Facebook Timeline: 4 Ways Brands are Utilizing the New Creative Canvas


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Whether you were ready for it or not, your Facebook brand page has made the switch to Timeline, too. Some of the biggest changes: landing tabs have gone away; a rich, historic timeline is ready to be populated; real-time insights are visible via an admin panel; and a private messaging feature is now live.

But let’s not forget the flood of creativity that has exploded across the platform. A massive creative canvas is now front and center on the page, serving as the literal cover. Dig deeper and you’ll see that thousands of years of history have been unlocked and are available for you to tell a richer and more immersive story about your brand.

This presentation outlines four ways brands can make the most of the new cover photo and timeline features.

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Facebook Timeline: 4 Ways Brands are Utilizing the New Creative Canvas

  1. 1. Coca-Cola1. PUT FANS AT THE CENTER ofyour brand’s NARRATIVE.Coca-Cola is bringing the iconic brand’s rich history tolife by curating a series of fan interactions over theyears. It’s a Timeline 125 years in the making.
  2. 2. OreoIf your brand cherishes and champions fans first andforemost, the cover is now the ultimate thank you. Oreois featuring a different birthday every day all year.
  3. 3. Kraft SinglesKraft Singles highlights fan quotes at the top of its coverphotos – allowing people to share what the brandmeans to them in their own words.
  4. 4. Bravo TV 2. BRANDS AREN’T BORN OVERNIGHT. Use timeline to SHARE YOUR RICH HISTORY. To celebrate Bravo’s place in pop culture, the network’s Timeline highlights its storied transformation over the past decade – from popular shows like Project Runway and Queer Eye to forgotten hits like Celebrity Poker Showdown.
  5. 5. Canon USABeyond the cover, Canon has opened their archives toenhance the backfill of milestones, which true photographyaficionados are sure to relish.
  6. 6. The communities ofGuinness US Diageo spirits brands Guinness and Smirnoff are also excellent examples of how brands can highlight key milestones via the Smirnoff US Timeline feature.
  7. 7. Real Housewives of Atlanta3. Place your fans’ passionpoints front and center.When reality drama is what fans want, that’s what yougive them. Bravo fans are emotionally charged by theirconnection to the stars, so the network puts its revered‘Bravolebrities’ front and center.
  8. 8. Fairly LegalUSA Network fans often demonstrate a deep interest inthe production & filming of their favorite programs.Shows like Fairly Legal update their cover photo weeklyto offer a glimpse into the latest episode.
  9. 9. PsychIf it’s the characters who really set you apart, thenthat’s the promise you make on your cover. USANetwork shows like Psych highlight episodic photos ofthe characters and sprinkle in shots from the set.
  10. 10. Canon USAOn Facebook, Canon empowers the community toexplore the new product developments and celebratethe beauty of the craft. Both messages come to life inthe brand’s cover photo.
  11. 11. Kraft CanadaFoodies, chefs and recipe hounds have a similar passionfor product and craft, so it’s no surprise that the beautyof food served as the inspiration to the Kraft Canadacover photo.
  12. 12. Top Chef4. showcase a multidimensionalor dynamic side of your brand.For brands with varied or cyclical programming like TopChef, the cover photo can be used to promote specificepisodes or installments.
  13. 13. UGG AustraliaCover art can really set the tone for the messaging. Forexample, UGG Australia’s new UGG for Men campaigncan be prominently showcased via the cover photo.
  14. 14. jcpenney‘Fair and square’ retailer jcpenney refreshes its coverphoto each month to portray a new tone and thematicstyle.