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Facebook security


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Facebook security

  1. 1. Every time you create a social web account there is a risk of beinghacked, after all your account consists only of two words, a username and apassword. Anyone who knows this can enter your account and that`s whysocial webs have developed a better security system so that users can recovertheir account if it was hacked or forgotten.
  2. 2. Mainly, social webs just try to remeber you not to give your password to anyone.Because giving your account information to someone else you trust doesn`t mean he won`ttell it to anyone or that he won`t log in to make changes. Unfortunatelly nowadays there are different ways to enter someone else`saccount. People have developed programs or different kinds of traps and jokes so that youend giving your information thinking it is for another reason.
  3. 3. It`s not as easy as most people think to find a program which gives yousomeone else`s password, but they do exist. One of the most common ways to steal someone else`s information is bycheating. On internet there are millions of traps and jokes, they make you believeyou won something and ask for your information so that you can claim your reward. Also another way is just convincing people using any means. You can besmart enough to ignore these people, but you never know how they will try to getyou, it may be difficult not to see where they come from in some situations.
  4. 4. Social Webs are prepared to these kinds of cases. They offer security for youraccount and also ways to get your password back if it was stolen or forgotten. Every day web`s security is increasing, we may be pleased that social webs suchas facebook or twitter are working for us. But unfortunately, there is nothing else they cando, it depends on you to take advantage from these tools the webs can offer, but only if wekeep our details for ourselves. We have ways to protect our accounts, they are provided by the social websto help you being safe. So it is our responsability as there is nothing else they can do. There are hackers everywhere, they will exist as long as webs do. Take care ofwhat is yours.