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Introducing the WSO2 App Factory


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  • 1. App FactoryRe invent App DeliveryRe‐invent App Delivery November 2012 November 2012
  • 2. WSO2 App Factory WSO2 App Factory• WSO2 uses an agile, iterative development process WSO2 il it ti d l t • v1.0 is a Minimum Viable Product • http://en wikipedia org/wiki/Minimum viable prod uct • Just enough features to allow a subset of users to  deploy the system in production• Each further release is aimed at meeting specific  user requirements user requirements• Feature list we present today may not be in 1.0 • You can follow progress on You can follow progress on architecture@wso2 org11/27/2012 2
  • 3. Agenda• What is – Cloud, Paas, Cloud EcoSystem• What is App Factory• Features• Architecture• Benefits• Demo• Use cases11/27/2012 3
  • 4. Cloud Technologies Cloud Technologies • Stateless services • Rapid provisioning Rapid provisioning• Fine‐grained  • Flexible topology metering Rapid  • High Quality of Service• Billing Elasticity• ReportingMeasured service  On‐ or pay per use demand  self‐service self service• Flexible workload assignment p g Resource pooling• St d d Standard service offerings i ff i• Quick startup and automation • Multi‐tenancy • Resource utilization • Shared, virtual infrastructure11/27/2012 • Interoperability 4
  • 5. PaaS• Hosted application environment for building and deploying  applications Environment for building and  Environment for building and Deploying Apps + Cloud Characteristics11/27/2012 5
  • 6. Cloud Ecosystem Cloud Ecosystem• Cloud ecosystem Cloud ecosystem  – Other integrators, partners, software, third parties and anything in  their environments that has a bearing the cloud• PaaS Ecosystem  – Developer tooling Ecosystem – Devops tooling – Governance tooling Core Cloud – Life cycle management Life cycle management – Developer community – Consumers – Infrastructure services11/27/2012 6
  • 7. What is WSO2 App Factory ?11/27/2012 7
  • 8. WSO2 App Factory WSO2 App Factory• Platform for managed application development• Support application from cradle to grave• Manage infrastructure• Provide automated configurable devops and governance• Downloadable VM• Hosted as a cloud service• 100% Open source – Apache2 licence11/27/2012 8
  • 9. WSO2 App Factory unifies  Open Source DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Open Source DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Project and Team   Management Software  Software Continuous  development  Deployment workflow Governance and  Test Automation Compliance Continuous  Development  p Integration Dashboards App Factory Continuous Build Develop Code Source Control Issue Tracking11/27/2012 9
  • 10. WSO2 App Factory unifies  Open Source DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Open Source DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Project and Team   Management Software  Continuous  App Factory development  Deployment workflow Governance and  App Factory Test Automation Compliance Continuous  Development  Integration App Factory Dashboards App Factory Continuous Build Develop Code Source Control Issue Tracking11/27/2012 10
  • 11. WSO2 App Factory Solution Components App Command WSO2  WSO2 DevOps‐ DevOps App Store App  Proj Soft Factory Forge Con tinu ous  ect  and  Tea m   war e  dev elop Gov Depl Man men erna Test  age oym t  nce  Aut men ent wor and  Dev oma Con t kflo Com elop tion tinu w plia men ous  ncet  Inte Con Das grati Dev hbo on tinu elop  ous  Sour Issu ards Cod Buil ce  e  e d Con Trac trol king Cloud PaaS11/27/2012 11
  • 12. WSO2 App Factory Development Environment App Store Development Cloud Test Cloud Production Cloud ed APIs & Data Sources Cartridges g Cartridges g Cartridges g nagement t Stratos Platform Stratos Platform Stratos Platform cycle Man App Command: Developer & Management PortalLifec Manage Source Code  Continuous Build Issue  Content  Management Cloud Forums Tracker PaaS Developer Studio Developer Studio11/27/2012 12
  • 13. Features11/27/2012 13
  • 14. Features : Application Creation Features : Application Creation 14 2 Dev Test Prod 3
  • 15. Features : Facilitate regulatory compliance  • Facilitate regulatory compliance • Extension point to enforce an approval process • Eg : App creation – Developer submits application, and can track approval process – Review gates and approval checklist items – Automated build test execution and versioning Automated build, test execution and versioning Do action Do action11/27/2012 15
