Summer Training Programme in WAAYOO.COM


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Six Month Industrial Training Programs at Lucknow and Noida.
Advanced Robotics
Advanced Embedded Deisgn
Embedded Linux
Embedded Linux Device Drivers
Embedded Qt
Image Processing
or call us at +91 8587849630, 9807507429
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Summer Training Programme in WAAYOO.COM

  1. 1. Select Category EMB EMB5001 Embedded System Design with Microcontrollers Learn to design embedded applications using PIC, AVR or 8051 microcontroller with Project Development EMB EMB5002 Embedded System Design using ARM Microcontrollers Learn ARM Architecture and develop embedded projects right from scratch EMB EMB5003 Advanced Embedded Design with Projects GPS, GSM, Bootloader, SD Card Interfacing, Graphic LCD, Touch Screen Interfacing, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Ethernet, CAN, USB, PS/2, PWM, CAN, Multitasking, RTOS and much more.. EMB EMB5004 RaspberryPi - Embedded Robotics with Linux Build Linux based Robots and Embedded projects with popular SoC Computer EMB EMB5006 Embedded Digital Signal Processing with dsPIC DSP programming with Digital Signal Controllers(DSCs) EMB EMB5008 Embedded Qt Development Design Embedded User Interfaces on ARM with world's most famous cross-platform library IMG IMG5001 Computer Vision & Image Processing with MATLAB Covers basics of MATLAB, GUI programming, Image Processing Techniques, Thumb Detection System, Finger Print Matching and Project Development IMG IMG5002 Image Processing with OpenCV Develop Vision based Application with powerful cross platform Image Processing library LIN LIN5001 Linux Application & System Programming Linux for engineers - learn linux concepts, shell scripting, programming, gui, system level programming and much more. LIN LIN5002 Linux Kernel Module Programming & Device Driver Development Learn to develop linux based drivers and loadable kernel modules. LIN LIN5003 Linux Administration Training A training program for linux based system administrators MAT MAT5001 MATLAB, Simulink & Communications Learn MATLAB, Simulink from basics, develop applications PCB PCB5002 PCB Designing with OrCAD PCB Designer Learn to use Orcad Capture for Schematic Entry, PCB design using OrCAD PCB Designer ROB ROB5001 Intelligent Autonomous Robotics with Projects
  2. 2. Learn Robotics Concepts, Sensors, Motors, Encoders, Programming, Simulation and Develop Robotics Projects ROB ROB5003 Vision Robotics with MATLAB Learn Robotics Concepts, Sensors, Motors, Encoders, Programming, Simulation, Image Processing with MATLAB, Develop Many Vision Robotics Projects. ROB ROB5004 Robotics with Humanoid Robot Development Learn Robotics Concepts, Sensors, Motors, Encoders, Programming, Simulation, Humanoid Robot Concepts, Robotics Mechanics, Humanoid Robot Project ROB ROB5005 Robotics with Quadrocopter UAV Project Learn Robotics Concepts, Sensors, Motors, Encoders, Programming, Simulation, Flying Robot Concepts, 3D IMU Interfacing, 2.4GHz Radio Interfacing, PWM Input/Output with Microcontroller, Quadrocopter UAV Project Development SOFT SOFT5001 Android Mobile Application Development Build Android mobile based Applications with Waayoo. Learn to control devices from Android Mobile. SOFT SOFT5002 Java (JSE) + Enterprise Java (JEE) development Learn World's famous OOPs Language for Desktop & Enterprise Web Applications SOFT SOFT5003 JEE + GWT + Spring + Hibernate + MVC based Enterprise Web Development Learn Industry Level Web Development with Java Technologies SOFT SOFT5004 PHP based Web Application Development with Wordpress, Joomla & cakePHP Learn to work on php, design and host your own web applications