysJury 5 international Chefs from World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) World Association of Chef Societies
  4. 4.  Event Profile Expo Visitor Promotion & Publicity Campaign Expo Categories Top Chef Competition Categories Main Sponsor & Category Sponsors Benefits
  5. 5. Two exciting visitor features of the food & hotel Arabia shows are the prominent Top ChefArabia contest and the Art de Table competition.•Top Chef ArabiaFirst staged during the 2002 edition, it now attracts so much interest that the contest is quicklyoversubscribed with chefs eager to display their culinary skills for this coveted award whilstachieving press and public exposure for their hotel or restaurant.In addition to the competitive sessions, each evening also includes themed cookingdemonstrations that make this a unique gastronomic experience for visitors.•Art de TableIntroduced in 2008, this competition delighted visitors with hotels and restaurants competing forthe award of best table display.SponsorshipBoth events enjoy popular support and are ideal sponsorship opportunities; Top Chef Arabia ishoused in an especially constructed auditorium and Art de Table in a dedicated display area. TheTop Chef competition, with its ancillary cooking demonstrations by leading chefs, offerstremendous promotional potential with its audience participation, prize contests, CCTV linkthroughout the venue and full media leads.
  6. 6. Expo Visitor Promotion & Publicity Campaign An extensive promotion and publicity campaign will be undertaken throughout Saudi Arabia and the neighboring Gulf States. This will ensure the maximum number of high profile visitors. The campaign will incorporate: • Direct fax, mail, SMS and e-mail campaigns targeted at leading buyers, businessmen and professionals. • Advertisements & supplements in supporting newspapers, specialist journals and on the Internet. • Targeted invitations to manufacturers, chefs, consultants, specifies, food & beverage managers, catering managers, • traders, distributors, contractors and business entrepreneurs. • Posters, banners, outdoor billboards and electronic.
  7. 7.  Additives Bakery Products Condiments Confectionery Dairy Products Dried Food Delicatessen & Fine Food Diabetic Food Fast & Snack Food Fats & Oils Flavorings Flour, Grains, Rice and Pasta Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Frozen Food Health/ Dietary Food Herbs & Spices Meat, Poultry & Fish Mineral & Carbonated Water Mineral Supplements Preserves & Honey Pulses Soft Drinks & Fruit Juices Sugar & Syrups Tea & Coffee
  8. 8. A. Daily Live Cooking B. Daily Table Set-up Competition C. Carving Competition D. Barista Competition E. Salon Culinaire Show Piece Competition F. Chocolate Presentation G. Novelty Cake H. Arabic Sweets Presentation I. Salon Culinaire Cold ExhibitionTop Chef COMPETITION CATEGORIES
  9. 9. A: Daily live cooking events Four Course Dinner prepared within 3 hours Day 01: Asian concept Day 02: Pasta concept Day 03: Indian concept Day 04: Arabic concept
  10. 10. B: Daily Table Set-Up Competition Daily different themes & concepts show
  11. 11. C: Carving Competition Ice & Vegetable Carvings
  12. 12. D: Best Barista Men in KSA
  13. 13. E: Salon Culinaire Show Pieces CATEGORIES: i. Show Pieces (Butter, Chocolate, Sugar, Cheese & Bread). ii. Traditional Arabic Dishes (3 Plates). iii. Amuse Guelle: (5 Types assorted by 8 pieces per type on a tray).
  14. 14. i. Salon Culinaire Show PiecesButter, Chocolate, Sugar, Cheese & Bread
  15. 15. ii. Arabic Salon Culinaire Show Pieces Traditional Arabic Dishes (3 plates)
  16. 16. iii. Salon Culinaire Show Pieces5 Types assorted by 8 pieces per type on a tray
  17. 17. F: Chocolate Presentation Best Special events chocolate presented• Wedding• Eid• Birthdays• Childrens day• Parties
  18. 18. G: Novelty Cake Show
  19. 19. H: Arabic Sweet Presentation Best Arabic Sweets for the special Occasions
  20. 20. I: Salon Culinaire Cold Exhibition• 3 Plated Desserts (a la carte plated, dessert)• 3 Plated Starter Dishes• Restoration Tray for 2 Pax with 1 Show Plate
  21. 21. Exhibition Floor Plan/Top Chef Contest Location Top Chef Location
  22. 22. CNBCLBC Asharq Alawsat Al Arabiya News Saudi TV
  23. 23. MBC Saudi news Ouooun Jeddah
  24. 24. Sponsors Benefits/ROI  Regular size   Double size or QuantityTop Chef Contest Sponsors & Category Sponsor Benefits Top Chef Top Chef Main Sponsor Category SponsorLogo on 2 Roll Ups at Venue main entrance 30 x 30 cm 15 x 15 cmLogo on the 100,000 (A5) Flyers 6 x 4 cm 3 x 2 cmLogo on 2 Pop Ups (1 at Expo entrance + 1 inside Top Chef contest hall) 40 x40 cm 20 x 20 cmLogo on one sleeve of all Jury members (7x5cm) total of 5 judges  Logo on the Jerseys back of all Jury members( 5 judges) 15 x 10 cmLogo on 500 Certificates  Logo on backdrops during all PR news pictures and TV interviews  Top Chef Sponsor product placement + 9 m open space stand Special (3x3m) Product Placement & booth promotional table30’ radio (Vocal) spot on the PA system within the Top Chef hall Every 30 minutes Every hourBranding the tables front side of particular sponsored category (96 x 86 cm)  (10 tables)  (5 tables) 2 above Top Chef 1 over CategorySponsor private double sided full branded danglers (2x 1m) hall cornerMoving Logo (Gobo light) on the wall of the expo  Product using during contest (Free product materials from client side)  Live cooking demonstration for client brand in front of end consumers  
  25. 25. Top Chef Main Sponsors logo on Jurys Jerseys
  26. 26. Category Sponsors Logo on Jurys Sleeves
  27. 27. Main Sponsor LogoCategory Sponsor Logo
  28. 28. Sponsors Products Demonstration
  29. 29. Sponsors Products Demonstration
  30. 30. Sponsors Product Demonstration
  31. 31. Sponsors Product Display
  32. 32. Sponsors Cocking Tables Branding
  33. 33. Live Cooking on Giant Screens for attendees
  34. 34. Sponsors Danglers & Media PR Corner
  35. 35. Top Chef Sponsors Stand
  36. 36. Sponsors Branding At Expo Main Lobby
  37. 37. Sponsors Gobo Logo on the wall of Main Entrance
  38. 38. Sample of 2011 flyer for public (100,000 copy)Sample of 2011 flyer inviting chefs (5,000 copy)
  39. 39. Flyers Layout (A5)Sample of TopChef 2010 flyer
  40. 40. KSA KSA Dubai Adnan Merhabi Georges Yazbeck Mario 00966 540 904 906 00966 558282853 00971 503 777 589 Rami Nicolas 00966 55 899 9070 Best Culinary Regards For more info feel free to contact us