  • 16. Features : Configurable Governance Features : Configurable Governance• Governs any kind of server/system configuration• M Manages the full promotion lifecycle spanning across development,  h f ll i lif l i d l testing, staging and production environments Test Dev• Deeply integrates with all WSO2 Carbon middleware products
  • 17. Feature : Configurable Governance Feature : Configurable Governance• Uses SCXML – state  chart XML• Compose a new  Lifecycle in Greg• App Factory will work  acco d g y accordingly11/27/2012 17
  • 18. Features : Automated DevOps Features : Automated DevOps Processes that require collaboration and coordination between software  q development teams with IT operations team.• Self service project and policy configuration – Via project configuration portals – Security, service levels, frameworks, usage, topology y, , , g , p gy• Automated platform provisioning – Via service tier templates – F Framework and policy enforcement points (PEPs) k d li f t i t (PEP )• Process automation – Continuous build, test, and deployment , , p y – Code promotion and synchronization across environments and servers• Dependency analysis and impact analysis11/27/2012 18
  • 19. Features :CXO DashboardCommunicate project status• Constant communication and coordination • What applications exist? • When will an application be delivered?• Overcome SOA Anti patterns Overcome SOA Anti‐patterns • Not Invented Here (NIH), Tight Coupling and Build again
  • 20. Features : Shared Infrastructure Features : Shared Infrastructure• Shared elastic runtime for all applications Shared elastic runtime for all applications• Shared used of source repositories, build farm, testing servers  and more.11/27/2012 20
  • 21. Features : Integrated Developer Experience Features : Integrated Developer Experience11/27/2012 21
  • 22. Features : Dependency Management Features : Dependency Management App A pp App A pp App A pp foo db foo db foo db Dev Test Prod Sandbox Production foo foo11/27/2012 22
  • 23. Features : Dependency Management :  bar urlFeatures : Dependency Management : “bar” url • Dev • Test • Production 23
  • 24. Features : Inbuilt WSO2 API Manager  Integration WSO2 App Factory11/27/2012 24
  • 25. Features : Versioning Strategy Features : Versioning Strategy • Automatic versioning Automatic versioning • Configurable versioning strategy • Versions are included in dashboards Versions are included in dashboards11/27/2012 25
  • 26. Features : Extensibility Features : Extensibility• Customize aspects – UIs – Life Cycle Life Cycle – Handlers – Workflows – Every action goes through a work flow y g g – Plugins11/27/2012 26
  • 27. Architecture11/27/2012 27
  • 28. Extensible Architecture of App Factory Extensible Architecture of App Factory• picture UI ‐ Jaggery Workflow – BPEL Service Layer Service Layer Plugins11/27/2012 28
  • 29. BPEL and Extensibility BPEL and Extensibility• BPEL – Business Process Execution language• All actions go through an empty BPEL• Add human tasks, new actions to BPEL – Regulatory compliance checks – A Approval processes l – New service calls• The work flow approach allows to The work flow approach allows to – Develop any application – Deploy to any server – Selective customization and governing of any action – Do anything!11/27/2012 29
  • 30. Extensible Architecture of App Factory Extensible Architecture of App Factory App Creation11/27/2012 30
  • 31. WSO2 App Factory Demo WSO2 App Factory Demo1) Access developer portal2) Create a project3) Connect with development cloud4) Write application code5) Use SDLC tooling6) Promote application7) Dependency Management – Using different databases11/27/2012 31
  • 32. Benefits11/27/2012 32
  • 33. WSO2 App Factory Overall Benefits• For developers – Simplifies project setup, provisioning, and development  lifecycle activities – Works with leading development tooling (i.e. SVN, Git,  Junit, Maven, Jenkins and Redmine) and IDE (i.e. Eclipse,  J it M J ki d R d i ) d IDE (i E li IDEA, Rational)
  • 34. WSO2 App Factory Overall Benefits WSO2 App Factory Overall Benefits• For development managers – Manage project lifecycle – Enforce compliance – Ensures projects follow governance model and best  practices11/27/2012 34
  • 35. WSO2 App Factory Overall Benefits WSO2 App Factory Overall Benefits• For the CIO and Executive IT management – Development dashboards deliver at a glance view of  • application status,  • lifecycle, activity, and health, trend – Change Business‐IT conversations and dynamics11/27/2012 35
  • 36. App Factory & Cloud Ecosystem Middleware Source Code  WSO2 Management PaaS App Factory SDLC ToolsPaaS Framework Github Gith b CollabNet Atlassian11/27/2012 36
