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Jelastic DevOps Platform Product Overview for Service Providers


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Find out why hosting service providers choose Jelastic for their cloud business and what technologies they offer to the users based on this PaaS and CaaS solution.

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Jelastic DevOps Platform Product Overview for Service Providers

  1. 1. DevOps Platform Product Overview for Service Providers
  2. 2. Jelastic DevOps Platform A cloud platform with advanced containers orchestration, that can be used as a Public, Private on premise, VPC or Hybrid Cloud to ease, automate and accelerate internal development processes
  3. 3. The platform offers agile deployment models, flexible automatic scaling for stateless and stateful applications, collaboration, access control, monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery, while driving down TCO with high density and hardware utilization. It provides a set of optimally preconfigured containers for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .NET and the ability to use custom Docker containers. What is Jelastic DevOps Platform?
  4. 4. “Jelastic thrives on flexibility for partners and customers offering wide choice of programming languages, Docker containers orchestration, datacenter distribution of workloads within hybrid cloud, and automation of the main DevOps processes. Jelastic has rich container adoption and high level of DevOps automation. Partners liked Jelastic's ease of self-provisioning and worldwide support.” IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Public Deployment-Centric Cloud Application Platform 2015 Vendor Assessment IDC named Jelastic a Major Player at Cloud Market
  5. 5. 451 Research “We like that Jelastic is riding the wave of IaaS-PaaS convergence, rather than struggling against it. The company has already proven that it can support large service providers that want to build applications and services on top of its IaaS-PaaS combination.” Jay Lyman
  6. 6. 01 Public Cloud for DevOps 02 Virtual Private Cloud 03 Hybrid Cloud 04 Application Marketplace 05 Docker Containers Hosting 06 Reselling Cloud Platform Cloud Hosting Business Opportunities
  7. 7. High Level Architecture
  8. 8. SMBs ▪ DevOps teams ▪ Consulting companies ▪ Startups ▪ Game developers ▪ Mobile developers ▪ Website developers ▪ Individual developers Target Customers SMEs ▪ ISVs ▪ Large SaaS providers ▪ Media content providers ▪ Finance and banking ▪ System integrators ▪ Outsourcing companies ▪ Retailers
  9. 9. Typical Customer ▪ Number of environments: 2 – 10 ▪ Languages: Java, PHP, Ruby ▪ Software stack mostly used: Tomcat, Apache, Nginx PHP, NginX load balancer, MySQLMariaDB, Memcached, Maven ▪ Business description: Software development, Online magazine, eCommerce, Web design agency, Marketing company, Digital advertising company Customers’ Portraits Top Customer ▪ Number of environments: 10 – 50 ▪ Languages: Java, PHP, Node.js ▪ Software stack mostly used: Glassfish, JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, NginX load balancer, MySQL , PostgreSQL, Memcached, Neo4J, Cassandra ▪ Business description: Software development, IT service provider, Financial company, Consulting services, Online magazine, Business management solutions
  10. 10. Creation and management of dev, test & staging environments Automated process of Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration Highly-available production environments with automated load-spikes handling Typical Scenarios
  11. 11. ▪ Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling ▪ HA of Load Balancer / DNS ▪ Automated Traffic Distribution ▪ Offline and Live Containers Migration ▪ Zero Code Changes Deploy ▪ Containers Scheduler ▪ Enhanced Security for Docker Containers ▪ Cluster Firewall Technical Features
  12. 12. ▪ Self-service Portal and CLI for Developers and Admins ▪ Jelastic API Access and SSH Gateway ▪ IDE Plugins: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Netbeans ▪ Collaboration ▪ Cloud Scripting Automation ▪ Marketplace Tools for Management and Automation
  13. 13. ▪ Docker Containers Support with integration to Public and Private Docker Registry ▪ Certified Containers Pack (runtimes, databases, load balancers) for Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python, Node.js ▪ Load Balancer / DNS Included Technologies
  14. 14. ▪ Simple Management via UI & CLI ▪ Automatic Vertical and Horizontal Scaling ▪ High Availability on application and hardware levels ▪ High Level of Isolation ▪ Container-Native Orchestration ▪ Live migration across clouds Docker Containers Orchestration
  15. 15. ▪ Use resellers to extend your business to new markets and grow faster on current market with minimal additional investments ▪ Strengthen your team and grow your business acquiring small resellers that demonstrate best performance ▪ Learn from resellers and use their best marketing and sales practices in your business Resellers: Your Sales Community
