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ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
ReaMetrix Overview
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ReaMetrix Overview


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ReaMetrix Overview Presentation

ReaMetrix Overview Presentation

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. ReaMetrix An Introduction
  • 2. Vision
    • ReaMetrix is committed to become a leading supplier of high quality and affordable integrated diagnostic solutions to resource poor settings, by leveraging local resources innovatively.
  • 3. ReaMetrix at a glance
    • Life science technology company founded in May, 2003, CEO - Dr. Bala Manian, Founder of many life science companies
    • Strong management team with global experience in process and product development in regulated environments.
    • Started in San Carlos, CA with the centre of activity in Bangalore, India.
    • State of the art lab and production facility in Bangalore India.
    • Strong team, 42 employees, 38 in India, 15 with PhD’s.
    • ISO 9001:2000 Certified in May 2008
  • 4.
    • Expertise in
    • Gene design
    • Cloning
    • Expression
    • Amplification & sequencing
    • Expertise in
    • Tailoring assays to hardware platform
    • Cell based and Bead based assays
    • From Proof of Concept to supply of assay kits
    • Expertise in
    • Labeling of proteins and nucleic acids with
    • Organic dyes
    • Phycobiliproteins
    • Nanocrystals
    • Expertise in
    • Optics based instrumentation and detection systems.
    • Integrated solutions with reagents to solve life science problems
    Assay Development Stable Cell Lines Custom Conjugations Instrumentation ReaMetrix Competencies Core competencies drive Diagnostics & Research businesses
  • 5. State of the art Indian Facility
  • 6. Driving Value Through Innovation The ReaMetrix Experience PE TR Cy5 Cy5.5 Cy7
  • 7. Immunofluorescent Conjugates
    • Identifying bright & affordable fluorophores
    • Optimizing process chemistry to generate high performance conjugates
    Innovation in design and process
  • 8. Identifying Alternate Dyes – Developing a Palette
    • Phycoerythrin and the range of dyes in the red region
    • PE emits at 562 nm
    • Texas Red or equivalents emit at 610 nm
    • Cy5,Dy649, Hilyte647 emit at 670 nm
    • Cy5.5, Hilyte680, Dy680 emit at 700 nm
    • Cy7 or Hilyte750, Dy750 emit at 770 nm
    PE TR Cy5 Cy5.5 Cy7
    • Allophycocyanin and the range of dyes in the red region
    • APC emits at 660 nm
    • Cy5.5 or equivalents emit at 700 nm
    • Alexa700 or LiCor700 emit at 720 nm
    • Cy7 or Hilyte750, Dy750 emit at 770 nm
    • Licor800 or equivalents emit at 800 nm
    APC Cy5.5 A700 Cy7 Licor800 High Quality Fluorescent Dyes at Affordable Cost
  • 9. Developing Immunofluorescent Conjugates
    • Optimize yields for fluorescent conjugations using process chemistry
    Incoming Quality Control Acquire unlabeled antibodies & other reagents from third parties Component purification Functional validation Unitizing and packaging Deliver finished product to customer Specification/ Quality Assurance Purification Process quality control testing Conjugation Process is our Product
  • 10. Key features of ReaMetrix conjugates
    • Site Specific Labeling of Antibodies with precise Dye to Protein ratios
    • High-quality (certificate of analysis provided for each product with all the requisite specifications)
      • Validated for fluorescence intensity, activity, protein & dye concentration, dye integrity, emission spectra
      • Perform functional validation where required
    • Audit trail (each and every step is documented to enable a high degree of transparency)
    • Selected Customers who have validated ReaMetrix Conjugates
      • Harvard University,
      • Duke University,
      • National Institute of the Health, USA,
      • Applied Biosystems
      • Tata Memorial Hospital
  • 11. Development conjugates for Leukemia-Lymphoma
    • Developed with 3 colors so that it can be used in India where 3 to 4 color Flow cytometers are prevalent.
    • Conjugates have been validated on peripheral blood/bone-marrow samples or stable cell lines with receptors.
    • The performance of these conjugates has been benchmarked with existing commercially available conjugates
    • ReaMetrix Conjugates can be provided at smaller unit sizes so that they are affordable and accessible to more testing centers
  • 12. Products Developed at ReaMetrix
    • Reagents for enumerating CD3+CD4+ reagents
      • TriTStat CD3/CD4/CD8
      • TriTStat CD3/CD4/CD45
      • ReaPan 34845
      • ReaTcount
    • ReaPan B27 – Reagent for typing HLA B27
    • ReaPan S34 – Reagent for enumerating CD34+ Hematpoietic stem cells
    Value addition through Innovation
  • 13. Typical Characteristics of ReaMetrix Products
    • Antibodies used are workshop approved clones
    • Fluorescent labels used have no intellectual property entanglements.
