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OppiaMobile and ORB for Health Worker Training


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Alex Little

mHealth: Global Projects, Software & Critical Perspectives
Icd4 London Meetup
GSMA HQ, London, UK
Tuesday 26th January 2016

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OppiaMobile and ORB for Health Worker Training

  1. 1. DigitalCampus OppiaMobile and ORB for Health Worker Training Alex Little ICT4D London Meetup 26 Jan 2016
  2. 2. DigitalCampus Overview ● ORB – Repository of curated and openly licensed health worker training content ● OppiaMobile – Open source mobile learning platform ● Both have strong focus on openness and reuse/adaptation, using open source & creative commons licensing
  3. 3. DigitalCampus End-to-end process Validated and curated Store, Curate and Share Educational content created & adapted Review Content Deploy Training Distribute User centered design systematically applied Address demand ActivitiesOutputs Evaluate and iterate
  4. 4. DigitalCampus Rationale ● Principles for Digital Development ● Reduce costs/development time ● Evaluate based on the content – not the technology ● Common technologies and platforms to help sustainability – not project speci-c apps ● Single process enables Govt. ownership/oversight while accommodating varied/new technologies ● Richer learning content than can be delivered via SMS/IVR
  5. 5. DigitalCampus Implentations/Projects ● Ethiopia ● Ghana ● Nigeria ● India ● Pakistan ● + more upcoming
  6. 6. DigitalCampus Results (so far) ● Ethiopia - high level of engagement from Health Extension Workers ● India – increased take up of family planning methods ● Pakistan – government buy-in for end to end process ● Ghana – Oppia app implemented and extended by local dev team
  7. 7. DigitalCampus Thanks! ● ORB: ● OppiaMobile: ● End to End Process White Paper: ● Creative Commons for Global Heath (video): ● Principles for Digital Development: Contact: