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Crafts and vocational center for sustainable development


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The way to strengthen the partnership between United Nations and African community in advancing youth employment by Crafts and Vocational Center for sustainable development

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Crafts and vocational center for sustainable development

  1. 1. The way to strengthen the partnership between United Nationsand African community in advancing youth employment byCrafts and Vocational Center for sustainable development The fact is that, According to the theory of Humble Approach to Development, it isappropriate for government to ensure their citizen’s active participation I formulating andImplementing projects of which they are supposed to be the beneficiaries.Partnership for more and better jobs for young people is very important. Technical support for theformulations and implementation of coherent national employment, vocational training andinvestment polices. Unemployment cause crime and affect economic of country.Unemployment is not a disease that can be cured rather; it is a complex problem for which thereis no one cause or cure. I prime Bright akinola Presidents of African Youth, believe deeply that itour collaborative responsibility of both across government agencies and out to non- governmentalentities to act to end unemployment.Unemployment is not problem of one country or another but is global issues.Instead there are a range of biological, cultural, economic, social and psychological influencingfactor most unemployment however can be prevented.Though United Nation-African partnership for economic opportunity, by putting hands together toSupport New youths generation Goals (NYGG).Focus On Two Main Areas.· Economic, social and environmental development: by entrepreneurship, business supportservices. Access to educational tools and building human capacity to equip people for employmentopportunities.Entrepreneurship is the active process of recognizing an economic demand in an economy andsupplying the factors of production (Land, Labour and Capital) to satisfy the demand usually togenerate a profit.Unemployment Combined with slow economic growth in the formal sector have forced a largepart of the developing world’s population into self-employment and informal activities.
  2. 2. But this is not necessarily negative, entrepreneurship contribute significant to economic growthsocial stability and equity. The sector is one of the most important vehicle through which low-income people can escape unemployment and with limited skills and education to complete forformal sector jobs, these men and women find economic opportunities in entrepreneurshipbusiness owner and employees. Over the long run, a nation’s greatest asset is human capital.Human Capital does not simply materialize, nor can it be conveniently purchased. It must becultivated over the long term. Human capital is not a commodity, but rather a distillation of ourdeepest. How is human capital generated? through employment, education and intellectualgrowth of our children.Urban without development affect economic growth of Countries in development common in sub-Sahara African. It is also characterized by rapid urban growth in the face of economic stagnationpoor Agricultural performance, rising unemployment, financially weak municipalities, poorgovernance.I prince Bright Akinola President of African youth like to organized the African youth internationalConference on youth enterprise to announced the launch of United Nation-African partnership foreconomic opportunity (UNAPEO)NYGG-UNAPEO will focus on promoting regional Cooperation among entrepreneur in the Africanand developing stronger relationships between the United Nation and African in this frame workthe public and private sector in the United Nation and the African will work in cooperation toidentify and implement specific project and programs in the area of entrepreneurship.This will be the way to strengthen the Partnership between government, the private sector andthe philanthropic community in advancing youth employment and decent work.By invite youths from different countries, individuals, members of civil society and representativesfrom governments and non government organization, government and non governmentalorganization, United Nation economic and Social Council and Private Sectors.To learn more about the complex Issues surrounding youth enterprise and to announced thelaunch United Nation African partnership for economic opportunity (UNAPEO).The partnership will focus on The center for entrepreneurship and creating opportunity for youth employment Leadership development programmes and training academy business leaders and associationnetworkThe Unite Nation- African Partnership will work with regional partners to develop economicopportunity to promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship in the region, throughmentorship programs and training academies that focus on area of education.