    • The assay protocols associated with these tests are similar to commercially existing assays
    • The major difference is that ReaMetrix reagents are delivered in a unitized dry format.
    • Particularly in resource poor settings, the dry reagent format reduces the cost of performing the assay and opens up additional options for providing access to the test for the patients.
  • 14. Reagent for monitoring HIV progression through the Enumeration of CD3+CD4+ Cells
    • TriTStat CD3/4/8 and CD3/4/45
      • MAH CD4 antibody labeled w/ Atto 488 dye (FITC alternative)
      • MAH CD8 antibody (or MAH CD45) antibody labeled with R-Phycoerythrin (PE)
      • MAH CD3 antibody labeled w/ PE-Dyomics 649 (Cy5 alternative) tandem dye
      • Precise number of fluorescent beads
      • Stabilizers
    • Tests are suitable to run on open flow cytometers such as BD FACScan, BD FACSCalibur, Coulter EPICS etc .
    • Reagents validated at
      • YRG care, Chennai
      • NARI, Pune
    • TriTStat CD3/4/8 is CE marked
    • Now available as a Four color reagent as ReaPan 34845
    • Reagent supplied in Dry, Unitized Format
    • No cold chain
    • Up to 5 day stability of stained-fixed samples
    CD4 0 300 600 900 1200 1500 0 300 600 900 1200 1500 Rmx Dry T-STAT Coulter TetraChrome r = 0.994
  • 15. ReaTcount – Affordable Alternative to FACScount ™
    • Reagent Supplied in a Dry, Unitized Format
    • Reagent validated at
      • National HIV Immunology Laboratory, Canada
      • Zimbabwe
    Excellent Correlation
  • 16. ReaPan B27 – For typing HLA B27
    • Use 2 clones – enhances sensitivity and specificity
    • Selection of CD3+ population to reduce false positives
    • Choice of PE as the dye to identify the HLA B27 population – High fluorescence
    • Addition of unconjugated Anti B7 antibody reduces nonspecific binding
    • Provision of Fluorescence Intensity beads in each reagent tube provides a built-in quality/reference standard
    • Dry Unitized Format
    • Simplified work flow
  • 17. ReaPan S34 – For Enumerating CD34 cells
    • Convenience: Dry, unitized ready to test format.
    • Single platform enumeration using Modified ISHAGE guidelines.
    • Stability: Dried down reagent does not require Cold Chain Maintenance.
    • Workflow: Simple accurate and repeatable Lyse no wash protocol.
    • Differentiates viable CD34+ stem cells from Non Viable(7-AAD).
    • Single step pipetting : Minimizes errors.
  • 18. New Product Ideas Under development in our labs
  • 19. ReaPanMicro – Presence/Absence Test for Bacteria in Urine
    • A diagnostic test to confirm the absence of bacteria in urine, based on the principle of nucleic acid detection in bacteria.
    • Key Features of the Test
      • High sensitivity ( 100% Negative Predictive Value )
      • Time to Result: Within 15 min of sample reaching a flow cytometer
      • Easy to use, simple assay workflow
    Culture Negative Culture Positive 146 Samples By Culture 67 22 TN 100.0% NPV 72.2% PPV 0 Negative by Flow 57 Positive by Flow TP Overall
  • 20. Bacteria Speciation Using Fluorescent Tags
    • Using Bacteriophages to detect bacteria
      • A: Bright field image of S.aureus bacteria stained with tag protein
      • B : Fluorescence image of stained S. aureus bacteria stained with tag protein
      • C: Bright field image of E. coli bacteria that was incubated with tag protein
      • D: Fluorescence image of E. coli bacteria that was incubated with tag protein
    A B C D
  • 21. Products under development - Controls
    • Positive Control Wells for Malaria
      • In collaboration with Foundation for Innovation in Diagnostics (FIND).
      • To develop as a positive controls that will validate the efficacy of Rapid Diagnostic tests for Malaria
    • Blood Controls
      • To develop blood controls for use in flow cytometry Dot plots of 20 day stabilized blood samples
  • 22. Products under development
    • ReaPan Leuco – To enumerate Leukocytes in Leukoreduced Platelets
      • For rare event detection and enumeration of leukocytes
    • HbA1C
      • An affordable method for %HbA1C using immunofluorescence
    • Viral vs Bacterial Pyrexia
      • Differentiating between Viral and Bacterial Fever
    Leukocytes Beads
  • 23. Products under development
    • ReaPan CD61/41 – For the enumeration of platelets using immunofluorescent staining
      • For use in cases of Thrombocytopenia where existing enumeration methods do not work
    • ReaPan Mono – To enumerate Monocytes in peripheral blood.