  • 37. App Factory in Cloud App Factory in Cloud• Creates a holistic PaaS ecosystem• Instantly provision infrastructure• Shared infrastructure Sh d i f t t• Enforces regulatory compliance• Reduce application proliferation Reduce application proliferation • Consolidate 100s and 1000s of assets based on business domain • Increase application re‐use11/27/2012 37
  • 38. WSO2 App Factory Modernizes your  IT Infrastructure IT Infrastructure Partner and Mobile applications API Management Lightweight High Performance Integration Existing IT infrastructure Scalable Private Cloud infrastructure CIO/Management Workflow managed Dashboard build and deploy Governance Stratos Multi-tenant elastic and Identity integration and ESB runtime g WSO2 AppFactory
  • 39. WSO2 App Factory Platform builds a  digital business ecosystem digital business ecosystem Your Core  Business  Business Capability Your  Digital  3rd Party  Business  B i Partners P t Ecosystem App  A Factory  Personalized  Platform DevOps Forge  p g SaaS Solution and Governance Cloud  App Store Deployment11/27/2012 39
  • 40. WSO2 Competitive Advantages• Cloud‐based – Pl Pluggable runtime PaaS f bl i P S framework (Stratos) k (S ) • Can integrate 3rd party runtimes to app factory – Available both as PaaS and product for private cloud deployment p p p y – Shared elastic infrastructure – cost effective and maximal usage• DevOps – Integrates development forge, enterprise workflow best practices, and  Cloud run‐time – Pl Pluggable to any SCM/SLDC toolset bl t SCM/SLDC t l t • Ships with SVN, Git, Jenkins, Maven, Ant, Selenium, Redmine11/27/2012 40
  • 41. WSO2 Competitive Advantages WSO2 Competitive Advantages• IT Business Focus – Extensible governance model and compliance – Project and Portfolio dashboards Project and Portfolio dashboards – App Store• Business Model Business Model – Full open source provides broad customer reach11/27/2012 41
  • 42. Use Case 111/27/2012 42
  • 43. App Stores App Stores 600 sands Thous 500 400 300 200 100 0 Jan‐09 Jan‐10 Jan‐11 Jan‐12 Apple App Store – Growth of Apps11/27/2012 43
  • 44. Evolution of Web Evolution of Web Web 3.0  Web 3.0 Contextual Web 2.0  • Data‐driven Transactional T i l • M bil Mobile • Personalized Web 1.0  • E‐Commerce • Self‐Selection Presentation • Social networks • Software as a Service • Web sites • Brochure‐ware • E mail E‐mail11/27/2012 44
  • 45. Want to develop/publish an App/API ??? Want to develop/publish an App/API ???• Where to maintain my  code?• Where to build it ?• How to test it ?• A place to track bugs ?• Finally submit to App  Store/API Store ?11/27/2012 45
  • 46. Use Case 211/27/2012 46
  • 47. Ecosystem Paas Ecosystem Paas• Generic Ecosystems – GAE, Cloud Bees, Heroku• B i Business Software S ft – SalesForce CRM +• Twitter – “Twitter wants to become a platform on top of which other companies  build like Facebook and Apple” – “the company wants to move away from a situation in which  developers and companies ‘build off of Twitter, to a world where  people build into Twitter. people build into Twitter’11/27/2012 47
  • 48. How to creating an Ecosystem ??? How to creating an Ecosystem ???• T h i l Ch ll Technical Challenges – Managing infrastructure – Integration – Interoperability – Q Quality of Service and  y Traceability across  distributed system• Business Challenges Business Challenges – Controlling use of business  brand – Monetization and revenue  sharing
  • 49. Use Case 311/27/2012 49
  • 50. Enterprise & Internal Innovation Enterprise & Internal Innovation• Universities offering an App development infrastructure to  student projects.  Or any entity that wants to support  innovation!!• Enterprises with many  internal/external partners – managed  innovation Shipping Logistics Distribution Platform  Provider11/27/2012 50
  • 51. Outdated infrastructure, processes, and tooling  impedes App Delivery Existing IT infrastructureDifficult to improve IT processes and app delivery without automation and  governance structure promoting architecture best practice, encouraging  collaboration, reducing process friction, and monitoring compliance
  • 52. How to provide IT as a service? How to provide IT as a service?• Enforce governance• On demand‐ infrastructure• Provide infrastructure Provide infrastructure  for 100s of projects in a  cos e ec e a e cost effective manner• Provide self‐service11/27/2012 52
  • 53. Timelines• Al h 30th N Alpha – November 2012 b 2012• Beta – 20th December 2012• GA 30th January 2012 GA – January 2012
  • 54. Beta Programme Beta Programme‐factory/
  • 55. Thank you Thank you11/27/2012 55