  3. 3. The Innovation in promoting young employment and creating opportunities for youth in theworkplace.Promoting young people for employment is one way to play a significant part in economic growth,a model of sustainable and development.Before anything let us go into labour in an economy the demand for labour in an economy isderived from the demand for goods and services. As such, if the demand for goods and servicesin the economy increasing, the demand for labour will increase, increasing employment andwages.Monetary policy and fiscal policy can both be used to increase short term growth in the economy,increasing the demand labour and decreasing unemployment.Advocates of supply side policies believe that polices can solve this by making the laobur marketmore flexible. These include removing the minimum wage and reducing the power of unions.Supply-Siders argue the reforms increase long-term growth this increased supply of goods andservices requires more workers, increasing employment. It is argued that supply side policieswhich include cutting taxes on business and reducing regulation create jobs and reduceunemployment.Other Supply- Side polices include education to make workers more attractive to employedworkers this year 2012, towards the goals of the African youth Organization (AYO) formallyadopted youth enterprise with innovation in African (YEWIA) as one of our five fundamentalgoals in support of sustainable development.We Plan to include innovations in promoting youth employment and creating opportunities foryouth in working place.In African Countries around the world, and we expect to maintain this commitment.Youth Enterprise with innovation in African (YEWIA) is actually a business plan competitionaimed at jobs creating by encourage and support entrepreneurship youth in African to developand execute business ideas.African Continents regarded as the third would countries and popularly known as developingcontinents suffered a lot of setbacks companied to the fact rate at which the other continentdevelops.The set-back ranges from Economic limitations, technological cum handicap corruptionemanating from the self styled leaders to cultural, social, political and ethical calamities that hasengulfed the enter Naturally endowed talents which are now destroying every facts of African.
  4. 4. The youth under this forum has decided to rise to the against the affonementied problems to seeka lasting solutions with their vigorous and un relevant less efforts towards destroying thisproblems.The first major step towards this action is the general orientation of African, innovating themystery surrounding these problem which is believed could be solved amicably with through their(the youth) collective cooperation, involvements and dedication.African youth must be made to known the extent at which their future development are in everyangle of human existence are mortgaged and the possible way forwards. It is our collectionresponsibility and must be judiciously pursued to achieve a lasting success.The following are the suggested steps that must be taken to ameliorate the problems facing thecontinents.1. CREATION OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Generally the creation of employmentopportunities for the youth unavoidably is a global problem that must be solved. The youth maynot be able to attain the weapon to destroy this ugly monster called employment if they are notempowered skillfully and financially. This can be carefully implemented through the invitation ofall the unemployed youth in an African country communities if possible local govt. areas.The statistic would be taken by accredited monitoring group set up by the coordinator of thisproject. Each African youth educational background would be known and written down in files.Their areas of interest would be noted, their contact addresses/ Telephone number would betaken, Age of Marital status noted amongst other Account the above statistic would be gatheredto ensure a litchi- free classification s and assessment.Further more: the organizer are to prepare / appoint and employ professionals locally orinternationally to ensure that crafts and vocational centers are established at various center toundertake the training of the youth in all areas of the chosen careers, the available crafts couldinclude tailoring & fashion-designing, barbing , hospitality concerns, vulcanizing, computingeducation, mechanical and electrical workshops, farming etc.Moreover, As soon as the training commences, the coordination would make sure that eithersmall-scale or large scale industries are built with all the necessary machineries needed toabsolve the skilful youth. Production would follow accordingly with the creation of availablemarket to consume the products/goods produced at moderate/pockets-for decently price.A large Accounting section would be set up for proper and transparent accountability of all the
  5. 5. funds need and plunging back white the profit mange are taken care of accordingly.Proper monitoring of all the activities by the coordination through a special committee would beset up to make sum that it is a reality.A solid security outfit would be established the purchase and leasing of adequate land space fromthe landowners to accommodate the project at the chosen sites which is accessible to the youthinvolved these steps mentioned would eradicated unemployment and put smiles on the entireAfrican countriesWelfare packages would also be provided for their relaxation and arouse their interest.YOUTH BASIC NEEDSIn African the employment methodology is implemented through youth enterprise center: clustersof African countries where youth are mobilized to create opportunities for youth employment inthe work place and innovations in promoting youth employment and run their own programs tomeet basic needs after several phases over a year’s period. Youth in all African countries willpound of good job and benefit from economic and social development.The employment project will mobilized to all countries in African.The youth enterprise center strategy is intergraded and holistic. It achieves synergy amongprogrames in education training academy, young business leaders, creating opportunity for youthemployment and build community spirit with momentum of accomplishment involving entirepopulation it is economically sustainable. The employment resources for African, Particularly thepoorest countries of sub-Sahara African, so that the youth do not currently have effective accessto employment income generation are built in to the strategy from start. The funds can help youngpeople who have the creative ability.Youth can participate in the social economic transformation of the countries in African this timearound.The youth enterprises center strategy is environmentally sustainable young people at our youthenterprise center learn composting and environmentally sound irrigation technologies such asdrip irrigation.The results of the youth enterprises center strategy are displayedBefore launching the YE Center strategy After TheYE Center reaches
