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Presentation for english-speaking partners and investors.

AR2Life is a company in a new market of augmented reality products, promising to be $1,5B total size in 2015*. AR2Life solutions are based on our unique marker-less natural object recognition technology for augmented reality.
We will start from bespoke augmented reality solutions for glossy magazines and their advertisers, while building a web-platform where everyone's life can be augmented.
More information:
*Source: Juniper Research

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AR2Life'12 eng

  1. 1. AR2LifeAugmentation that matters
  2. 2. AR2Life is: • the company in a new market of augmented reality products, promising to be $1,5B total size in 2015What is (Gartner);AR2Life? • own unique marker-less natural object recognition technology for augmented reality; • going to start from bespoke augmented reality solutions for glossy magazines and their advertisers; • building «YouTube» for augmented reality.
  3. 3. AR2Life’s founders: Pavel Ryabenko is developing computer vision technologies and products for moreBriefly on the than 5 years and AR related algorithms formajor topic :) 3 years. He is responsible for all technological issues in AR2Life. Mike Daykhin stands for strategy and business development. He has successful experience of product development, project management and business development in mobile communications, media and advertising.
  4. 4. Augmented Reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generatedWhat is interactive input.Augmented AR also is:Reality? • the fresh and effective way to demonstrate digital content • the powerful marketing tool with precise measurement • the uptrend for the nearest future (Gartner)
  5. 5. Types of augmented content:What can beused asaugmentation?
  6. 6. AR market’s stages of growth:AR evolution
  7. 7. Mobile AR Market ($1.47B, Y’15) LBS$Mobile ARapps’ market Games$is growing Mul-media$over 295% Educa-ion$&$Reference$per year Lifestyle$&$Healthcare$ Enterprise$ Social$Networking$ Juniper Research, 2011
  8. 8. AR2Life recognize and track natural images for AR:WhatAR2Life is • 100% self-made marker-less algorithmsdoing? • first «made in Russia» technology • Platform for various products and services
  9. 9. PC-prototype is workingWhatAR2Life isdoing?
  10. 10. AR2Life technological advantages: • Invariance to interferenceTechnology isthe sole of • Speedsuccess • Learnability • Manufacturability
  11. 11. Bespoke AR for «glossy» magazines Our perspective clients – magazines and their advertisers: • TV-guidesFirst AR2Life • health and beautyproduct • luxury goods, automotive • Hi Tech • sport • catalogs • etc.
  12. 12. AR2Life App will be like thisFirst AR2LifeproductSmartphoneapp
  13. 13. Why did we chose magazines? • big and relevant audienceFirst AR2Lifeproduct • user has «time for himself» while reading • significant involvement in the content consumption • «how to’s» can be easily published and read
  14. 14. Why media/advertisers will buy it? • WOW-effect, even for glossiesFirst AR2Lifeproduct • AR helps to increase audience loyalty and brand awareness • new advertising inventory
  15. 15. Why media/advertisers will buy it? • media produce tons of digital content but making moneyFirst AR2Life «on paper» (at least in Russia)product • AR can be good weapon in the war against internet and TV for audience’s time budget • reliably measurable advertising
  16. 16. Well known competitors:Competition?Damn, yes!
  17. 17. Nothing compares to AR2Life: Marker Type Tools for Web-platforms Product B&W Natural User-Generated support QR GPS ARToolkit objects AR (Flash / HTML5)Competition?Damn, yes! Total No No No Yes No Yes Immersion Layar No Yes Yes Yes No No Metaio No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Aurasma No No Yes Yes Yes No Zappar No No No Yes No No String Yes No No No No No Qualcomm No No No Yes No No AR2Life Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Most competitors have iOS and Android app. AR2Life is going to support WindowsPhone 7 in addition.
  18. 18. Our next steps: • «YouTube» for AR – everyone can augment his ownAR2Life’s realityfurtherdevelopment • 3D-objects recognition and tracking • Image search engine
  19. 19. AR2LifeAugmentation that matters