SharePoint Server 2013 - Digital Asset Management System


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Using SharePoint server 2013 as Digital Management System

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  • Digital Asset Management
  • A digital asset is an image, audio, or video file, or other reusable rich content fragment that an organization uses in applications across the enterprise. The asset library in SharePoint Server 2013 enables users to easily create, discover, and reuse existing digital assets within the organization.In SharePoint Server 2013 you use an asset library to store and share digital assets with users. The asset library is a SharePoint Server 2013 library template that is customized to use content types designed specifically for storing and cataloging rich media assets.
  • Depending on the scenario, there can be crossover between these users
  • Corporate brand library: The asset library stores branded corporate assets such as logos, artwork, and other digital assets, and workflows and policies help manage the content. Divisional Portal: The asset library is a repository for images and rich media files for a single portal site. In this scenario, any contributor or designer can upload logos and images to the library for other people to view and use.Team Site: Similar to a divisional portal but smaller. The asset library is a repository for images and rich media for a single team site. In this scenario, any team member can upload assets to the library for other team members to view and use.Corporate archive: The asset library stores pictures, video, documents, and other assets that have historical value to the organization.Divisional media sharing site: The asset library stores audio and video files. In this scenario, anyone can contribute to the library, and there is minimal or no management of items in the library.
  • SharePoint’s Media Web Part, on the other hand, does have specific file formats it supports.  For HTML5, it supports:asf, avi, mpg, mp3, mp4, ogg, ogv, webm, wma, wmvThe classic Silverlight Media Web Part supports:asf, mp3, mp4, wma, wmv
  • We think that videos are an incredibly important part of the future of enterprise knowledge management and discovery. We’ve done a lot of work to make videos first-class citizens. You can see that each video has its own results page; we can see the video, all its data (like the number of views) and related items. I can download it, or I can embed it. I get access to everything I need to fully utilize the video in any way that makes sense.
  • Video features and video renditionsImage and image renditionsAudioEmbedded video and audio player to insert YouTube video
  • SharePoint Server 2013 - Digital Asset Management System

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