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Undergraduate research seminar series


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Undergraduate research seminar series

  1. 1. Undergraduate Research Seminar Series: Showcasing Your Research with ePortfolio
  2. 2. What is ePortfolio?• A tool to document and reflect on learning• Can be shared with professors, potential employers, peers, and friends• A work in progress that will extend throughout your college career and beyond
  3. 3. Why Build an ePortfolio?• Showcase your accomplishments from various areas…all in one place!• Build a web-presence• Receive feedback• Store files• Present yourself in a professional way on a social networking site
  4. 4. Showcase Your Research Through:papers images slideshowspresentations videos journals …and more
  5. 5. Present Your ResearchYour ePortfolio can be accessed anywhere there’s internet access
  6. 6. Add screenshot of sample ePortfolioImagine the Possibilities…
  7. 7. Let’s Get Started!• Step 1: Sign in• Step 2: Fill in your goals and skills, as they relate to your research• Step 3: Try uploading a file, image or presentation
  8. 8. Questions? Tutorials: Email Us: Log In Now: