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  • Beth
  • Beth
  • Andrew
  • andrew
  • Sam: pressures to report both internally and externally; not one of Mahara’s capabilities/focuses
  • Sam: usage—defining usage: monthly snapshots versus cumulative—still trying to perfect usage statistics
  • Sam: support
  • Beth
  • Jim
  • jim
  • Jim
  • Beth
  • Aaeebl july 26 2013

    1. 1. Scaling Up: Documenting ePortfolio Progress Linda Anstendig Samantha Egan Beth Gordon Klingner Thomas Hull Jim Stenerson Andrew Wier AAEEBL Conference August 1, 2013
    2. 2. Teaching Circles Tenure & Promotion Digital Commons LinkedIn & ePs Assessment Pilots Reporting KPIs eTerns Department Initiatives Teaching Circles Student Development Career Services Research Making Connections Grant MUG Contest Winners Connect to Learn Grant
    3. 3. Weaving ePortfolios in the Pace Culture Teaching & Learning Assessment CareerStudent Development Tenure & Promotion
    4. 4. Departmental Approach: Biology • Tenure and promotion • Biology pilot – Independent Research • Lab notebook – Introductory Microbiology • Semester projects on Bacterial Phyla • Review paper, news articles, images, videos, peer feedback • Material from ePortfolios included in course final exam
    5. 5. Microbiology Student ePortfolios
    6. 6. Quantitative Data: Reporting • Custom usage reports for Mahara • KPI development – Generating KPI data
    7. 7. Mahara Custom Report Sample
    8. 8. KPI Sample
    9. 9. Qualitative Data: Student-Faculty Research Project • Conducted a series of interviews with students on their perceptions of the benefits ePortfolio
    10. 10. Qualitative Data: Spring Contest Entries
    11. 11. Tenure and Promotion • ePortfolios Used for Developing Electronic Dossiers • Workshops • Reviewers’ buy-in • Positive Feedback • Year 3 – Institutionalized
    12. 12. Scaling Up Projects: Assessment Project • Goal – To study the relationship between strong ePortfolio usage over time and grades and overall student engagement as shown in NSSE results. • We will work with our programmers to define a new group of “super users” to track • We will identify their first log-in date and their University ID so we can compare to other reports
    13. 13. “The ePortfolio showed me so much. When I went back and read the introduction to myself, I honestly felt so proud of myself. I didn’t think that whatever I was thinking to myself or what was wandering in my brain would be well written in the introduction. But I was impressed, by what I wrote…This ePortfolio showed a great part of me, I even saw it when I attached the resume, I didn’t realize all my accomplishments I have done in high school. This actually made me reflect back on how well I have done these past few years, and I hope that at Pace I will reach for everything I am set to achieve!” -Kenya V., Pace Prep student Scaling Up Projects: Pace Prep 2013
    14. 14. • ePortfolio webpage: www.pace.edu/eportfolio • ePortfolio Blog: http://eportfolio.blogs.pace.edu • Mahara User Group Facebook Group: Search “Mahara User Group” on FB • Contact us: eportfolio@pace.edu Links/ Resources