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Social Distancing - Safe Six - Floor Marking Guide


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A quick guide to floor marking to keep people a "Safe Six" feet apart for Social Distancing.

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Social Distancing - Safe Six - Floor Marking Guide

  1. 1. SOCIAL DISTANCING “Safe Six” Floor Marking Guidelines
  2. 2. 6 Feet 6 Feet Safe Six ◦ Keep a “Safe Six” zone ◦ Stay six feet apart from others ◦ Maintain awareness of those around you
  3. 3. Please Keep a Minimum of Six Feet Apart when in lines, queueing, or in proximity of others 6 Feet 6 Feet 6 Feet
  4. 4. 6 Feet 6 Feet Straight Line 6 Feet 6 Feet Right Angle Queue 6 Feet Y-Line 6 Feet Examples of Line Queueing
  5. 5. Floor Marking Symbol Examples ◦ Please pay attention to floor marking signs and symbols ◦ “X’s”, footprints, corners, and lines show where to stand or wait ◦ Arrows show the direction to proceed Social Distancing Floor Marking Examples
  6. 6. Color-coding ◦ Colors can enhance the power of the floor marking symbols ◦ If possible, use contrasting color from the background ◦ Traffic Light patterns can also be helpful: red, yellow, green
  7. 7. Safe Six ◦ Please maintain the “Safe Six” social and physical distance ◦ Consider those around you ◦ Follow the simple floor marking directions ◦ Follow the direction of the CDC, state and local authorities ◦ Please stay safe Stay Safe #inthistogether #stayhome #flattenthecurve #coronavirus #covid19 brought to you by