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2018 Niche SEO Case Study Collection


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A New Year is now upon us, so that means it’s the launch of another Niche Industry Report.

As marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners in the modern era – one of the the things that undoubtedly help us to grow (both as people and as business pros) is seeing that other people are having success online.

Marketers request your customized keyword research and ranking report!

It’s time again to get your game face on with this year’s list of top niche markets and industries that need SEO the most.

Our 2018 lineup of niche SEO case studies includes 3 specific focus areas:

Keyword Research for Local SEO
Keyword for Startup Business Ideas
Keyword Research for Ecommerce Niches
Once you dive into this treasure trove of online business building, feel free to discuss these niche case studies and I’ll throw in this Bonus Case Study (scroll below) AND a Special Limited-Time Offer from my friends here at Unfunnel.

So kick back… be prosperous in 2018, and get those marbles out of your mouth so your prospective clients can hear you better!

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2018 Niche SEO Case Study Collection

  1. 1. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Market Niche Screencast Video Report Accounting Outsourcing in China Screencast Assisted Living in Albuquerque Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Auto Accident Chiropractor Dallas Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Auto Body Repair in SLC Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Auto Body Shop Hollywood FL Screencast Auto Body Shop in Ogden Screencast Auto Body Shops in Pasadena Screencast Auto Detailing in Tampa Screencast Auto Insurance in Spanish Fork Screencast Auto Insurance in Utah Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
  2. 2. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Auto Repair in Salt Lake City Screencast Youtube Boarding Schools San Antonio Screencast Boat Storage in Corpus Christi Screencast Bookkeepers in Atlanta Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Business Brokers in Dallas Screencast Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas Screencast Youtube Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Catering Companies in Lehi Screencast Chiropractors in American Fork Screencast Youtube Computer Repair in Orange Co. Screencast Youtube Dance Schools in West Chester Screencast
  3. 3. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Day Spas in San Francisco Screencast Youtube Dealership Honda Myrtle Beach Screencast Youtube Dealership Hyundai in Jackson Screencast Dealership in South Carolina Screencast Dealership Nissan in Indianapolis Screencast Dealership Volkswagen Myrtle Beach Screencast Dentists in El Paso Screencast Dentists in Los Angeles Screencast Youtube Dentists in Moreno Valley CA Screencast CaseStudy Dentists in Murray Utah Screencast Dentists in Orem UT Screencast
  4. 4. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Dentists in Payson, UT Screencast Dermatologists in San Francisco Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Digital Marketing in PA Screencast Divorce Attorney in Andover MA Screencast Divorce Lawyers in Lincoln Screencast Youtube Dog Training in Indianapolis Screencast Drug Rehab Centers in Florida Screencast Youtube CaseStudy DUI Attorneys in Fairfax Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Elder Care Law in Hanover MA Screencast Event Planners in NYC Screencast Fencing Companies in Seattle Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
  5. 5. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Flooring Installation in LA CaseStudy Foundation Repair in Little Rock Screencast Furnished Apartments Cincinnati Screencast Youtube Garage Door Repair in Plano Screencast Youtube Hair Transplant in San Jose Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Hair Transplant in LA Screencast Heater Repair in NJ Screencast Heating and AC in Philadelphia Screencast Heating and Cooling in SLC Screencast Youtube Heating Repair in San Antonio Screencast Home Health Care in Boise Screencast Youtube
  6. 6. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Home Security in Salt Lake City Screencast Youtube Hotels in Raleigh NC Screencast Hotels in St. George, UT Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Hotels in Wildwood NJ Screencast Hotels in Santa Barbara Screencast Insulation Installation in Phoenix Screencast Insurance Attorney in NY Screencast Insurance Attorneys San Francisco Screencast Youtube Junk Removal in Indianapolis Screencast Junk Removal in South Florida Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Liability Insurance in Utah Screencast
  7. 7. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Limo Services in Clearwater FL Screencast Youtube Locksmiths in Brooklyn Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Marketing Agencies in Utah Screencast Moving Companies in Dallas Screencast OBGYN in NJ Screencast Paintless Dent Repair Philadelphia Screencast Personal Injury in Santa Barbara Screencast Youtube Personal Trainers in West Chester Screencast Plumbers in Fairfax Screencast Plumbers in Nampa ID Screencast Plumbers in Staten Island Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
  8. 8. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Pool Builders in Houston Screencast Youtube PR Firms in Florida Screencast Printing Companies in Utah Screencast Printing Services in Utah Screencast Property Management Gainesville Screencast Property Management in OC Screencast Property Management in SLC Screencast CaseStudy Rain Gutters in Utah Screencast Real Estate (Homes) in Pittsburgh Screencast Youtube Real Estate (Homes) in Utah Screencast Real Estate in Lake Norman Screencast Youtube CaseStudy
  9. 9. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Roof Repair in Houston Screencast Roofers in Kansas City Screencast Roofing in Atlanta Screencast Roofing in Chicago Screencast Roofing in Randallstown MD Screencast Roofing in Salt Lake City Screencast Youtube CaseStudy RV Parks in Corpus Christi Screencast SEO in NYC Screencast Solar Companies in Utah Screencast Solar Contractors in Santa Rosa Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Tax Preparation in SW Florida Screencast
  10. 10. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Local SEO Tax Preparation Sunnyvale GA Screencast Tax Preperation in SLC Screencast Teen Rehab Centers in Utah Screencast Web Design in Brooklyn Screencast Web Design in San Antonio Screencast Wedding Reception Centers in UT Screencast Youtube CaseStudy Wedding Venues in SLC CaseStudy
  11. 11. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Startups Niche Market Resource URL Translation Service Documents CaseStudy Custom Printed Sneakers Screencast LDS Tours & Cruises Screencast Mattress Reviews Screencast New Mattresses, Box Bed Screencast Pharmacy Discount Card Screencast Solar Panel Monitoring Screencast Subscription Box for Organic Food Screencast Subscription Boxes Screencast Translating Services Screencast Truck Driver Recruitment Screencast
  12. 12. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Startups Voice Mail Marketing Screencast Voicemail Drop Marketing Screencast Change Management Software Screencast Credit Repair Inquiry Screencast Debit Card Processing Screencast Fundraising Platforms Screencast Health Care Management Systems Screencast Microsoft Office 360 Screencast Outlook Security Services Screencast VOIP Phone Services Screencast
  13. 13. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Ecommerce Market Niche Resource URL Whiteboard Animation Screencast Baby Hats Screencast Brain Supplements Screencast Crossbows for Sale CaseStudy Dry Mouth Treatment Products Screencast Medical Equipment Repair Screencast Skin Care Coconut Oil Screencast Steel Windows & Doors Screencast
  14. 14. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Ecommerce Surgical Equipment CaseStudy Travel Guitars Screencast Womens Flats, Pumps, Boots Screencast Colored Contacts Screencast Heating Jackets Screencast Ladies Riding Pants for Horses Screencast Lobster Wholesale Screencast Outback Apparel & Horse Gear Screencast Theater Chairs Screencast
  15. 15. 2018 Niche SEO Case Studies Ecommerce