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Content Publishing Strategy


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How to attract and engage people with our web content.

Using various content marketing techniques in the context of promoting a brand, the slide deck looks at neuroscience, tribes, tabloid style and other processes related to the issue.

This is part of a training session which I have given digital agencies and web publishers in the past.

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Content Publishing Strategy

  1. 1. Content Publishing Strategy By Lyndon Antcliff
  2. 2. What is content for?
  3. 3. How does content persuade?
  4. 4. Addict or Dealer? Edward Jenner? Ada Lovelace? Kim Kardashian? Tommy Flowers?
  5. 5. Attitudevs Knowledge
  6. 6. Build a Publishing Machine
  7. 7. Publishing Mindset Mechanics Production Marketing Machine
  8. 8. Websites do not link to websites People Do the linking
  9. 9. Give natural links People
  10. 10. P.O.M.PPsychographic Online Mass Publishing
  11. 11. Psychographic • The content is viewed in the mind of the viewer • Content should created for reaction • People are attracted, think, react • Mental triggers cause positive reactions • Linker has a psychographic profile
  12. 12. Mass Publishing We want to attract as many people as possible We want social signals to propel the content in front of as many of the linkerati as possible We expect a proportion will have linking ability We expect that some will link Tabloid mind set Helps us to scale linkbait
  13. 13. Tabloid Content There is a war going on right now online for the attention of people's minds We are not creating Encyclopedia Britannica You either get attention or you do not Twitter complains when people try to get attention and yet clicks through
  14. 14. Human Mind Mind has 3 sections High brain or conscious brain Mid level brain or sub-conscious Primal brain in 3 minutes
  15. 15. Primal Brain Ancient part of the brain Wired to keeping you alive Responds to fear, danger, death, Sex, greed...etc. Controls the adrenal gland and hormones Loves a cracking headline
  16. 16. Sub-Conscious Can perform 11 million process at once, conscious brain can only Perform 40 processes at once Emotional, attaches memory to outside stimuli Irrational Impulse buying/linking
  17. 17. Conscious Conscious brain is what we think is the brain It deals with the auditory and visual input It has great intentions that are subverted by the Primal and the sub-conscious mind. Most decision making is not conscious
  18. 18. Linkbait the brain Primal brain for the headline Body content for the sub-conscious Let the conscious brain think it's making The decisions Think like the Economist, create like The Sun
  19. 19. Linkbaiting Home Security How to stop serial murderers breaking into your house and eating you 10 Locks that keep out uninvited flesh eating zombies 10 Ways to stop cannabalistic serial killers in their tracks
  20. 20. Linkbait the News Efficient way to scale linkbait Taps into the current zeitgeist, talking and thinking about There is always News News can fit any niche
  21. 21. Cost of going to Mars 100 years, 30k people will live on Mars linked to a Payday Loan website Linkbait can get links from authority sites You scale linkbait, simply by having the best content and the best promotion. It costs time and money to produce the best, But it has the highest ROI
  22. 22. The author Lyndon Antcliff is a content publishing consultant He blogs @ He Tweets @lyndoman You can email him: You can hire him to tell you what content you should be publishing
  23. 23. Credits