  6. 6. People often live in resignation with almost no hope for better future Youth aresuccessful agents of their own development motivated, confident, improving life every day.People move up and down in street and jobless, every day, rising unemploymentSuccessful job youth in work place and participate in the social economic transformation of thecountryPeople lack of money and commit crime, eat one meal per day and suffering Peopleare adequately and successful manage their own business, crime reduce. Youth Improvementand successful intraining academyPrinciplesThe five principles listed below have been developed through our work to end unemployment wechallenge ourselves to ensure that each of our strategies builds on these principles.(1) Human Dignity: Our inherent nature is creative resourceful, responsible and productive.We must not treat people living in conditions of unemployment as beneficiaries, which can crushdignity but rather as they resource for ending unemployment.(2) Gender Equality: Youth major responsibility for meeting basic needs freedom ofaction and voice in decision making to fulfill that responsibility. An essential part of endingunemployment must be to cause society wide change towards gender equality.(3) Empowerment: in the face of social suppressions, focused and sustained action isrequired to awaken youth to the possibility of employment to build confidence, and to organizecommunities to take charge o f their own development.(4) Leverage: Ending Unemployment requires action that catalyzes large-scale systemicchange we must regularly step back assess our impact with in the evolving social/ political/economic environment and launch the highest leverage actions we can to meet this challenge.(5) Transformative leadership: ending unemployment requires a new kind of leadershipnot top-sown, authority based leadership, but leadership that awakens people to their own powerleadership “with” people rather than leadership “Over” people.Impact AssessmentThe employment project (TEP) is committed to providing its stakeholders with timely, object andaccurate data on the impact of it strategies our impact assessment program is designed.1. To support innovations in promoting youth employment and creating opportunities foryouth in the workplace.2. To enable youth in countries of African and Partner organization to continuously improvedour programs.
  7. 7. 3. To engage in advocacy work with policymakers and other through leaders to helppersuade them that our bottom up gender-focused approach is deserving of wider adoption in thedevelopment field.Our impact Assessment program is consistent with our program methodology, to empower youthliving in condition of unemployment to be the agents of their own development.Strengthening the skills needed for them to participate n actively monitoring their progress is anintegral component of our programs.MethodologyThe employment project works in partnership with young people in African to develop effectivebottom-up strategies. We have discovered three critical elements that, when combined, empowerpeople to make rapid in overcoming unemployment. Mobilizing youth at the highest level rage actions we can to meet this challenge Empowering youth as key agents, and Forging partnerships with countries of African.The employment project’s approach is different from the conventional top-down planning used bymany development agency and government. These top-down approaches follow a servicedelivery model and often undermine our most important resource. The creativity, of people livingin conditions of unemployment themselves the below table show why the top-down, servicedelivery approach so often fails, and why the bottom up, employment approach succeeds.Service Delivery Vs. Empowerment The conventional top-down,The employment project service delivery modelbottom up empowerment model.Who are unemployment people? Beneficiaries whose basic needmust be met. Principal Authors and actor in development employment,creative individuals who lack opportunitiesWhat must be done? Provide service throughgovernment or charities Mobilize and empower people self reliant action and stand insolidarity with them for their successWhat’s the primary resource for development? Money and the expertise of consultant
  8. 8. and program managers. People their visions, mobilization, entrepreneurship spirit andconfidenceWhat are the main constraints? Bureaucracy: the inefficiency of thedelivery system. Social conditions resignation, discrimination (Particularly gender) lackof leadership,lack of right.What about social and cultural issue? Immutable conditions that must becompensated for. Condition that youth can transform.How should we focus our work? Carefully target beneficiaries on anobjective needs basic Mobilize every one as broadly as possible, build spirit andmomentumof accomplishment.The impact assessment program includes an in-house online global monitoring system, which iscurrently under development and will integrate program and financial information to track inputs,outputs, near-terms outcome and long term impact for each activity with in an analytic frame workbased on our theory of change.MissionThe employment project mission is for the world to achieve the sustainable end of unemploymenta world where all youth have a productive life in harmony with nature, a life of dignity.Author: Prince Bright Akinola, President of African Youths.