VMware - Snapshot sessions - Deploy and manage tomorrow's applications today


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VMware - Snapshot sessions - Deploy and manage tomorrow's applications today

  1. 1. vFabric Application™ Director – Deploy and ManageTomorrow’s Applications – TodayNicolas Van Wijnsberghe - Sr. Systems Engineer BeLux@nicwijn © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda§  WHY ?§  WHAT?§  HOW?§  SOMETHING …2 VMware Confidential
  3. 3. CIO IT strategies Ranking of IT strategies CIO’s selected as one of their top three in 2012 1. DELIVERING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS 2. REDUCING THE OVERALL COST OF IT 3. DEVELOPING OR MANAGING A FLEX INFRASTRUCTUREGartner, Competitive Discussion: Cloud Management, R. Colville, A. Lakhani 3
  4. 4. Application evolutionYesterday App Server•  Waterfall development Web Server•  Weeks to provision Database•  Static resources•  Limited change windows•  Hard to debug issues•  $100k+ of compute•  Limited number of users, End Users Internet/Firewall Lan/network Web front-end Services Middleware in business hoursTomorrow Web Server In Memory Cache•  Agile development•  Continuous deployment App App Server Server•  DevOps•  Chaos Monkey Public Facing•  Dynamic resourcing Database Message Q•  Spans across data centers and clouds•  Fraction of compute Private Public Resources costs•  Millions of users with 24x7 access 4
  5. 5. Applications Today Packaged or Custom Applications 3rd Party Apps, Home grown, SaaS Written in diverse frameworks Traditional (Java, .Net) and Modern Frameworks Deployed on virtual and cloud infrastructure Span across Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds Public/Private/ Hybrid Cloud Private Clouds Public Clouds Cloud Operating Model Business Needs •  High Challenges for IT Operations •  Apps released early and often •  Collaboration and Orchestration Needed •  Businesses need frequent changes •  Hard to Maintain Control … and expect higher service level. •  …Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development 5
  6. 6. Traditional Deployment & Configuration Tools Break in the Cloud§  Complex and time consuming •  Bottom up thinking OS •  Vertical and static approach Configure MW & Software OS •  On going management is OS OS procedural and reactive Deploy MW OS§  Proliferation of IT assets & Software ! •  Lack of standardization increases MANUAL, Configure OS permutations of software CUSTOM - BUILT Deploy components OS Deploy Configure§  Not cloud aware Deploy OS MW OS •  Each deployment plan is tied to a specific infrastructure service6
  7. 7. We Need to Optimize Provisioning Processes …Traditional app provisioning Setup Infrastructure Setup Application Deploy Middleware Application 4 days to • Configure N/w and • Deploy and configure • Development 8 weeks Storage application middleware • Test • Deploy and Configure OS • Connect it to Database • Production • Different CloudsWhat app provisioning should be … An application architect uses a self-serve application provisioning portal to fully provision & update applications across any registered cloud Minutes 7
  8. 8. Move from Managing Images to Managing Models and ObjectsLegacy Image Management Process vFabric AppDirector Assemble the Application8
  9. 9. Because Bottom – up approach leads to very long deployments Environments ! Implement Monitoring Prod UAT MANY Test ENVIRONMENTS Deploy Application Dev Testing and ! Troubleshooting NUMEROUS HAND-OFFs Install and Configure DB, AppServer, WebServer and restore Data / Backup Install and Configure HW, NW, Storage IT-Review and Procurement9
  10. 10. Bottom – up approach leads to month long deployments Environments Implement Monitoring Prod UAT Test Deploy Application Dev CHALLENGES •  Duplicated Effort Testing and Troubleshooting •  Rework Required Install and Configure DB, AppServer, •  Slow Workflow WebServer and restore Data / Backup •  Multiplied Efforts Install and Configure HW, NW, Storage ! SLOW RESPONSE IT-Review and Procurement ! SYSTEMIC DELAYS10
