Drupal Vs Ning


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Drupal is a very powerful open source web content management that offers leading edge online community tools. Ning offers leading edge online community tools and an easy to use administrative interface. While Xululabs is a Drupal development, there are times that Ning is enough to meet a customer's needs.

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Drupal Vs Ning

  1. 1. Drupal vs. Ning Power vs. Ease of Use
  2. 2. Drupal • Drupal is an open source Web Content Management System (WCM) • Drupal can be used to build sites ranging from personal blogs to large corporate websites • Drupal is designed to easily allow custom code development • Drupal sites are managed by the website operator • Drupal sites are hosted by the website operator or a third party hosting company
  3. 3. Ning • Ning is an online platform for people to host web based communities • Ning is not open source or commercial software – it is a service • Ning offers limited customization • Ning is focused on ease of use both for admins and users • Ning is extended using “Ning Apps”
  4. 4. Drupal vs. Ning Open Source Software as a Service Easily Customizable Extensible via Ning Apps Free Source Code Source Code Proprietary Hosting - $5/month to $1000s/ Hosting – Free to $100s/month month Themed via CSS Themed via CSS
  5. 5. Drupal vs. Ning Powerful but complex admin Easy to use admin console console Learning curve - steep Learning curve – moderate Four hours to stand up a Thirty minutes to stand up brochureware site brochureware site Two days to stand up basic Thirty minutes to stand up online online community community Member data owned by website Member data owned by Ning operator
  6. 6. Drupal vs. Ning Upgrades scheduled by website Upgrades scheduled managed by operator Ning Terms of Service up to website Terms of Service up to Ning operator Typical brochureware site cost – Typical brochureware site cost – 20x Ning 5% of Drupal Typical community site cost - Typical community site cost - 20x Ning 5% of Drupal Significant scaling an issue Significant scaling not an issue
  7. 7. When To Use Drupal • You must “own” member data • Your focus is on one or more: – Content management – eCommerce – Significant customization – Ad revenue • Cost of development and operations is important, but not as important as the above points
  8. 8. When To Use Ning • You do not need to “own” member data • Your focus is on one or more: – Online community – Ease and cost of setup – Ease and cost of administration • You can tolerate Ning changing the Terms of Service, API, features, and functionality on their schedule with little to no notice to you