  16. 16. Zero investments to start the business: ▪ no installation fee ▪ no investments in HW ▪ no minimal commitment (or much less than regular) Out-of-the-box hosting business: ▪ production ready PaaS, DevOps, Docker support ▪ billing system ▪ marketplace Benefits for Resellers
  17. 17. Multi-Cloud Orchestration Scalable Hybrid Cloud Advanced scaling across datacenters and availability zones From one to hundreds nodes to handle load spikes Automation of high availability across multiple clouds Hosted private cloud on premise or on top of AWS, Azure, SoftLayer or Google infrastructure Deployed on Bare Metal & Virtual Servers Live migration of workloads across Private cloud, AWS, Azure, SoftLayer and Google Migration is performed without downtime Private Cloud Smooth migration across clouds Smooth workloads distribution across several clouds or hardware regions. Jelastic provides full-fledged multi-cloud orchestration. The platform offers unique live migration of containers across AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, Rackspace and Google Cloud.
  18. 18. ▪ Made for service providers ▪ Support of stateful applications, Zero Lock-In and no proprietary API to code ▪ Comprehensive Docker management via UI ▪ High-availability on all levels: load balancers, application servers, databases, hardware, etc. ▪ Granular automatic vertical scaling increases infrastructure density up to 3x ▪ Automatic event-driven horizontal scaling ▪ Powerful self-service portal that doesn’t require any CLI tool ▪ Support of multiple clouds and datacenters with live migration across them ▪ Turnkey platform that provides orchestration, metering, monitoring, security and billing vs. DIY cloud Advantages over Competitors
  19. 19. Reference Customers Systems Integrator, Spain • Management of testing environments Big Data, Visual Analytics, Germany • Auto-scalable environments for Big Data application Digital Craftsmanship, the Netherlands • Management of highly loaded applications Open Source Development, Brazil • Automation of the internal development processes Premium appliances manufacturer, Germany • Management of testing environments • Auto-scalable cloud hosting Software provider, Sweden • Development and testing environments management • Auto-scalable cloud hosting OPT Central, the US • Auto-scalable java and node.js cloud hosting • Management of staging environments Multi-Media, the US • Virtual Private PaaS for production hosting
  20. 20. Testimonials “The automation of provisioning complex environments is one of the primary reasons we decided to go with Jelastic. We have very complex architecture needs for our core application and our business is demanding the flexibility for rapid change and growth.” Jacob Fogg, Vice President of Software Development, DataJoe LLC “The integration of our development tools with Jelastic platform gives us a quantum leap in the improvement of safety related processes and software quality.” “I can focus on development and the tasks of the company. Hosting, scaling, and management of the whole application stack are easy with Jelastic and I save a lot of time.” Miguel Hormigo, Director of Southern Regional Delegation, GMV Secure e-Solutions Falk Wolsky, Lead Developer and product owner of Mapegy
  21. 21. 50+ MSPs (b2b) 15+ Enterprises (b2b) 10+ Reselling Partners (b2b) 200,000+ Developers (b2b2c) 25+ Countries Proven Solution
  22. 22. Main Features Technical benefits to highlight
  23. 23. Self-service Developers portal Self-service Admin portal REST API CLI-client Multiple Management Options
  24. 24. UI Editor of Multi-Container Environments
  25. 25. UI Editor of Complex Docker Topologies
  26. 26. Hibernation of Inactive Applications
  27. 27. During the load spikes, Jelastic allocates more resources for app and takes them back, when they are no longer needed Automatic Vertical Scaling
  28. 28. Automatic Horizontal Scaling Automatic horizontal application scaling based on defined triggers (CPU, RAM, Network, IO)
  29. 29. Application level load balancing, session replication, clustering Hardware level software defined storage, live migration, smart distribution High Availability
  30. 30. Zero Downtime Re-Deployment (ZDT) Automatic traffic distribution with manageable round robin, sticky sessions or failover protection routing methods within UI
  31. 31. Resources can be tracked directly from UI: • CPU • RAM • Network • Storage • etc Built-In Metering and Load Alerts
  32. 32. Smart Distribution of Containers Automatically distribute containers installed in one environment evenly on different hardware nodes (physical servers) with the help of anti-affinity groups eliminating any risk of application downtime
  33. 33. Migrate containers with application from one physical server to the other with zero downtime ■ Increases operational efficiency ■ Provides better load balancing and data center utilization ■ Allows moving customers to more powerful nodes without service interruption Live Migration of Containers
  34. 34. Deployment over any Infrastructure
  35. 35. Useful Links ▪ Documentation ▪ Presentations ▪ Video ▪ Whitepapers
  36. 36. For more information, contact us at Get your own account or request demo via