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How to Select Social Media Channels?


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Hope you enjoy this deck on 'How to Select Social Media Channels?'. Care about Social Media Marketing for incredible Business Growth? You may want to take advantage of our hands-on Advanced Facebook Marketing training. We are just a click away -

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How to Select Social Media Channels?

  1. 1. Which Social Mediachannels are best suited for my Businesses?
  2. 2. Who all are present on that channel? How to Begin?End Users Buyer Employees • Identify “Key Phrases” • Search Yes Yes NoPartners Influencers Vendors No Yes No
  3. 3. Platforms & Objectives Brand Visibility & Promotion Brand Visibility & Promotion Customer Engagement (B2C) SEO & Referral Traffic Customer Support (B2C) Reputation Management Crowd Sourcing Referral Traffic Brand Visibility & Promotion Customer Engagement (B2B) Customer Engagement Creating Thought leadership Customer Support Relationship Building Crowd Sourcing Lead Generation & Sales Referral Traffic Finding Professionals Lead Generation Finding Professionals Reputation Management
  4. 4. Leverage Digital Marketing for Incredible Growth? Our Training is a click away!