  11. 11. Contradicting objectives Want to release apps Want to ensure system early and often stability and service levels Application Operations Developers Management•  Develop apps “uncontrolled” in the cloud •  Focus on maintaining efficiency•  Agile development using frameworks •  Changes cause 40% of unplanned downtime•  Expand into new application types ! SYSTEMIC DELAYS 11
  12. 12. Starting Over ? - The Big Four are worse than useless I’m a Blind Dinosaur = §  The new environment produces requirements that legacy solutions cannot meet §  Legacy solutions get broken by virtualization and the cloud §  Legacy vendors are not going to be able to acquire themselves out of this mess §  Put the dino in a cage and do not let him out – build a new management stack for your virtualization/cloud environment – isolate the dino to your legacy physical environment12
  13. 13. Wouldn’t it be nice to Move from …è  How we have been using provisioning on vSphere …è  Bundles of OS, Application Layers and Runtime Configurations (data, parameters, … )è  Cloning from pre-defined OS/App template approach + 3rd party integrations … 13 13
  14. 14. … towards This new Model - aka Blueprints, … è As an Application Owner I want to <set sa pass> deploy a new Sharepoint Service è  As a Middleware Administrator I need a Windows 2008R2 Server with a MS SQL Server, Antivirus and DB instance provisioned with a local sa account and with a password I can choose è  Nicolas just wants an empty Windows server to do some basic testing. è  As a Developer I need a Redhat server with a Tomcat instance and my application (war, ear, …) deployed ready to go …14 14
  15. 15. Requirements for application management in the cloudThink top down & Application Portability§  Standardize on best practices assets to eliminate duplication of efforts§  Portability:Model once and deploy on any cloud private/public/hybrid cloud§  Create flexible applications, loosely coupled with the underlying infrastructureSimplify and Automate Cloud Infrastructure§  Automate for velocity and to eliminate troublesome, differing configurations§  Develop applications using modern frameworks for agile deployment and management§  Simplified & standardized Deployment:§  Ready to use oob content libaries§  Empower the application owners 15
  16. 16. Agenda§  WHY ?§  WHAT?§  HOW?§  SOMETHING …16 VMware Confidential
  17. 17. VMware’s Application Director = Solution for … §  Windows & Linux Application Middleware Provisioning for: •  IT Operations Teams •  DevOps > Agile Development teams •  Application Architects •  Business Application Owners Optimize IncreaseBuild Deploy Monitor agility and operational efficiencyvFabric Runtime vFabric Application Management17
  18. 18. VMware’s Application Director§  AppDirector automates Application Deployments on hybrid clouds, today ! Applications Custom  or  Packaged   App  binaries,  configs   .war,  .jar,  .msi,  .zip  etc   Middleware,  OS   Application Runtime Platforms App  servers,    messaging,  web   servers,  databases,    opera7ng   systems,  load  balancers,  etc   vCloud Director vCloud Director EC2 18
  19. 19. AppDirector automates application deployments on hybrid clouds, specifically on VCD 1.5§  Windows & Linux Application Middleware Provisioning for: •  IT Operations teams •  DevOps > Agile Development teams •  Application Archticts •  Business Application Owners •  IN your Organization 19 VMware Confidential
  20. 20. Agenda§  WHY ?§  WHAT?§  HOW?§  SOMETHING …20 VMware Confidential
  21. 21. Model applications top - down via Blueprints §  Abstract applications from IAAS §  Streamline the deployment process §  Reduce complexity resulting from differing configurations <step 1> Create Reusable Application Services </step 1>21
  22. 22. Standardize on best practices application components§  Maintain control and limit sprawl of non-standard software configurations§  Leverage a rich out - of - the box components library > Catalogs§  Improve quality of services > Self Service Portals for all Teams <step 2> Create Application Blueprints </step 2>22
