fluorochemicals agc chemicals fluoroelastomers fluon resins agc chemicals asahiguard fluoropolymers aflas etfe lumiflon nonwovens textiles nonwoven textiles compounds feve fine silica gels automotive industry greenhouse automotive specialty chemicals chemical processing polymers pharmaceuticals electrolysis ion exchange membrane membrane caustic soda chlorine chlor-alkali medical gas compressed air pneumatics etfe film greenhouse covering cosmetic chemistry cosmetic formulation low gwp zero odp aqueous cleaning fluorosolvents vapor degreasing precision cleaning building design architecthure amolea drilling offshore oil and gas plastics asahiklin adhesives hev/ev cable ube fuel lines kuraray mlt compounding bridges infrastructure coatings microspherical ingredients for cosmetics light-diffraction effects soft focus effects sunbesta sunbesta-zv electric car hybrid electric vehicles electric vehicle pmma pe film uv light polycarbonate horticultural f-clean semicon wire semiconductor cable oil field molded parts oil rig food and beverage lubricants additives paper making agrochemicals co-catalysts fine chemicals application development rubber processing ptfe solvents chromatography environmental research silica sunlovely electronics packaging paper packaging and labeling pulp
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