Japanese Acupuncture For Infertility, Menstrual Pain, And Menopausal Conditions


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Alan Jansson is a teacher and practitioner of Japanese acupuncture with 30+ years of clinical experience. He strongly encourages you to try gentle yet highly-effective acupuncture treatments, if you suffer from infertility, menstrual pain, or menopausal conditions.

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Japanese Acupuncture For Infertility, Menstrual Pain, And Menopausal Conditions

  1. 1. JAPANESEACUPUNCTUREfor infertility, menstrual pain, and menopausal conditions
  2. 2. Hi, this is Alan Jansson Practitioner and teacher oftraditional Japanese acupuncturewith 30+ years clinical experience
  3. 3. Infertility in women is very common in the 21st century. However, I can assure you that the judicious use of Japanese acupuncture can hugely improve your chances of getting pregnant.
  4. 4. The health of ovaries and uterus as well as hot flashes, insomnia,and other menopausal conditions can be balanced and improved.
  5. 5. As a male, it is not an issue that I can relate to as closely as a woman. But having treated hundreds of women in thesesituations, I have developed many insights and a deep understanding of the destructive effects of these conditions on the psyche of the individual.
  6. 6. Japaneseacupuncture works!I will do my absolute best to help you get pregnant, resolve your menstrualpain, or relieve the distress of your menopausal conditions.
  7. 7. Alan JanssonInternationally recognized teacherand practitioner of traditionalJapanese acupuncture30+ years clinical practiceAustralian representative JapaneseMeridian Therapy AssociationFellow Australian Acupuncture andChinese Medicine Association
  8. 8. For more informationhttp://acupuncture-goldcoast.comAustralian Center for Natural Medicine 2184 Gold Coast Hwy Miami, Queensland 4220 Ph: 07 5575 5300