  23. 23. Assign IAAS to Applications via Deployment Profiles §  Automates and simplifies deployment §  Establish IT as a broker of services §  Empowers IT to govern services <step 3> Publish Deployment Profiles </step 3>23
  24. 24. Flexibility to Deploy the Application Everywhere …§  Support any application stack … java, .Net , frameworks, …§  Custom or ISV delivered software packages for Linux & Windows§  Deploy across vSphere environmnets and Public Cloud (vCD orEC2) Application Director Cloud Abstraction Layer Private Public24 <step 4> Deploy in an Environment </step 4>
  25. 25. Combined: Collaborative Platform for various roles Application Blueprint Logical Application Topology with Application Binaries Application Policies, Configurations Monitoring, CMDB, … Application Stack - (Middleware, OS) Architect Deployment Deployment Deployment Collection of deployment settings Profile Profile Profile Makes blueprints portable across clouds <DEV> <TEST> <PROD>App Dev, QA,Release, Operators Standardized configurations of OS, Middleware Catalog Deployment Environments Private Public vCloud EC2 vCloud Middleware Admin,Cloud Admin Application Packagers 25
  26. 26. Yes .. a DEMO .. Finally …26 VMware Confidential
  27. 27. Agenda§  WHAT?§  WHY?§  HOW?§  WHAT’s NEW !27 VMware Confidential
  28. 28. Support Provisioning on Windows Platform Windows MW/.Net services Windows OS templates§  Windows Support §  Features / Use Cases •  Supporting Java applications on Windows •  Deploy N-tier app on Windows templates templates •  Support Custom and Packaged apps •  Supporting .Net application provisioning •  Out of the box Blueprints & Services for •  Native Support of .cmd and Powershell Windows MW like IIS, SQL Server •  Out of the box Windows OS templates 28
  29. 29. Other Key Application Director 5.0 Capabilities§  New App Director User Interface •  Application & Deployments§  LDAP Support •  Single Source of User Management •  Connect to corporate LDAP to access user/ group privileges§  APIs •  Support APIs to integrate with existing solutions •  Schedule Deployments, Updates, Import/ Export Catalog Services§  Support Quick Deploy •  for App Developers / DevOps§  Integrate with Process and Change Mgmt Systems •  Call vCO workflows to help meet broader organizational goals§  Sharing Blueprints •  Share application blueprints, services & tasks across Application Director instances between partners, content providers and customers 29
  30. 30. Support Amazon Cloud (EC2) Deployments Deploy on Amazon AWS EC2 Deployment profile§  Deploy on EC2 §  Features / Use cases •  Deploy application on EC2 •  Deploy app on EC2 without need for any Blueprint changes •  Deploy app in multiple Data Centers (regions) in EC2 •  Hybrid Cloud Story 30
  31. 31. Support Updates – Code, Configurations and Scale Out Topology Scale out to 5 nodes§  Support Application §  Features / Use cases Provisioning across Lifecycle: •  Deploy a new code to existing deployed app(s) •  Update deployed applications for code, •  Deploy a new configuration to existing configuration or topology or a deployed app (s) combination of all of them. •  Update a new topology for Scale OUT like •  MW version upgrades not yet cluster or supported •  Update MW comp to an existing deployed application 31
  32. 32. Application Management Marketplace§  Easy access to 100’s of best practice application components / blueprints§  Accelerates building or transferring workload to VMware enabled clouds§  Delivers cloud ready solutions Development platforms Platform support tools Productivity & Support Public Private Update - Patch - Monitor32
  33. 33. Solution Exchange with new Blueprints33 VMware Confidential
  34. 34. Summary What’s New§  Windows Support§  Update – Scale Out, Configuration§  New User Interface •  Application & Deployments§  Content Management •  Import/Export f Blueprints, Services & Tasks§  Supporting EC2 Deployments34
  35. 35. Nicolas Van Wijnsberghe Sr. Systems Engineer VMware BeLux @nicwijn Info on www.appdir.info35
  36. 36. 36