How To Use You Tube for Realtors


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This is Part 1 in a series of training videos & slideshare presentations for showing Realtors how to use You Tube. The remaining training videos and slideshares show how to optimize your channel settings and use keywords for naming your videos.

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  • How To Use You Tube for Realtors

    1. 1. Realtors & YouTubetraining| real estate websites | social media TECHNOLOGY
    2. 2. The Realtor Training Blog Live Training Events El Guapo Building the largest most comprehensive collection ofRealtor Marketing Tech on the Planet. TECHNOLOGY
    3. 3. just being on social media wont take you to the promise land of unicorns and pots of goldsocial media are tools to use for expandingyour reach and broadcasting your message TECHNOLOGY
    4. 4. the three stages of online/internet marketing for real estate1. basic: using everything that is FREE.2. advanced: websites, video creation, advancedsocial media, advanced zillow/trulia accounts3. braveheart: blogging, advertising, squeezepages, advanced video blogging, pay per click ads,spending money to generate leads TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    5. 5. stage 1: basic internet marketing for Realtorsfacebooktwitteryoutube SOCIALgoogle+ NETWORKINGgoogle places WEBSITESlinkedinyelppinterest REAL WEBSITESr e a l t o r. c o TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    6. 6. YouTube, stats 60 Hours of video get uploaded on YouTube every minute. 4 billion videos are watched every day. YouTube Mobile gets 600 Million views every day. YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website after Google (1)& Facebook (2). 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute. 100 Million people take a social action on YouTube everyweek (likes, shares, comments, etc.) 500 Years of YouTube videos are watched every day onFacebook. YouTube Traffic: 30% US ¦ 70% Rest of the world. TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    7. 7. YouTube, why? start making video, it s easier than you think. content: your property videos, they can be placed onTrulia, Zillow,, content: agent video, showcase yourself, ROCKSTAR: content: community video, showcase yourcommunity go to example of an effective youtube page label your videos and give good descriptions and link backsto your site correctly using SEO Keywords. TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    8. 8. YouTube videos should ideally be 2 - 5 minutes max, anythingover 5 minutes has to be really, really good to keepviewers watching it. think of your background, natural backgrounds of youroffice, a kitchen of one your listings. property videos can include more than just the house,show off the park, community pool, neighborhood, placesnearby, etc... get a youtube background from me!!! LOL TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    9. 9. create playlist to separate your video Realtorcontent. Strategy think of keywords when giving yourvideos a title name and filling out the for usingdescription. SEO SEO SEO YouTube optimize your profile name andprofile settings. LINK your Facebook, Linkedin,Website, Blog, etc.... to facebook. TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    11. 11. get the right equipment. practice and keep making video, youwill get better. Video just make them. easier than it looks For WHAT S THE POINT: Separateyourself from the majority of Realtors Realtorsthat don t do video. Share video on Pinterest, Facebook,Linkedin, Twitter, Blog. TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY
    12. 12. Kodak Zi8, or, Kodak Playtouch Video For Realtors TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY
    13. 13. home to theRealtor Training Blog TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY