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yuilop - MobileMonday Hamburg_07022011
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yuilop - MobileMonday Hamburg_07022011


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Präsentation auf Mobile Monday Event in Hamburg am 07 Februar 2011 zum Thema Kommunikationstrends rund um SMS …

Präsentation auf Mobile Monday Event in Hamburg am 07 Februar 2011 zum Thema Kommunikationstrends rund um SMS

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. “SMS Dead or Alive? Outlook 2011”Mobile Monday HamburgFebruary 7, 2011Jochen Doppelhammer, Founder & CEO of yuilop
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 2. SMS Alive! ... Voice Dead?
    Channel Technology
    User segments
    Usage trends
    Illustration: Volume Inc. Source:
    • US and ESP market insights
    • 3. Impact of Smartphones and Mobile Internet growth
    • 4. Future of mobile communication
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 5. 2011 New Year’s messages via SMS dropped 25% in Spain
    • But 51% of respondents say they still use SMS as primary channel for new years wishes
    • 6. MMS traffic has actually increased by 50% in 2010 in Spain
    • 7. Voice call volume is more or less stable
    • 8. Vodafone clearly states smartphones and social networks as No.1 cause for reduction in SMS volume
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 9. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on Messaging
    “…highschool kids don’t use email, it’s to slow they use SMS or facebook …”
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 10. US teens, sending or receiving 3339 texts (SMS) a month
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 11. Texting No.1 cell activity of US Teens
    Source: Pew Internet Research | Flowtown
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 12. US & Worldwide Texting (SMS) Trends
    Source: Pew Internet Research | Flowtown
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 13. But not only teens socialize a lot via mobile
    Source: Flowtown
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 14. Digital natives /Millennials communication is fast and short …
    Messaging is
    Illustration: Thomas Ng; Source:
    … longer format communication, e.g. Voice still continues to be used, but only for in-depth conversations, emergencies or emotional important events
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 19. Voice activity has decreased 14% among US teens
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 20. Phone call dead? … or voice calls just declining?
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 21. Japan (again) leading the way in mobile
    NTT DoCoMo (Japan) is leading the way with ARPU split shifted to more than 50% from data revenue, based on change in user behavior, especially among young subscribers, who use increasingly more data instead of talking to each other (Source: Monica Paolini Oct 2010;
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 22. Between 30-40% of teens in Western World already have a smartphone
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 23. More than 30% of user base has smartphones in US
    … but more than 50% sold are still dumb-phones
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 24. As phones get smarter, pipes get dumber“Mobile operators and the Trojan Horse”
    • Mobile operator sales depend on heavily subsidized smartphones, e.g. Verizon’s iphone breaking all records
    • 25. Struggling to re-define themselves while realizing that customer relationship moves to content & software (app/UX) layer
    • 26. Some MNOs adapt and focus on efficient network operations and start independent cross-operator startups
    • 27. Others try to keep controling the whole value chain from within their organization
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 28. Social networks will help Mobile VoIP grow rapidly
    Mobile is reaching a strategic inflection point
    Mobile VoIP to reach 139 Million users by 2014 … ONLY? Linear forecast? (Source: In-Stat market analyst Amy Cravens, Feb 2011)
    • Skype recently reached 25 million concurrent users
    • 29. Facebook has over 600 million users
    • 30. Vonage Facebook mobile VoIP application
    • 31. Google claims 300,000 Android phones are activated daily, all of them can have a mobile VoIP app activated
    • 32. Google Voice live in US with free calls
    • 33. T-Mobile US subscriber use mobile VoIP nearly twice that of total responders
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 34. Perfect storm getting ready for mobile operators if they don’t adapt their business models
    North American mobile operators may be unprofitable by 2013, Western European operators by 2014 or 2015(Source: Tellabs and Analysus mason Feb 2011 )
    • Dramatic growth in mobile data traffic is putting increased pressure on mobile networks
    • 35. Mobile Video will drive traffic growth
    • 36. Mobile operators looking for data offloading solutions e.g. wifi
    • 37. Wholesale cost of mobile data in US double that of current European rates
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 38. Texting is the new talking!
    SMS & Voice are not dead, just “phone calls” are!
    What about Video Chat!?
    • Skype bought Qik
    • 39. Facebook is testing Video calling
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 40. MoMo Hamburg Sneak Previewyuilop – coming soon to Germany
    Der neueKommunikationsdienstfür Smartphones – bald in Deutschland…
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011
  • 41. Pay less, talk more!
    Jochen Doppelhammer
    Barcelona, Spain
    Yuilop © Copyright 2011