  • 24. ReaDev Extending Innovations to Partners
  • 25. Stable Cell Line Development
    • Example of GPCR expressing cell lines developed at ReaMetrix
    Stable CHOKI cells expressing IL8RB stained with fluorescently labeled chemokine IL8
  • 26. Bead Based Assay Development for US biotechnology Company
    • Develop Sandwich Bead Based assay for three different antigens with lower detection limits of 0.5 ng/mL
    • Transfer assay protocol with prototype kits (100 to 1000 tests/assay)
    • Working assay format with antibody coated carboxy beads and detection through Biotinylated Ab.SAV-PE successfully developed at desired detection limits
    • Delivered complete Antigen Detection Assay kits with detailed report including assay protocols
    Antibody Screening
    • Screened various commercially available antibodies (Ab) against analyte for best Kd
    • Screened Antibodies in pairs to identify the pair with best detection sensitivity
    • Developed a bead based assay for the chosen analyte
    • Capture Ab on carboxy microsphere bead
    • Biotinylate detection Ab.
    • Tertiary Detection Through SAV-PE
    Bead Based Assay Format Antibody Pair Selection Assay Development R E A M E T R I X P R O C E S S Project Deliverables
  • 27. Expression of cardiovascular protein for MAb development for US Healthcare Company
    • Develop protocol for protein expression in mammalian cells.
    • The protein is to be used for MAb development
    • Delivered purified protein at 1 mg/L expression level on optimized cell line
    • Protein expression and purification in native conformation without tags
    • Site directed mutagenesis
    • Cloning into SK+ vector
    • Sub-cloning into expression vectors
    • Sequencing to confirm the clone
    • Transfection and expression in three mammalian cell lines: CHO K1, COS 7, HEK 293
    • Affinity chromatography
    • Anion exchange chromatography
    • Gel Filtration
    • Characterization
    • SDS Page for Purity, Western Blot Analysis for Specificity, ELISA for quantitation
    Transfection Protein Purification & Characterization R E A M E T R I X P R O C E S S Project Deliverables
    • Optimized
    • Promoter/cell combination
    • DNA quantity per cell
    • Lipid to DNA ratio
    • Transfection time
    Lipids DNA Lipid complex Cloned DNA Secreted Protein
  • 28. Towards Affordable Diagnostics ReaMetrix Approach
  • 29. Clinical Information Generation – Current Scenario Sample journey and cost accumulation Acquire Process Run Provide Results Transport Collection centre Path Lab Doctor Hospital Centralized Path Lab Syringe/Vacutainer/Overheads Cold chain/Courier Tech Labor + Reagent Capital Equipment Amortization Lab Infrastructure Overheads
    • CD4 test example:
      • ~10 to 20 times cost addition from reagent manufacture to cost to patient
    • Average cycle time for results ~ 48 to 72 hours
    Layers of margin at every step
  • 30. Issues with the current scenario
    • Technical
      • Aged blood samples; accuracy & reliability of results
      • Time lag for treatment decisions
      • Lack of a patient centric approach
      • Imported equipment not designed for Indian environment. Eg. Automation, sample aggregation….
    • Commercial
      • Encourages too many layers of margin affecting affordability
      • Capital costs for imported equipment act as big barrier to entry as well as in adoption of closer to customer models
    • Social
      • Absence of Economic value-add at the local level
    Local economic activity needs to be promoted for enhanced reach of diagnostics
  • 31. What is the ReaMetrix Solution?
    • Total systems approach – in development
      • Instrument designed for local context  robust & affordable.
      • Reagents developed to suit local conditions  temperature & humidity.
      • Process improvement leveraging local talent  Reducing the cost of the consumable kits.
      • Alternate business/distribution models enabling local empowerment .
    • From a clinical standpoint:
      • Affordability enables more frequent testing & facilitates a more patient-centric approach.
      • Accessibility facilitates rapid transmittal of information at the local level.
    The ReaScan System – A Total Systems Offering
  • 32. ReaScan – In Development
  • 33. Summary
    • ReaMetrix is a platform for implementing innovative solutions to address the diagnostic needs of India
    • ReaMetrix is keen to work with partners who share a similar philosophy to create new solution opportunities
  • 34. Manufactured by ReaMetrix India Pvt. Ltd. 50-B, II Phase, Peenya Industrial Area Peenya, Bangalore 560058, India Ph: +91-80-28378693/5, Fax: +91-80-41172451 E-mail: Further details: