Its time to say no to yeast infection


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Its time to say no to yeast infection

  1. 1. Its Time To Say No To Yeast InfectionVaginal yeast infection is a very common problem in women. Itis also known as yeast vaginitis or vaginal candidiasis. It comeswith a very irritating itching sensation around the opening of avagina. Generally it does not occur frequently but if it is treatedproperly then it can recur very frequently and can cause achronic persistent problem.This type of yeast infection is mainly caused by particular yeastcalled Candida albicans. Candida yeast lives in stomach and itis harmless in nature but it lives in vagina also.The PH level of vagina keeps the number of this type of yeastin control but once the PH level gets imbalanced, the Candidayeasts starts to grow quickly which causes vaginal yeastinfection.Most of the women suffer from this problem at some point intheir life. If you are also suffering from the same type ofinfection, you can easily treat it. It can be cured very easily.Now it is time to know how to get rid of this problem- yeastinfection no moreThere are various ways to cure this infection. If infection is notvery serious then it is better to start with home remedies. Theadvantage of using natural home remedies is that they do nothave any kind of side effects. Always remember one thing thatthe treatment type of yeast infection completely depends oncondition of the infection. If it is serious and acute then youshould immediately consult a doctor so that he can prescribethe right medicine for your situation.Yeast is actually a fungus and that is the reason why yeastinfection can be cured with anti fungal medicines. In these days
  2. 2. you can find a lot of over the counter anti fungal cream, tablets,lotion etc. Sometimes this type of infection becomes resistant tocreams and lotion and at that time a doctor generallyrecommends oral medicines. If you are using a cream, makesure it is a tropical cream and you should use it until thediscomfort has been gone completely.Diet plays a significant role here. You should follow a healthydiet routine to stay away from this infection. You should eatmore vegetable, seeds, nuts and oil. You should strictly avoidfoods like sugar, yeast breads, mushrooms, and sauces.Wearing clean dresses and inner garments is very importantbecause it helps you to stay away from this problem. Alwayskeep your vaginal area cleaned and dry and you will neverhave to experience yeast infection cure.