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Presentation on KOOP 91.7 in the Pecha Kucha Format

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Pecha kucha

  1. 1. Communications AnalysisSUCCESSES & RECOMMENDATIONS
  2. 2. KOOP’s Mission The mission of the Corporation is to provide high quality, innovative, and diverse community- oriented programming to Austin with an emphasis on those communities that are ignored or underserved by mainstream media; including serving and promoting specific communities of African-Americans, Asian- Americans, Chicanas/os, elders, gays, lesbians, homeless, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, Latinos/as, peoples with disabilities, women, working and poor people, youth, and other underserved communities. KOOP Community Radio supports the struggle for social justice and peace. KOOP Community Radio will operate with a high level of participation and accountability to the communities being served.
  3. 3. KOOP at a Glance - A community orientated & cooperatively ran radio station in Austin, Texas - 12 hours of broadcasting on weekends, and 9 hours of broadcasting on weekdays - Shares the 91.7 FM frequency with KVRX, UT’s student-run nighttime radio station
  4. 4. Examples of Programs
  5. 5. Funding Budgeted Funding  55% from listener-donations, during the bi-annual pledge drive.  45% from business underwriting. Additional Funding  Year-round online donations  Year-round vehicle donations
  6. 6. Partners Austin Energy
  7. 7. Expenses Staff  2 paid, full-time staff members  1 part-time staff member Membership Drive  Premium Gifts Equipment Upkeep
  8. 8. Cooperative All donations above $25 give the benefit of becoming a member of KOOP  Members have voting rights in the annual elections for board of directors Anyone is allowed to go through DJ apprenticeship free of cost  Most on-air DJs have no prior radio experience, before joining KOOP
  9. 9. Website• Current Radio Program On- • 6000 Facebook LikesAir •2,200+ Twitter Followers
  10. 10. Website Highlights
  11. 11. KOOP Blogs Shows have a blog linked to the webpage  Some of the longest running shows have over 400 posts  Most blogs consist of playlist schedule, relevant concerts/shows, and other events
  12. 12. KOOP Blogs
  13. 13. Social Media
  14. 14. Communications AnalysisCHALLENGES &RECOMMENDATIONS
  15. 15. Website Organization• All link to separatepages with similar, orexactly the samecontent• More links at thebottom link to similarcontent
  16. 16. Website Design• Very busy•Loud Colors•Difficult toNavigate
  17. 17. Social Media Multiple Facebook accounts for the station  Staff forgetting passwords often joked about on- air Few shows have their own Facebook profile  Similar case of duplicate profiles
  18. 18. Blogs Lack of consistency  Some shows not represented at all  Some currently running shows updated extremely infrequently Dated-ness  Shows canceled over 4 years ago, still listed
  19. 19. Recommendations Site design-aesthetic overhaul Condensing and clarifying site organization Incorporating links to social media, besides “like” buttons
  20. 20. Recommendations Removing and cleaning up show blog list Increase the frequency of the station’s, and certain show’s, blog updates Clean-up repeated new volunteer web-pages